11 of the best sustainable clothing shops in London

London clothing shops on Regent St

11 of the best sustainable clothing shops in London

The birthplace of iconic fashion stores like Harrods and Selfridges, there is no doubt that London has always been a fashion destination. While for many of us, finding sustainable fashion may lead to an online search, sustainable clothing shops in London are a little more available.

From high-end stores that feature only the most daring quality fashion to those hosting the eco-friendly everyday basics we all need in our lives; Londoners are blessed with a myriad of sustainable fashion brands on their doorstep.

A fashion capital embracing sustainabilty

A fashion capital, some true fashion giants have come to call London home. Industry names including Burberry and Alexander McQueen have their headquarters in London and every year the city plays host to the iconic London Fashion Week.

When it comes to sustainable clothing, London is also starting to make waves. The 2020 London Fashion Week saw a new spotlight put on fashion’s eco-impact.

Commentary regarding fashion’s environmental toll took centre stage at a number of Fashion Week shows.  In subsequent years, fashion houses making more environmental design and production choices have formed a core part of London Fashion Week.

Sustainability is steadily but surely becoming a vital part of London’s overall fashion scene.

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London Sustainable Clothing Shops

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There are some great ethical brands out there creating their own ranges of fashionable looks, and there are stores that are experts in curating a variety of sustainably stylish clothes from a range of brands. So, we have included both multi-brand platforms and individual branded stores in our epic round-up of the best sustainable clothing London shops has to offer.

Multi-brand Platforms

1. Wolf & Badger

HQ: UK                      London store: Coal Drops Yard, King’s Cross
Price: £5 – £68,000 (including gifts and jewellery ranges)
Range: Men’s and women’s fashion, jewellery, beauty, stationery and homewares
Sustainability creds: Supports slow fashion, no animal testing or use of fur, B-Corp certification

A marketplace for the trendiest of independent designers and brands, Wolf & Badger has everything from epic fashion styles to delightful homewares and luxurious beauty products.

Its range of handpicked independent brands makes it the ultimate place to find effortlessly fashionable styles. From the sleek to the playful, from office wear to outerwear, Wolf & Badger has the perfect look. The store hosts styles from the likes of Komodo, Violet Fish and Ohema Ohene. 

The home of ethical fashion, all brands must meet stringent ethical credentials to be included in the range. No products can have undergone animal testing or use fur. Wolf & Badger has also recently gained the coveted B-Corp certification.

They also have an in-house barrista and are hosts to the coolest restaurant, hicce mkt, on their ground floor. Wolf & Badger have a second store in New York and are planning to open in Los Angeles.

2. 69b Boutique

HQ: UK                       London store: 69b Broadway Market, Hackney
Range: Men’s and women’s styles and gifts
Price: £10 – £265
Sustainability creds: Supports eco-friendly fashion brands, Living Wage employer, gives back to the community and works with social enterprises, uses renewable energy

Committed to sustainable fashion, all of the stylish pieces at London’s 69b Boutique have been created in a way that is kind to people and the planet. With a range of voguish fashion brands, including Wawwa, Beaumont Organic and Arthur Apparel, this quirky boutique has labels from at home in London and as far afield as Australia.

69b Boutique works with social enterprises, is a living wage employer and uses renewable energy to limit its environmental impact and give back to the community it operates in.

3. The Third Estate

HQ: UK                     London store: Brecknock Rd, Camden
Range: Men’s and women’s styles and footwear
Price: £10 – £275
Sustainability creds: Free from animal products, incorporates sustainable materials,

Hosting a variety of contemporary styles from independent sustainable fashion brands, The Third Estate is the one-stop shop for finding your favourite new outfit. Industry greats like Komodo, Veja, Mud Jeans and Armed Angels can be found on The Third Estate’s shelves.

The marketplace’s fantastic styles incorporate sustainable fabrics including cork, organic cotton, recycled rubber and hemp. Focused on working with brands with ethical supply chains, The Third Estate is taking the hard work out of finding sustainable fashion.

4. Beyond Retro

HQ: UK                     London stores: Oxford St, Brick Lane, Dalston and Westfield White City (also in Bristol and Brighton)
Range: Men’s, women’s and kids’ styles
Price: £5 – £120
Sustainability creds: Preloved marketplace, offers environmental tips to consumers

For lovers of vintage fashion, you can’t miss Beyond Retro. Located in the always trendy Soho region, Beyond Retro has everything from high-end styles to quirky Christmas jumpers on offer.

The store has created a delightfully eclectic preloved shopping experience. This unique marketplace helps to stop fashion waste and gives consumers the chance to find some incredible styles in the process. Whether your vibe is a sixties swing dress, you want to rock some 90s grunge, or chill out with some modern, sleek style, Beyond Retro is the place to go.

Individual Brands

5. Pop London

HQ: UK                     London store: Boutique 9, Blue House Yard, Wood Green
Made in: India
Range: Men’s and women’s fashion and bags
Price: £20 – £250
Sustainability creds: Uses surplus deadstock, limited collection, supply chain transparency

Pop London expertly crafts truly delightful styles, utilising deadstock for 99% of its production needs. The brand’s range of stylish women’s clothing, accessories and bags are the perfect pieces to elevate your everyday wardrobe.

Because the brand utilises surplus fabrics, Pop London offers ethical and sustainable styles at some very affordable prices. The brand also offers consumers an impressive amount of information on its supply chain, giving shoppers a truly informed choice.

6. House of Sunny

HQ: UK                       London store: London Fields, Hackney
Made in: Turkey, India and China
Range: Men’s and women’s styles
Price: £30 – £200
Sustainability creds: Sustainable packaging, slow fashion principles, eco-friendly and recycled fabrics, works with certified factories

One of the ultimate sustainable fashion shops in London’s trendy suburb of Hackney, House of Sunny has mastered the art of creating groovy fashion with an eco-friendly outlook. House of Sunny is the place to find subtly flared trousers adorned with colourful patterns, or knitwear featuring stylized cactus or sunrises.

Slow fashion concepts are at the core of the House of Sunny model. It uses small production runs and eco-friendly packaging to limit waste, promotes quality over quantity and was a winner at the PeTA UK Fashion Awards.

7. Reformation

HQ: USA                     London stores: Redchurch St, Shoreditch and Westbourne Grove, Notting Hill (Covent Garden store opening soon)
Made in: China, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Pakistan, Turkey, USA
Range: Men’s and women’s styles
Price: £20 – £250
Sustainability creds: Climate-neutral certified, use of sustainable fabrics, use of deadstock materials

Reformation’s mission is to ‘bring sustainable fashion to everyone’. They make beautiful pieces that create elegant silhouettes and effortlessly celebrate the feminine form. Utilising low-impact fabrics, deadstock and repurposed vintage clothing, Reformation has given classic, timeless style a modern edge.

While it started as a small vintage store in LA, it now designs its own cute styles and has a portfolio of sustainable clothing shops in London and across the USA.

8. Finisterre

HQ: UK                     London store: Seven Dials, Covent Garden
Made in: Turkey, UK, China, Thailand, Portugal
Range: Men’s and women’s styles
Price: £12 – £340
Sustainability creds: B Corp certified, sustainable materials including recycled ocean plastic, organic cotton and linen, sustainable packaging, repair, take back and preloved resale schemes, transparent supply chain

Founded and based in St Agnes, Cornwall, Finisterre was created to provide hardy clothing for surfers. As well as surfwear, Finisterre now stock hardy clothing for all weather adventures, designed to last and be as sustainable as possible. 

Embracing a circular fashion mentality, along with Reskinned who specialise in reconditioning old gear, Finisterre offer repairs and a take back scheme. They have also launched a preloved sale scheme.

9. Stella McCartney

HQ: UK                       London store: Old Bond Street, Mayfair
Range: Men’s and women’s styles
Price: £45 – £5900
Sustainability creds:  GOTS Certified materials, member of Ethical Trading Initiative

The home of luxurious quality and clothes that are always on-trend, Stella McCartney is high-end fashion made sustainably. Always cool, always chic and always fashionable, Stella McCartney creates sleek fashion styles with a playful edge. This London sustainable clothing shop is the home of classic style that stands out in the crowd.

The luxury brand uses sustainable materials with the certifications to back up its sustainability claims.

10. Flax London

HQ: UK                     London store: Golborne Road, Notting Hill 
Made in: UK
Range: Men’s fashion
Price: £130 – £260
Sustainability creds: Local production, plastic-free, sustainable materials

The UK’s only specialist linen brand, Flax is the home of classic design with a contemporary undertone. Creating high-quality men’s shirts and jackets, Flax focuses on longevity and luxurious quality in every piece. With simple designs and colour palettes, Flax embraces timeless design principles creating styles that are sure to be in fashion for years to come.

The brand makes its stunning pieces in the UK and champions sustainable linen fabric to create a product that is effortlessly sustainable without sacrificing style.

11. rokit

HQ: UK                     London stores: Brick Lane, Covent Garden & Camden
Made in: Varied (vintage)
Range: Vintage women’s and men’s clothing and accessories
Price: £5 – £1,800
Sustainability creds: Biodegradable packaging, fair wages, circular fashion

For vintage fashion, look no further than Rokit. The secondhand boutique started off as a stall selling vintage denim from the US in Camden Market in 1986. They’ve since opened on Brick Lane and in Covent Garden, including a second Brick Lane store Rokit Originals, which serves up their unique upcycled and reworked Original pieces.

The brand also works with Trans-Continental Textile Recycling to save quality preloved clothes from landfill.

London Style

From the trendy to the classic, the casual to the contemporary, sustainable fashion brands in London are a vibrant and growing scene. A capital of the fashion world, where London leads the fashion industry follows. The more that London brands adopt sustainable practices, the more the entire industry benefits.

So next time you are browsing the streets of London, looking for the perfect style, seek out the most stylish outfit at one of London’s sustainable boutiques.

As the iconic Vivienne Westwood once said, ‘Buy less, choose well, make it last.’

For those of you not in London and looking for sustainable fashion further north, check out our article The North’s best: sustainable fashion brands from Manchester. Or for the rest of the UK, The UK’s best sustainable high street brands in 2022. And as always we’d love to hear what you think in the comments!


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