The Green Pulse newsletter: Charity shop sales on the rise!

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The Green Pulse newsletter: Charity shop sales on the rise!

Tuesday 28 November 2023

Welcome back to the green pulse!

Hello sustainable fashionistas!


I hope you’re having a great week and have managed to get though Black Friday and Cyber Monday unscathed. I did think about sending an additional newsletter last week outlining some of the best Black Friday sustainable fashion offers (after all, if this is the one time of year that sustainable fashion becomes in reach for many people then I’m all for it), but I decided that people’s inboxes would be bombarded enough.


I personally try to avoid buying anything around this time but I did buy some lovely new socks and underwear that I needed anyway from one of my favourite sustainable fashion brands BAM Bamboo. And a jumper that I’ve had my eye on for a year (I kid you not, it was definitely not an impulse buy!). So I’m grateful to Black Friday for saving me some money on things I was going to buy anyway! Some of these brands still have their offers open so I’ve included them in my feature below.


In the news, Vestiaire Collective bans even more fast fashion brands from its second hand platform, a new biobased fleece is launched and charity shop sales are up! Plus Primark is increasing the percentage of its range from sustainably sourced materials and Manchester academics urge the government to consider sustainable fashion more seriously.


Plus sustainable fashion events, our quote of the fortnight and the latest and trending posts from Good Maker Tales.


I hope you enjoy the newsletter, have a great fortnight 😊

Conscious discounts

Bam Bamboo lew quilted popover sweat
Omnes pop up shop on Carnaby Street
  • BAM Bamboo (pictured): For sustainable underwear, activewear and even funky socks. UNTIL TOMORROW 29 November 25% off everything with code BAM25.
  • Pangaia: Here’s an unusual one: donate £10 to one of their selected charities & receive 25% off! Until 29 Nov.
  • Mate The Label : For organic & natural basics, underwear & activewear. 30% off storewide ’til 30 Nov.
  • Wuka: For period proof underwear, they are offering up to 50% off in their Black Friday sale until 30 Nov.
  • Existential Thread: For vegan hoodies & t shirts with attitude. Up to 40% off until 1 December.


  • Omnes: For fashion that cares, Omnes are offering up to 70% off until 30 Nov. And until 24 January you can visit their first ever pop up shop on Carnaby Street!

Home and homewares discounts

  • Little Green Sheep: For organic mattresses from baby to adult, baby bedding & moses baskets. Save 15% off organic & natural baby mattresses until 30 November.
  • Nkuku (pictured): For classic and sophisticated furniture and homewares from natural materials. Up to 40% off until 29 November.
  • Ethical Bedding: For gorgeous soft & sustainable bedding made from eucalyptus. 15% off orders over £200 with code: AFFETHICAL15 until 31 December.
  • Mattress Online: Featuring a variety of non toxic mattresses. Up to 55% off until 4 December.
  • Mattress Next Day: For more non toxic mattresses and toppers. Up to 70% off until 1 December.
Nkuku mango wood bed

Quote of the week: 

Act as if what you're doing makes a difference. It does.

William James. Philosopher and psychologist (1842-1910)

Upcoming events

Sustainable Fashion evening for charity flyer
Photo of Platform London
Photo of Tokyo skyline
MA in sustainable fashion open day
Flyer for clothes swap event

A Sustainable Fashion Evening for Charity

Another charity event, this time in support of FOCSA for vulnerable children in Columbia. The event, including an upcycling workshop and panel discussion is being held at The Trampery in London on 29 November.

Christmas Party @ Platform

Platform, London houses a collection of independent, sustainable fashion designers. Their Christmas party on 29 November should be a fun event to meet the designers and enjoy cocktails, canapes and 10% off all evening.

International Conference on Sustainable Fashion and Clothing, Tokyo

From 4-5 December this conference will bring together leading scientists, researchers and students to look at innovations, trends and issues across the sustainable fashion industry.

MA in Sustainable Fashion open day (online)

Being held again in December for those who’d like to study sustainable fashion and become one of tomorrow’s change-makers. This is an online course overview and live Q&A for the online MA at Falmouth University. 14 December 18:00.

Sustainable clothes swop event

Bring 10 pre-loved clothing items in great condition and get ready to swop at this free event held in Cambridge Heath on 17 December from 12-4pm.


Trending and Latest posts

What news? Sustainable fashion in the press

Vestiaire Collective bans more fast fashion brands

⁠Vestiaire Collective has added a range of brands including H&M, Zara, Gap, Urban Outfitters, Uniqlo and Mango to its ban that started in 2022 with ultra fast fashion brands like Boohoo and Shein. They point out that the sheer amount of waste produced by these brands is something they cannot support. 

It’s a controversial move, on the one hand it’s a stand against waste in the fashion industry and brings it to the forefront of their customers’ minds. On the other hand, by not being able to resell the “waste” produced, does this really help the problem?

Biobased fleece jacket made from wood to be unveiled in Munich

Outdoor brand Vaude and UPM Biochemicals are unveiling their new biobased and biodegradable fleece jacket this week at the ISPO trade show in Munich.

Regular fleece clothing comes with a multitude of problems including its reliance on fossil fuel base components and massive microplastic shedding issue. They are hoping that their new jacket will inspire other brands throughout the industry to adopt such innovative and sustainable material solutions.

Charity shop sales are growing due to sustainability

Charity shop sales are growing yearly and from April-June 2023 were up 8.5% from the same period the year before. The BBC has published a series of interviews with shoppers who say that sustainability and turning their back on unsustainable fast fashion are the reasons that they love to shop in charity shops.

Primark ups “sustainably sourced” clothes to 55%

Primark has released its second sustainability progress report and states that in the last 12 months, 55% of the clothes in sold were “sustainably sourced”. This means that they contained recycled or more sustainably sourced materials. The figure was up from 45% the previous year.

This is to be commended, although it would be good to know what percentage of the materials were recycled or sourced sustainably.

University of Manchester academics urge government to reconsider sustainable textiles

Three prominent academics from the University of Manchester are asking the government to look again at the 2019 report Fixing Fashion. We covered this in our article about laws and regulations in the fashion industry as ALL of the recommendations were rejected by the government!

One million tonnes of textiles are thrown away each year in the UK alone with 300,000 tonnes ending up in landfill. The group are also urging the government to reintroduce the GCSE in textiles which taught students how to mend clothes. They have launched an initiative to introduce circularity in the football industry and are taking old kits and recycling them into tote bags.

That’s all for now…

I hope this week’s newsletter has given you food for thought, and if you do participate in any of the events shared here please let us know! And sharing is caring, please share with any friends that you think might enjoy!

Have a great fortnight.
All the best


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