Clothes that keep you cool: MagicLinen review

Magic Linen girl in dress

Clothes that keep you cool: MagicLinen review

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Are you dreading the sweltering days of summer that seem to have become the norm in recent years? Thanks global warming. And wondering what to wear that will keep you as sweat-free and cool as possible on a hot day?

Well worry no more, in this MagicLinen review, I’ll look into the magic cooling properties of linen and their super stylish clothes that will keep you cool in the summer heat.

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Why is it important to keep cool in hot weather?

Well, apart from the obvious that it’s more comfortable, warm weather makes our bodies work harder to cool ourselves down. Rising body heat can lead not only to increased sweating but then dehydration, heat exhaustion and even heatstroke.

Wearing clothes that help us to regulate our body temperature can be one of the best ways to keep cool when the intense heat waves hit, and keep us comfy and healthy at the same time.

Who are MagicLinen?

MagicLinen is an ethical linen company from Lithuania that took the fashion world by storm in 2020 when Meghan Markle wore one of their white linen dresses around town in Beverly Hills.

But they don’t just produce linen dresses, they are famous for their men’s hot weather trousers and cooling shirts too. Not to mention their full range of gorgeous and flattering womenswear to create the perfect summer look, plus accessories, bed sheets, homewares and even curtains.

MagicLinen’s artefacts are crafted from locally sourced linen which is incredibly environmentally friendly. Its natural fibres create a divine breathable fabric with moisture-wicking properties. A great choice for any hot summer day!

All of their products are also OEKO-TEX certified meaning that you can be sure there are no nasties touching your skin.

The science of cooling: how clothing can affect our body temperature

So just how important is clothing to keep you cool? Well, it turns out very, and in the following ways:


While in cold weather, our clothes hopefully keep the heat in by trapping air close to our bodies, in the summer we want our clothes to let it out! Breathable materials allow air to circulate and help sweat to evaporate from the surface of our skin, giving us a natural cooling effect.

Managing moisture

In hot environments, we naturally sweat to keep our bodies cool. Moisture-wicking fabrics bring moisture away from the skin to the outer surface of the fabric, keeping us drier and cooler in the process.

Clothing colour

We’ve all heard the old adage that white clothing keeps us cooler, and it’s true. White and light-coloured clothing reflect sunlight meaning less heat absorption and cooler bodies. Clothes in dark colours on the other hand absorb heat, making us feel hotter.

Clothing fit and material weight

It goes without saying that loose clothing allows air to ventilate and reduces the amount of heat trapped against our bodies. And lightweight materials are better than heavy fabrics at this job.

How linen keeps us cool in summer

Linen is well renowned for its cooling properties, but what is really so wonderful about this wonder fabric?

Well, as we covered in our article Is linen more eco-friendly than cotton, linen is incredibly environmentally friendly. The flax plant loves cooler climes with higher rainfall meaning that it is grown across Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand and doesn’t need artificial watering like cotton.

Linen is also one of the most breathable fabrics out there due to its porous nature, and wicks moisture, drawing sweat from the skin and releasing it into the air. 

Not only that but the fabric doesn’t retain heat, is lightweight and airy and highly absorbent without feeling damp. It’s also very durable, making it a great investment for your wardrobe, and as MagicLinen show with their incredible range of beautiful products, very versatile! Linen really is the best fabric to keep you cool in summer.

So, what are their products like? We were lucky enough to be sent some of their gorgeous products to try out, and this is what we found!

MagicLinen review: cooling clothes for summer

Royal Toscana linen dress by Magiclinen in white

First off, there are some really nice touches about how these clothes came. To start with they came tightly packed in a cardboard box. I love that it wasn’t an oversized box with loads of wasted space, not only for the cardboard it saved, but packing space in transport.

MagicLinen labels
MagicLinen label from offcuts

Secondly everything comes neatly in a biodegradable packing bag. It’s so nice not to receive clothes in plastic that you have to throw away, and it also gives you the feeling that your clothes aren’t going to be full of chemicals once they’ve suffocated in that bag.

And last but not least, the labels are off cuts of linen. What a nice touch, and I had to ask myself, why don’t all brands do this? It’s such an obvious way to save fabric! Thanks MagicLinen for thinking through these small details, because it’s the small details that make a big difference.

1. Women’s EVORA high-waisted linen shorts in Woodrose

Julie in cooling linen shorts with daughter in garden

I went for the EVORA women’s shorts in a size M in dusky pink Woodrose and am already loving them. Although I don’t normally go for high-waisted bottoms these are a great option for warm weather as they flare out from the waist so don’t stick to you at all. I love how light and airy they are but more than that how effortlessly stylish.

The shorts are made from a midweight soft linen fabric and sit comfortably on my waist given their thick elasticated waistband at the back and zip and buttons at the front. They fall not too high and not too low mid-thigh and could easily be mistaken for a skirt. I’d happily wear them to the office.

Although they also come in some great neutral colour options – darkish grey-blue and a light oat colour, I chose the Woodrose pink which felt more flattering for me. 

I can pair these with a blouse and heels for a night out or t-shirt and trainers to take my kids to the park and they go just as well. Super relaxed and stylish at the same time! I can see that these’ll be my go-to all summer. 

In terms of cooling, they’re perfect for hot days and they feel breezy and light as you move about giving you a great sense of freedom. And practically, their deep pockets are perfect for a phone or your keys, and they are machine washable meaning they’re easy to look after too.

I love the fact that these are dressy and casual at the same time. They’re the perfect blend of comfort, breathability and style and the ideal choice for anyone seeking a versatile and effortless summer wardrobe staple!

2. Men’s hot weather trousers: Regular straight-leg men’s linen pants SOGLIO in Dried Moss

Rolando wearing MagicLinen cooling pants and shirt
Rolando in garden in cooling linen clothes from MagicLinen

My other half tried out the SOGLIO straight-leg men’s linen pants in dried moss and is suitably impressed. For someone that normally lives in either jeans or shorts, these are a perfect option for warm days or summer nights out.

He loved the straight-leg fit and colour and thought they were really stylish. Perfect with a t-shirt or shirt, flip flops, trainers or loafers they’re really versatile just like my shorts. You could equally wear them for a night out paired with a shirt or for a walk in the park with a t-shirt and trainers.

Also, thanks to the relaxed fit and elasticated waistband at the back he found them really comfortable and breathable at the same time.

As opposed to heavy restrictive jeans, they’re the perfect men’s trousers for hot weather as the linen fabric and fit mean they don’t cling, allowing air to circulate, giving you natural ventilation and keeping you cool.

They also come in a range of different colours: black for a more formal look or natural melange for an even more casual look. He loved the dried moss colour as it’s a great middle point meaning you can easily dress them up or down.

And as you would expect for men’s pants, they come with pockets! However, these are ones you can actually get your hands in or your wallet or phone. Super practical.

In summary, very comfortable, mega stylish and versatile, and airy and breathable, take them on holiday or even wear them to a summer wedding. These are the perfect men’s trousers for hot weather and will help you keep your cool all summer! 

3. Men’s cooling shirt: Magiclinen’s Classic Linen Shirt WENGEN in Denim Cambray

Julie and Rolando in garden in cooling clothes for summer from MagicLinen

To go with the hot weather trousers, my other half chose the WENGEN long-sleeved shirt in a cool denim colour. This is such a nice shirt, soft stylish and relaxed linen, a great cooling shirt for hot weather and a range of occasions.

He loves the colour, it’s denim but not like a traditional denim shirt as it has a richer tone to it, and just like jeans goes with anything. It’s also way less bulky than a typical denim shirt, the linen fabric is really soft and lightweight.

The fit couldn’t be better, with a button-down collar to make it smarter but you could easily dress it up or down. This is helped especially by the length which is perfect to wear either tucked in or tucked out – as you can see from the photos, both look great!

Obviously being linen, the texture of the fabric means that it naturally wrinkles but this adds to the relaxed aesthetic. If you want to always look wrinkle free then this wouldn’t be the shirt for you but I think it just makes it feel even more summery!

And even though it has long sleeves, it is incredibly breathable and he reported that he’s stayed feeling dry when he’s worn it even though we’ve had some pretty warm days recently.

As with the linen trousers, the classic style of this shirt means that it will go with anything, shorts, chinos or jeans all work meaning that it’s a perfect wardrobe staple. 

It also comes in green gingham and black which I have to say give it a totally different look. But we’re in love with the blue denim as it’s so flexible yet classic. In summary, a relaxed and on-trend cooling shirt for hot weather that’s as perfect for summer weekends as it is for days in the office.

4. Women’s long linen dress BORACAY in teal blue

Julie in Boracay linen cooling dress

Last but not least I chose to try out the BORACAY long linen dress. The dress comes in three base colours; white, clay pink and teal blue. However, you can also choose from a custom pallet of 19 different colours and patterns including black gingham, polka dots and gray blue!

Teal blue is a mix between the “calming properties of blue with the renewal qualities of green” and I was pleasantly surprised to find it slightly lighter and brighter than the photos. A perfect summer and mid-season colour.

The dress has a long adjustable strap around the waist meaning that you can wear it in a variety of different ways depending on how fitted you’d like it to be.

I love this as the strap is long enough to wrap around a few times and create a very fitted waist. On the other hand, you can tie it very loosely, or even tie it behind your back so that the front of the dress is kept simple and unobstructed.

Going back to the point about cooling, this means that you can also control how cool the dress keeps you. On the hottest summer day or evening, you’d want it loose and relaxed and on cooler days wrapped tight around your middle. This means that, especially as the linen is medium weight, this pure linen dress will easily carry you into the cooler autumn or spring months if you want.

From a style point of view, I love the fitted nature of the dress for a relaxed night out. Paired with some heels or platforms and some nice earrings you’re all set. And in the day it works just as well with flip-flops or trainers.

I’d be as comfortable in the office as in the park pushing my kids on the swings.

What’s also great about the dress is that it’s a loose fit so you don’t need to worry about it being too small when it comes in the post. I chose it in a size S and had plenty of room to move. But it becomes fitted and super flattering as soon as you tie the belt around the waist.

Another point that I love, is that unlike my other long dresses, this dress has pockets, and ample ones at that! Perfect for my phone, keys, or hands when I don’t know what to do with them!

In summary, this long linen dress is one that I can see myself wearing for relaxed summer nights out and days in the park, with a lot more style than my usual shorts and t shirt. And given that it’s a purely natural material, unlike clothes made from sweaty synthetic fibres, this dress will keep me cool and comfortable all summer.

Why we’re loving MagicLinen to keep us cool

Julie and Rolando in clothes that keep you cool from MagicLinen

The cool, breathable, moisture-wicking, soft and lightweight nature of linen, not to mention how environmentally friendly it is, should be enough to sell this super fabric to you right? And therefore a brand specialising exclusively in this wonder material? Especially for keeping you cool in summer.

Well yes, but that would be forgetting how beautiful this fabric is to wear and how the stonewashed finish gives it a timeless appeal. And MagicLinen create the most gorgeous, stylish and flattering clothes for all body shapes.

From cooling shirts for hot weather to casual or dressy pants for men and dresses, jumpsuits and everything in between for women. Why would you even consider wearing something made from synthetic fabric?

But don’t stop there with MagicLinen. They also create the most beautiful range of homewares from bed linen to napkins to curtains to bath towels. Linen has been clothing mankind for centuries, and now that we’ve finally started to wake up to how synthetic fashion is killing the planet, it looks like it rightly will be for centuries to come.

Don’t forget that MagicLinen are offering Good Maker Tales readers an exclusive 10% off everthing with the code GOODMAKERLINEN10!


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