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Sustainable fashion retail consultancy & content marketing services

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After 18 years working in the real estate industry as a Chartered Surveyor with a passion for sustainability, I set up Good Maker Tales, a popular website about ethical and sustainable fashion, particularly in the UK and European markets.

With my background in retail leasing and as part of my desire to help drive positive change in the industry, I’m interested in helping sustainable fashion brands gain more exposure, and in helping landlords demonstrate and provide true social value. I believe that they can do this by building strong relationships and retail spaces together, which I can help to facilitate.

Why is sustainable fashion important?

Protecting people, planet and animals is paramount to our survival. What’s more, changes in consumer attitudes and government regulations mean that sustainable fashion is soaring in popularity, and is here to stay. Just check out these stats for starters:

Consultancy Services

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Guidance for sustainable fashion brands

Are you a sustainable fashion brand looking to open retail space and meet face to face with your customer? I can provide you with a hand held approach helping you navigate the retail landscape to maximise your brand exposure.

Sustainable fashion intelligence for retail landlords

Retail landlords play a vital role in shaping the direction of the fashion industry. By adopting sustainable practices and working with sustainable fashion brands they not only boost their reputation, but create a point of difference increasing footfall, and help to demonstrate true social value to shareholders and funders.

I offer insights and strategies to attract and support sustainable fashion brands creating mutually beneficial partnerships for both landlords and brands.

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Content Marketing

In addition to consultancy services, I offer specialised content marketing services. If you need to boost the visibility and rankings of your website with expertly written, optimised and edited content, I know how to get you there.

Amplify your brand’s positive message online as well as offline to reach a bigger audience.

My Experience

My experience spans from commercial property and retail leasing to a specialism in sustainable fashion, building up a top ranking website on the topic. Specifically:

  • Retail leasing and development for over 10 years across the UK, Europe and the Middle East; the latter being a zero carbon sustainable development in Abu Dhabi.
  • Qualification as a LEED Green Buildings Associate.
  • Founder of top ranking website Good Maker Tales which extensively covers a wide range of important topics across the fashion industry. It also includes sustainable fashion buying guides which highlight the important brands to know, and in depth interviews with sustainable brands.

    The site receives up to 38,000 page views a month and ranks in the top 10 of Google for hundreds of keywords.

  • I am an ambassador for ReMake who are an advocacy organisation for the rights of garment workers.

I’d love to work with you, please get in touch to discuss how I can help, or check out my CPD training!

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