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Ever since I was a kid helping my dad save up paper for the scouts to collect and recycle I’ve been interested in sustainability.

I was a strong supporter of all things green in the world of real estate development in which I worked for many years. But at the same time I was addicted to fashion and didn’t think too much about the ethical or sustainable side of the industry.
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Being made redundant in July 2020, 6 months pregnant, made me decide to change direction. I took a course in sustainable fashion which opened my eyes so much and made me rethink my previous levels of fashion consumption.

I now enjoy talking to fashion brands I got to know in my previous life leasing and developing shopping centres. And I love getting to know the multitude of new and exciting sustainable fashion and lifestyle brands out there.

No one is perfect. I believe that all steps in the right direction, aside from obvious greenwashing, should be celebrated. I hope that by talking about what they’re doing, and by garnering positive public response, brands are encouraged to keep going, do more, and encourage other brands to follow suit. 

Now I wear my values by talking about what I’ve learned and what I do. I’ve converted to the new thrill of buying second-hand fashion, for my family and me. And I adapt the clothes I already own to suit me better. If I need to buy new I research ethical brands using the most sustainable fabrics possible.

But I’m not perfect either, I have many sustainable faults which I hope to improve over time. That said, this website aims to be non-judgemental and people on all levels of their sustainability journey are very welcome. I hope you enjoy!

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Founder and chief editor of Good Maker Tales

Ambassador for Remake

Certified Continued Professional Development trainer

Qualified LEED Green Buildings Associate

I speak Spanish!


Fashion’s Future: The Sustainable Development Goals (Fashion Revolution)

Understanding Sustainable Fabrics (Common Objective)

Switching To Sustainable Fabrics (Common Objective)

Sustainable fashion CPD training & consultancy

I offer a CPD-certified training seminar about sustainable fashion for retail professionals “Sustainable fashion: Opportunities for Retail” and I also offer a consultancy and content marketing service. Check out these pages to find out more:

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