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How Sustainable Is Your Wardrobe?
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Discover your sustainable style personality and create a wardrobe that reflects your values. Take our quick quiz to get started.



Do you look for natural materials like organic cotton, linen and hemp when you are shopping?


Do you buy secondhand?


Do you ever rent clothes or swop with friends/go to clothes swopping events?


Do you check how ethical brands are regarding how they treat their workers?

This can include things like looking for Fair Trade and ethical certifications, looking them up on apps like GoodOnYou, checking if they tell you #whomadeyourclothes or just checking their website for information.


How do you dispose of your clothes/shoes/bags? (select all that apply)


How long do you keep your clothes in general?


How do you care for your clothes to make them last longer? (select all that apply)

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