14 UK ethical yoga clothing brands for mind, body & planet

Cool yoga pose in ethical yoga clothing

14 UK ethical yoga clothing brands for mind, body & planet

With its origins tracing back over 5,000 years, the mental and physical benefits of yoga are recognised by people around the world. The industry today has grown to be worth $88bn worldwide and it seems every city and town has its own yoga studio.

A practice that focuses on mind and body health, it seems only right that it’s good for the planet too. So, we have found some of the best ethical yoga clothing for every UK based conscious consumer!

What Makes Yoga Clothing Ethical?

The principles that apply to the overall sustainable fashion sector also apply to the ethical yoga clothing market. Slow fashion elements are always a good indication of an ethical company. This means taking a considered approach to production, working to ensure the safety and welfare of people, animals and the planet.

Slow fashion represents a positive change and encourages a mindset of conscious production, differing from the rapid production of the fast fashion industry. It also encourages a mindset of conscious use and the ultimate disposal of products.

For the Workers

Ethical yoga clothing companies look out for their workers. This means tracing supply chains, working with third-party auditors and certifiers, such as SEDEX. As well as operating with fair trade principles and paying fair and living wages.

When looking for ethical clothing, look for brands disclosing where and how their garments were made. And those that have policies in place to protect the rights and safety of their garment and other workers. 

For the Planet

Small batch manufacturing, transparent supply chains and sustainable materials are all good indicators of a sustainable and ethical company. Brands that don’t overproduce but embrace slow fashion principles of small design runs and small-batch manufacturing help to reduce the waste of deadstock in the fashion sector.

Fabrics like organic cotton use less water and pesticides than their conventional counterparts so try to look out for organic fabrics too.

For the Animals

Unfortunately, the fashion industry and animal welfare principles have not always gone hand in hand. Ethical companies are working to change this. The best assurance of animal welfare is PeTA Approved certification.

If you are buying from a label that uses animal-derived products, look for certification such as Responsible Wool Standard to ensure it was ethically sourced.

To find out what you can do about animal cruelty in the fashion industry see How to stop animal cruelty in the fashion industry: 10 things you can do starting now.

Yoga on the beach in ethical yoga clothing
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What sustainable materials to look for

Yoga clothing must meet some key performance requirements that other clothing may not have to be as strict with. This includes allowing ease of movement and breathability, as well as looking good. Some materials to look out for when searching for UK ethical yoga clothing include:

  • Organic cotton
  • Recycled synthetics – particularly look for fabrics created from recycled fishing nets or recycled plastic bottles, although beware of microplastics when washing (see How to avoid microplastics in clothing: 8 things you can do)
  • Naturally dyed fabrics – To learn more about naturally dyed fabrics check out our article.
  • Ethically produced bamboo fabrics
  • Bamboo viscose – check supplier information to ensure that this was produced in a closed-loop system to avoid waste product dumping.

UK Ethical Yoga Clothing

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So, for every yoga lover out there, it’s time for our roundup of where you can find the best ethical yoga clothing in the UK.

1. Carrot Banana Peach

Carrot Banana Peach ethical yoga clothing in UK

Based: UK          Ships to: Internationally
Made in: China and UK
Price: £5 – £70
Sustainability creds: Organic materials, sustainable packaging, vegetable dyed products

A specialised yoga clothing company, Carrot Banana Peach have the ultimate ethical and sustainable yoga clothing for every experienced yoga lover. The brand has both men’s and women’s styles made from a variety of natural materials from base products such as bamboo, aloe vera, soybeans and organic cotton.

The label even has a range of accessories including bags, yoga mats and socks.

2. Girlfriend Collective

UK ethical yoga clothing brand Girlfriend Collective

Based: US           Ships to: Internationally
Made in: Taiwan and Vietnam
Price: $18 – $92
Sustainability creds: SA8000 certified factory, use of recycled materials, eco-friendly dyes

With classic styles in neutral colours and crafted from recycled plastic bottles, Girlfriend Collective have made a name for itself as one of the staples of sustainable active and gym wear. The brand’s size-inclusive styles are sustainable, stylish and made in SA8000 certified factories.

With sustainability a top priority, even the dyes this ethical activewear brand uses are eco-friendly.

3. Sports Philosophy

Sports Philosophy ethical yoga clothing

Based: UK           Ships to: Internationally
Price: £10 – £90
Sustainability creds: Supports work to end child labour, supports Myanmar Mobile Education Project

Styles from Sports Philosophy are contemporary, sleek and trendy. From two-layered shorts with a galactic inspired print to a silky soft long-sleeve top in magenta hues, this is ethical yoga clothing in the UK that is seriously stylish.

A socially responsible business, the brand aims to donate £1,000,000 to the Freedom for Children Foundation by 2022.

4. BAM

BAM UK ethical yoga clothing

Based: UK           Ships to: Internationally
Made in: Turkey, China, and Portugal
Price: £20 – £55
Sustainability creds: Impact Positive Commitment, sustainable packaging, sustainable materials

Performance clothes with serious style, BAM’s range is effortlessly cool and comfortable. These clothes will hold up to even the most strenuous yoga session and are stylish enough to wear even when you’re not in the yoga studio.

As the name may suggest, the label specialises in breathable, comfortable and sustainable bamboo products. However, they also sell products from other sustainable materials. Offsetting their carbon footprint, they became climate positive in 2020, from growing the bamboo right through to 50 washes of the garment when sold. Even all packaging is eco-friendly.

5. Adidas

ethical yoga clothing from Adidas UK

Based: Germany          Ships to: Internationally
Price: £20 – £90
Sustainability creds: Some eco-friendly materials, targets to reduce emissions

One of the best known sportswear brands in the world, adidas is taking some steps to improve its environmental impact. It uses some eco-friendly fabrics and has set targets to reduce its emissions and improve its impact.

The brand’s range of men’s and women’s yoga leggings and yoga pants are made of quality materials and are lightweight and breathable for a comfortable session.

6. People Tree

People Tree ethical yoga clothing

Based: UK           Ships to: Internationally
Made in: Turkey, Portugal, Italy, Nepal, Kenya, India, Bangladesh
Price: £25 – £59
Sustainability creds: Fairtrade, Soil Association Organic, PeTA Approved Vegan, GOTS certified

A veteran of sustainable fashion, UK based People Tree have ethical yoga clothing down to an art form. The brand’s range of highly sustainable and ethical products come in sleek monochromes or jewel colours and even feature handy pockets.

Whether you want yoga leggings or joggers, crop tops or t-shirts, People Tree has you covered. 

7. Organic Basics

UK lady wearing ethical yoga clothing from Organic Basics

Based: Denmark           Ships to: Internationally
Made in: Portugal, Austria, Italy, Turkey, and Scotland
Price: £25 – £75
Sustainability creds: 1% for the Planet, B-Corp Certified, GOTS certified, use of recycled materials

Organic Basics is the home of simple, modern and uncomplicated yoga clothing. It doesn’t rely on flashy patterns or unnecessary features, it’s the classic and reliable clothing we all deserve.

Ethically made, incorporating recycled materials, sweat wicking and with a seamless design to ensure maximum comfort, these are ethical yoga clothes you won’t ever want to take off.

8. Jilla Active

Jilla Active ethical yoga clothing in UK

Based: UK           Ships to: Internationally
Made in: China
Price: £35 – £50
Sustainability creds: GOTS certified fabrics, plastic free packaging, GRS certified fabrics, factory audits by SEDEX and WRAP, ISO certified factory

Coming in a range of playful colours, styles from Jilla Active are designed to be the go-to pieces you can trust. The brand’s dedicated yoga range features styles with clever features such as reinforced waistbands to make sure clothing stays in place, and fabric chosen for flexibility and comfort.

Jilla Active uses recycled and natural materials, including GOTS certified fabrics and offers plastic-free packaging.

For readers of Good Maker Tales, Jilla Active are kindly offering 15% off their products with code GOODMAKER15.

9. Asquith London

ethical yoga clothing from Asquith London

Based: UK           Ships to: Internationally
Made in: Turkey
Price: £35 – £80
Sustainability creds: GOTS certified fabrics, Oeko-Tex certified cotton, give back schemes, plastic free packaging

With wrap over styles, harem pants and crop tops in ocean-like blues, clothing from Asquith London will have every yoga session looking effortlessly stylish. Asquith is committed to sustainability, and even it has its own trademarked blend of bamboo, organic cotton and elastane fabric.

The label also uses Tencel, organic cotton and bamboo fabric in its ranges.

10. Beaumont Organic

Beaumont Organic ethical yoga clothing in UK

Based: UK          Ships to: Internationally
Made in: Europe
Price: £20- £105
Sustainability creds: GOTS certified fabrics, supply chain transparency

Yoga clothes from Manchester based Beaumont Organic embrace the relaxed vibes we all need in our lives. Incorporating products such as soft organic cotton and bamboo fabrics, you can be sure that every yoga session in Beaumont Organic styles is not only sustainable but embodies comfort and relaxation as well!

For more sustainable fashion brands from Manchester, see The north’s best: 10 sustainable fashion brands from Manchester.

11. Pangaia

Pangaia UK ethical yoga clothing

Based: Denmark           Ships to: Internationally
Made in: Portugal
Price: £45 – £135
Sustainability creds: Climate Positive products, natural materials, supports social and environmental action

The masters of colour, Pangaia has clothing in every shade of the rainbow. Available in everything from jade green to flamingo pink, a Pangaia style is sure to brighten up any yoga studio.

The brand takes a scientific approach to sustainability and has clothing created from everything from seaweed to organic cotton. It also supports a variety of environmental and social causes.

12. PrAna

UK ethical yoga clothing brand Prana

Based: USA          Ships to: Internationally
Made in: Vietnam
Price: $45 – $135
Sustainability creds: Founding member of the OIA Climate Action Corp, RDS certified, Fair Trade certified, responsible packaging

PrAna’s range of yoga clothing has styles for both men and women. The label has everything from crop tops to yoga mats on offer, featuring a neutral colour palette and classic designs.

PrAna has both recycled and natural fibres in its range. The label operates with an attitude of constant progress and respect for people, the planet and animals.

13. Wellicious

Wellicious Yoga

Based: London & Germany          Ships to: Worldwide
Made in: Europe
Price: £69 – £139
Sustainability creds: Cradle to Cradle Certified Gold, GOTS cotton, biodegradable clothing

Citing the fact that traditional lycra clothes can take 20-200 years to biodegrade, Wellicious bring you yoga clothing that is completely compostable!

They create stylish and funky yoga bras, tops, pants and leggings from GOTS cotton grown sustainably and ethically in Peru. Biodegradable elastomers, trims and sewing threads are added to make them stretchy. Wellicious have earned the prestigious Cradle to Cradle gold certification which means that everything, even their dyeing pigments, are created sustainably.

The range includes leggings suitable for pregnancy and different lines for standard and hot yoga. Shipping to the UK and several European companies is free for orders over £160 / €200.

Good Maker Tales readers can benefit from an exclusive 10% discount with the code GoodMakerTales10.  

14. Silou

ethical yoga clothing from Silou UK

Based: UK          Ships to: Internationally
Made in: Europe
Price: £50- £189
Sustainability creds: 1% for the Planet member, Oeko-Tex Certified fabrics

With its dedicated yoga range, Silou makes streamlined yoga essentials that are contemporary and elevated without losing a playful undertone. With bodysuits, crop tops and much more, Silou has everything you need for your next yoga session!

Making this brand even better, it is a 1% for the Planet member.

Mind, body and planet

With galactic inspired patterns or neutral tones, relaxed fits or form-fitting styles, brands are giving a sustainable yoga wear option to conscious consumers. From incorporating sustainable fabrics to working to end child labour, these sustainable brands are helping to build a kinder and more eco-friendly fashion sector.

So next time you are heading to the yoga studio, rock some styles that are kind to people and the planet and pick up some stylish pieces from the UK’s best ethical yoga clothing brands.



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