Green Deals Tuesday: New Special Deals for Mindful Shopping

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Green Deals Tuesday: New Special Deals for Mindful Shopping

Tuesday 18 July 2023

Welcome back to the Green Deals Newsletter!

Hello sustainable fashionistas!

I hope you are all keeping well and making it through the European heatwaves this week! Spare a thought for the fashion workers who aren’t as lucky as us to have luxuries such as air conditioning or cooler climes while they work in the sweltering heat.

Scientists have confirmed that climate change is directly contributing to our warming earth, so it’s even more important than ever to try to take an eco-friendly outlook in your lives. The fashion industry is widely cited to be responsible for 8-10% of worldwide carbon emissions, so switching to sustainable fashion, including buying less, can directly benefit our planet.

This week, we’re taking a look at brands that use eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton, linen, hemp and recycled materials in their collections. And bringing you the discounts that will help you shop sustainably and ditch fast fashion’s climate damaging ways.

I hope you find them useful!


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The best sustainable childrenswear sales

  • Toby Tiger: for colourful organic cotton kids’ and baby clothes, take 10% off with code TIGER10 and get free delivery over £50.
  • Polarn O.Pyret (PO.P): for unisex kids and baby clothes from Sweden with free repairs for zips and poppers and some adult clothes too… more lines have now been placed into the summer sale which runs until 30 July.
  • Little Green Radicals: for organic and Fairtrade cotton baby and kids’ clothes from 0-8 years. Take up to 50% off in their summer sale running until 31 July and get free UK delivery over £50.

Quote of the week: 


“Fast fashion is not free. Someone somewhere is paying”


Lucy Siegle

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This week’s eco-friendly summer sales

  • MagicLinen: for gorgeous linen clothes and homewear, 4 day special with 20% off everything from 27-30 July, put it in your diary!
  • Joanie (pictured): for vintage inspired fashion from sizes 8-22. Their summer sale runs until 31 July.
  • Wolf & Badger: for beautiful homewares, clothing and more from sustainable indie brands. Up to 50% off in their summer sale until 31 July.
  • The North Face: for your next adventure. Their summer sale runs until 30 July.
  • Oxfam: 40% off selected donated items and 33% off Faith in Nature soap and shampoo until 20 July.
  • ONE Essentials: for sustainable essentials, spend £75 & get a pair of £20 pants with code freesustainablepants or 15% off all essentials with code circularsummer15
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Some discount codes you can use right now…

  • Fushcia Shoes: for beautiful embroidered and artisan made ballet flats and slippers, get 20% off orders from $98 and above with code GOODMAKERTALES
  • Bastet Noir: For classy custom fit zero waste dresses and women’s clothes made from sustainable materials, get 15% off with code GOODMAKERTALESBN23
  • Nobody’s Child: for flirty dresses and gorgeous summer styles, get an extra 10% off sale items with code PT6BA3

And if you need a new mattress…

  • Snoozel Green: for natural organic mattresses, pillows and toppers. Take 10% off bundle purchases and 10% off for NHS staff.
  • Mattress Online: offering organic and toxin free mattresses amongst their range. They are offering upto 65% off until 31 July.
non-toxic bed and mattress from Ethical Bedding UK

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