10 ethical activewear brands making saving the planet a walk in the park

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10 ethical activewear brands making saving the planet a walk in the park

It is no secret that activewear has taken the world by storm in recent years; an industry already worth an estimated 366 billion dollars, the activewear market is set to only keep on growing. Ethical activewear brands are quickly establishing a core part of the wider activewear market. As well as implementing ethical and sustainable practices, the market is taking an innovative approach to fabrics and industry waste.

an increase in ethical activewear brands

Since just 2019, activewear made from recycled polyester has increased by 80%. While recycled polyester, like its virgin counterpart, releases microplastics, the material does offer an alternative to the use of virgin plastics and the unsustainable practices that have plagued the clothing industry for some time. The rise of ethical activewear is long overdue. Read more about what you can do about the microplastics issue here

And an increase in demand for ethical activewear

As sustainability has come increasingly into the spotlight in recent years, sustainable fashion, including sustainable athletics wear, has become a hot topic with searches for sustainable activewear increasing by 151% in a year!

However, with the shadowy world of greenwashing, vague claims, and clever marketing, it can be difficult to find brands that really are acting in a way that protects environmental sustainability and protects the rights and safety of workers.

So, we have compiled this handy list of ethical activewear brands so you can know that when you are next sweating it out in the gym, the environment didn’t have to raise a sweat to make your favourite new activewear styles.

Excercise class in ethical activewear
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Our 10 favourite ethical activewear brands

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  • Based: Canada
  • Made in: China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Philippines, India, Hong Kong
  • Delivery: Worldwide (UK stockists in Cumbria, Perth and Glasgow)
  • Price: ££
  • Sustainability creds: Certified B Corporation

The name Tentree is more than just a catchy moniker when it comes to this sustainable clothing company, it is a promise; for every purchase the company quite literally plants ten trees. To date, Tentree has an astounding sixty-four million trees planted and aims to reach one billion trees by 2030.  

As if this concept wasn’t good enough, the Canadian based brand is the home of an enviable athletics wear collection that boasts award winning technical fabrics and recycled materials made from post-consumer waste. With a range of both men’s and women’s styles available, Tentree makes ethical clothing that is durable, simply stylish, and comfortable.


Girlfriend Collective

  • Based: USA
  • Made in: Taiwan, Vietnam
  • Delivery: Worldwide
  • Price: ££
  • Sustainability creds: SA8000 Certified

When it comes to ethical activewear brands, Girlfriend Collective is one that seems to have soared to new levels of success. Girlfriend Collective is a self-confessed fan of the planet. They use the innovative solution of material created from recycled water bottles to make practical sustainable workout clothes that make a positive environmental impact. 

Championing sustainable fabrics and ethical supply chains, the company is certified by Social Accountability International. This means you can be sure that all products from the brand were made in factories that uphold ethical conditions for their workers.

Girlfriend Collective activewear comes in a range of colours and designs to suit every style, every size and every shape, championing the vital concept that sustainable fashion is for everybody.

Girl jumping wearing ethical activewear
Photo by Airam Dato-on from Pexels



  • Based: Australia
  • Made in: China, India, Vietnam
  • Delivers: Worldwide (Stockists throughout the UK and Europe)
  • Price: £
  • Sustainability creds: PETA Approved Vegan, Ecocert, FSC Certified, OEKO-TEX Certified

A favourite from the land down under, Boody is one of Australia’s beloved ethical activewear brands, now available in the UK! Specialising in activewear and basics made from naturally grown bamboo, a Boody product is splendidly soft, durable, and best of all sustainable.

The brand has seen some serious success and Boody products can now be found in stores across Europe, the USA, Asia, and South Africa, with close to fifty stockists just around London.

The Boody team aren’t shy when talking about the sustainable benefits of bamboo and have achieved an impressive range of accreditations to back up their sustainability claims. The brand utilizes rainwater for crop cultivation, eco-friendly materials and has programs in place to reduce pesticides and waste in the supply chain.

In the sustainable activewear range, Boody has a collection of contemporary tops, socks, leggings and shorts designed to let you move comfortably without sacrificing on style or sustainability.


Organic Basics

  • Based in: Denmark
  • Made in: Portugal, Scotland, Italy, Turkey, Austria 
  • Delivers: Internationally
  • Price: ££
  • Sustainability creds: B Corporation Accredited, Member of 1% for the Planet

Danish-based brand Organic Basics is an organisation that offers stylish basics and activewear in both men’s and women’s styles.

With an impressive B Corporation certification, Organic Basics has an intelligent approach to sustainability and design. The organisation uses recycled materials, traces supply chains and even goes so far as to use renewable energy in supply chains to minimize its environmental impact.

Organic Basics is simplified style done right, this sustainable brand doesn’t have unnecessarily complicated designs but features a pared back look that lets the quality of fabrics and the quality of its classic design do all the talking.

In saying that, helpful innovation is definitely in the Organic Basics playbook, and its activewear ranges include moisture wicking technology and clothing that is stretchy, breathable and always comfortable.

True to its name, Organic Basics is an ethical activewear brand that puts sustainable materials, ethical fashion, practicality and classic design at the forefront.



  • Based in: USA
  • Made in: Partners with Fairtrade Factories (exact countries not found) 
  • Delivers: Internationally via DHL
  • Price: ££
  • Sustainability creds: Fair Trade Certified factories, organic cotton

Pact exists with the mission to ‘build the Earth’s Favourite Clothing Company’ and are well on the way to making this a reality. This innovative brand is comprehensive in its response to sustainability; it uses sustainable materials, is a champion of organic cotton, offers carbon offsetting programs and sustainable packaging.

Working on a model that incorporates an ethical social environment as well as environmental sustainability, Pact works with Fair Trade Certified, ethical factories and runs initiatives to donate products to charity. More than just an ethical activewear brand, Pact has a wide range of clothing styles available.

When it comes to sustainable activewear options, Pact has an enviable range of leggings. Offering contemporary activewear in a range of styles and hues, Pact boasts ethical athletics wear that is comfortable, fashionable and even comes with pockets!

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See our post for more sustainable brand discounts.

Photo by SHVETS production from Pexels


Beaumont Organic

  • Based: UK
  • Made in: Portugal, England
  • Delivers: Worldwide
  • Price: ££
  • Sustainability creds: GOTS Certified cotton, ethical factories in Europe

Beaumont Organic’s activewear collection, known as the ‘yoga range’, is one that brings a relaxed and tranquil feel to a morning workout.

With organic cotton being a staple in the Beaumont collection, you can find comfortable yet on trend activewear such as hareem pants in pastel colours, relaxed fit batwing tops and yoga and sports bras. Many of the pieces are designed with cohesive styles, meaning consumers can get a full activewear outfit from Beaumont Organics.

Beaumont Organics is one of the ethical activewear brands that has been clever in its design process, creating both style and functionality with features like fitted waists so clothing stays in place when exercising, and batwing sleeves to ensure ease of movement.

The brand works with factories in Europe, visiting them regularly to maintain high-quality, ethical production and uses sustainable, natural fabrics such as linen and organic cotton to minimize its environmental impact.



  • Based: USA
  • Made in: Factories in Mexico, Vietnam, Taiwan, India, United States, Thailand, China, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Nicaragua, Colombia, Bangladesh, Honduras 
  • Stockists and Delivery: Worldwide 
  • Price: ££
  • Sustainability creds: Member of 1% for the Planet, Fair Trade Accredited for many product lines

When it comes to sustainable activewear brands there are few as well known as Patagonia. A multinational giant, Patagonia has made a name for itself as the ethical staple in the market, and while with a company of its size there are always areas to improve, the organisation’s ethical label is largely warranted.

Patagonia has a wide variety of sustainable programs and since way back in 1985 has pledged 1% of profits to support environmental initiatives.

The company uses both eco-friendly and recycled materials and supports buying second hand and clothing repair initiatives to help in reducing consumption and environmental impact. In terms of its athletic wear ranges, Patagonia has everything for an outdoor adventure, to daily wear, to hitting up the gym.

Stores and stockists can be found throughout mainland Europe and the UK.



  • Based: UK
  • Made in: Europe
  • Delivers: UK, Europe, Australia, Asia, Emirates, Russia, USA
  • Price: £££
  • Sustainability creds: OEKO TEX Standard Certified, Member of 1% for the Planet

UK brand Silou is one of the ethical activewear brands for when you want to splurge on some luxury athleisure, and let’s face it we have all been there!

Silou’s high-end products are sleek, stylish and effortlessly comfortable. The company boasts classic designs that are created from performance tested fabrics. These are technologically designed with engineer level precision. While it is making progress, it still has some work to do in supply chain transparency.

Silou should be commended for achieving the coveted score of ‘good’ on Good On You’s environmental rating. The luxury brand uses eco-friendly friendly materials, has practices that limit wastewater and chemical waste in production and works on a promise of zero toxicity and timeless, elegant design.

After all, whoever said that sustainable activewear couldn’t be luxurious?

Ethical activewear on a bike
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels



  • Based: UK
  • Made in: Portugal, China, Italy, Turkey
  • Delivers: Worldwide
  • Price: ££
  • Sustainability creds: Use of materials certified by GRS

Tala aims to make conscious shopping easier. It has a variety of on-trend activewear designs perfect for whether you are heading to the gym or just want a new quality wardrobe staple. The brand is all about individuality so has mix and match looks, both bright colours and more muted palettes, to cater to every personal style.

On the sustainability front, Tala uses upcycled and eco-conscious materials, including recycled polyamide in many of its leggings. Taking sustainability seriously, the brand also uses recycled packaging to further reduce wastage.

Overall Tala creates modern, on-trend and individual styles that focus on sustainability. Effortlessly fashionable, the brand has been recognised by publications including The Times, Stylist and Refinery 29.



  • Based: Sweden
  • Made in: Portugal
  • Delivers: Worldwide
  • Price: ££
  • Sustainability creds: Climate Neutral Certified

Having gained the coveted ‘Great’ rating from Good on You, ethical activewear brand Tripulse is showing what it means to live by the philosophy of ‘sustainable activewear powered by nature’. Tripulse uses local manufacturing to reduce transport miles and focuses on materials that support both environmental sustainability and functionality.

The Tripulse range includes garments made from sustainable textiles such as TENCEL™ and Roica® V550. These provide a sustainable alternative to the high dependence on elastane and polyester that is common in the athletics wear industry. Tripulse offers an impressive amount of information to consumers, even so far as identifying the specific Sustainable Development Goals that the company is aligning its strategies with.

Tripulse gives consumers a conscious and informed choice when it comes to buying activewear and has brought an intelligent product to the market that is functional, breathable, comfortable and sustainable.

Helping to make our world greener

Photo by seb. on Unsplash

The activewear market has been making waves in the fashion industry for some time now and ethical activewear brands are creating a much needed sub-segment of the global fashion scene. Sustainable athletics wear brands are helping to make a more sustainable world for us all.

And if you’re looking for some ethical running shoes to go with your activewear, have a look at our article. But thankfully, the recycled craze doesn’t just extend to activewear brands, you can read more about some of the quirkiest recycled clothing companies here. For recycling those old running shoes, see our post here. Sustainability shouldn’t have to be the hardest part of your daily workout.

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