Sustainable fashion brand discounts to help you shop more consciously

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Sustainable fashion brand discounts to help you shop more consciously


Should ethical and sustainable fashion ever be offered at a discount? It’s something I discussed in my Black Friday newsletter. I concluded that if it helps people to access a more conscious way to dress and avoid buying from fast fashion brands then YES, YES, YES!

Saying that, we at Good Maker Tales are not advocates of buying what you don´t need or overconsumption. However, I’d hazard a guess that most people who end up on this page are already aware of some of the problems with the fashion industry and are much more likely to be conscious consumers who take a slow approach to building their ethical wardrobe.

So, I’ve rounded up some special deals from sustainable brands offered to our readers and will add more as they are offered. I hope you enjoy discovering these great brands and that the discounts help you to shop more sustainably!

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Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather

The deal: 15% off with code GOODMAKERTALES


As the name may suggest, Good Guys are an ethical vegan shoe brand. Not only creating cool trainers from sustainable materials like AppleSkin leather, but funky cowboy and desert boots in a variety of on-trend colours.

Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather are certified vegan by PeTA, make their styles in Europe in a fair-trade environment and use sustainable packaging. No wonder they’re Emma Watson’s shoe brand of choice!

With this Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather discount code it’s now easier than ever to enjoy this great brand. 


The deal: 15% off with code GOODMAKERTALES15

Image of girl in PACT dress

For super soft organic clothing which is comfortable yet oozes style, look no further than Pact. This slow fashion brand creates beautiful pieces for all the family, including bedding and towels in organic cotton.

As well as basics, the brand creates sustainable activewear and loungewear that will keep you comfy all day. And on top of their GOTS certification, they use Fair Trade Certified factories, so you can be sure that their garment workers are well looked after. Pact is Net Zero Carbon too and uses responsible packaging.

The Pact discount code gives you a generous discount to shop this ultra sustainable brand.

Rays and Riches

The deal: 20% off with code GOODMAKERTALES

Rays and Riches offer the ultimate in sustainable and ethical jewellery. Each piece is designed and hand made by founder Manuela Lucia from preloved gems and recycled or ethically sourced 14 karat gold or sterling silver.

Her model rejects the “fast jewellery” sector and gives you beautiful earrings and rings to cherish made according to slow jewellery and circular fashion principles.

What’s more, all of her jewellery pieces are chemical free and come in sustainable packaging!

Use your Rays and Riches discount code to try out this ethical slow jewellery brand.

Pala Eyewear

The deal: 10% off with code GOODMAKERTALES10

Certified B Corporation Pala Eyewear was founded to help fund eyecare programmes in Africa. This comes in the form of new glasses or corrective surgery for those who need it.

Their glasses are ethically made using sustainable materials such as bio-acetate. They’re produced in small batches meaning less waste as is so common in the fashion industry.

There is a style for everyone, ranging from oversized and cat-eye to more classic square and round shapes. And you can try them on virtually online!

Pala even provide a recycling service to UK customers where old glasses are turned into the likes of road cones and watering cans.

Your Pala Eyewear discount code helps support the good work of this ethical eyewear brand.


The deal: 10% off with code GoodMakerTales10

Ethical yoga brand Wellicious take circular and sustainable fashion seriously. They’ve created an uber cool range of yoga clothing that is 100% biodegradable!

Certified Cradle to Cradle Gold, their stylish clothing is made from GOTS organic cotton and compostable elastane. It’s kind to your skin too unlike a lot of synthetic sports clothing.

Yoga clothing to not only look good in but to feel good in too!

Use your Wellicious discount code to help you enjoy some seriously stylish ethical yoga gear.

And check out our interview with their founder.

Stripe and Stare

The deal: 10% off with code GOODMAKERTALES10

Splatter Boxers from Stripe and Stare

If you’re looking for comfy knickers that are sexy and pretty at the same time then look no further! UK based Stripe & Stare makes all of their underwear and pyjamas from sustainably sourced TENCEL Modal, and when you’re finished with them they are 95% biodegradable.

The company have gained the sought after B-Corp certification which means that they reach the highest standards socially and environmentally. And they plant a tree for every order. But most of all, they create sexy, fun and COMFY underwear that doesn’t cost the earth, check them out!

Use this Stripe and Stare discount code to get your 10% off!

Sea Sense Flip Flops

The deal: 10% off with code GOODMAKERTALES

Sea Sense have researched flip flops down to a tee and give you comfy non-rubbing flip flops with the perfectly sized “toe plug” for comfort! What’s more, they are made from eco-friendly, vegan and biodegradable natural rubber. There is no plastic in sight, meaning no plastic or microplastic pollution.

Carbon positive, Sea Sense also make sure that the rubber farming and manufacturing for their flip flops are carried out under BSCI standards, meaning fair wages and good working conditions. Profits go towards cleaning up our oceans, which also means wages for plastic collectors in poorer countries.

At £26 a pair (or £39 for two) with free shipping within the UK, you can’t go wrong with these funky flip flops from Sea Sense.

Crann Sunglasses

The deal: 15% off all Crann products with code E5YKCPLIU3

Crann Sunglasses

Irish brand Crann sells fashionable sunglasses and watches made from recycled and recyclable materials. Try them on virtually from the comfort of your own home!

This slow fashion brand truly believe in the circular economy. All of their goods are made from household waste or recycled materials, including recycled plastic and recycled wood.

What’s more, they offer a lifetime warranty, so these sunnies and watches will last you for life! If that wasn’t enough, £2 from every purchase goes to the Native Woodland Trust, helping to preserve our forests. Take a look at this innovative circular brand.

8000 Kicks

The deal: 10% off with code GOODMAKERTALES

8000 Kicks backpack and shoes

For a heartwarming eco-friendly fashion story, look no further. Portugese co-founder Bernado set up the brand with the help of his grandmother Otilia who had over 50 years experience in textiles!

This hemp brand creates waterproof shoes, stylish and super practical backpacks as well as accessories from laptop cases and socks to dog chews.

Hemp is a super fabric when it comes to sustainability with a very low carbon footprint (learn more about hemp’s sustainability qualities here) and is 100% vegan. What’s more, they work with their factories in Portugal and China to increase their renewable energy sources. Plus they are OEKO-TEX certified meaning no nasties anywhere near your skin!

Enjoy your 8000 Kicks discount code!

Vegan Outfitters

The deal: 5% off with code GMT5 when you spend £50

Vegan Outfitters Save the Chubby Unicorn hoodie

Vegan Outfitters, unsurprisingly, specialise in kitting you out in vegan gear. They have some cool slogan tees, sweatshirts and mugs along with joggers and trainers, and don’t cost the earth.

But as they say themselves, they’re about a lot more than a slogan. They donate just over 10% of their profits to animal sanctuaries to help rescued farm animals, are zero waste, anti-sweatshop, use water based inks and plastic free packacking, and most of all are 100% cruelty free. One of our favourite ethical clothing brands. 

Get your 5% off with this Vegan Outfitters discount code!

NAE Vegan Shoes

The deal: 15% off with code NAEGMT15

NAE Vegan clogs in cream

NAE stands for No Animal Exploitation and this vegan shoe brand is kind to the planet too. Their styles ranging from sandals to boots, to classic court shoes and trainers, are made from a range of eco-friendly materials including pineapple and apple skin leather, corn starch, recycled PET, cork and organic cotton.

They’re made under fair working conditions too in Portugal. Check out their stylish range of shoes that you’d never know were vegan. And for more information about this innovative ethical brand, our interview with their co founder Paula Perez has tonnes more info!


The deal: €5 off with discount code GOODMAKERTALES5

Beflamboyant vegan sneakers

Spanish and vegan shoe brand Beflamboyant is named after the Flamboyant tree in Havana, where the idea for the brand was born. They create comfortable, sustainable and on trend sneakers, shoes and boots that are made to be loved and last.

Approved by the Vegan Society and PETA, no animal materials are used. Sustainable, organic and bio materials take their place such as corn waste, organic and recycled cotton, bamboo and SEAQUAL made from plastic waste from the sea.

Beflamboyant, named as Best Emerging Ethical Fashion Brand 2020 by Eluxe ethically produce their shoes in Portugal and have a showroom in northwest Spain as well as their online store. As an added bonus their packaging is zero waste and includes a plantable thank you card!

Prologue Shoes

The deal: 14% off with discount code GOODMAKERS14

Prologue Shoes beige boots

Designed in Copenhagen and handmade in Turkey, Prologue Shoes are 100% vegan and cruelty free. Their range includes chunky Chelsea boots and trendy trainers.

While PU leather is used for a lot of their designs, they are starting to incorporate recycled PET plastic bottles into their range, and leftover yarns for their knitted trainer range. Available in the UK, US and Canada.


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