Soft & sustainable: 11 of the best UK hemp underwear brands

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Soft & sustainable: 11 of the best UK hemp underwear brands

While many of us may not put much thought into what the underwear we buy is made from, we all know how annoying uncomfortable underwear can be. As hemp has been growing in popularity in the sustainable fashion sector, brands have slowly been incorporating hemp into their underwear ranges.

While it can be hard to find hemp underwear brands in the UK, there are some out there that are making sustainable and comfortable underwear from this versatile material.

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What is Hemp Underwear?

Underwear has some very specific requirements that other garments don’t necessarily have to contend with. It must have sufficient stretch, must be soft, comfortable and breathable and must be fabric that can be worn against sensitive skin for prolonged areas of time.

While some brands do make 100% hemp underwear, more often than not to cater to these specific requirements, hemp underwear also has other fabrics blended in. Common mixes include a blend of hemp and spandex to provide comfort and stretch, and often organic cotton too.

Different brands will have different percentages of hemp in their underwear styles. So, if you are looking for one with a higher or lower hemp percentage it’s important to check the material breakdown. However, most brands advertising underwear as ‘hemp underwear’ will have styles composed of at least 25% hemp.

Why Choose Hemp Underwear?

There is no doubt that when it comes to making sustainable basics, hemp has some key advantages.

A Sustainable Option

A more eco-friendly choice than many of its alternatives, hemp underwear is a great option for conscious consumers.

Growing hemp plants doesn’t require toxic pesticides, crops also only need a small land area, producing 250% more fibre per hectare than cotton. Hemp plants also promote good soil health and require much less water than crops such as conventional cotton.

What’s more the hemp plant absorbs carbon from the atmosphere so it even helps to fight climate change.

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Antibacterial and Antimicrobial

The hemp fibre has some antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that make it particularly useful for underwear. These properties help to keep you feeling fresh and make it an ideal choice for clothing such as that that is worn close to the skin and in intimate areas.

Moisture Wicking and Breathable

Hemp fabric is moisture-wicking. This means that it’s really good at moving moisture away from the skin to the edges of the fabric fibres where it can evaporate. Impressively, hemp can absorb up to 20% of its weight in moisture and still feel dry!

Hemp is also a breathable fabric, which helps even further in keeping you feeling cool and dry on hot days. Breathability and moisture wicking properties are common in sportswear, but also make for great underwear, helping to keep you comfortable all day long.

To learn more about the benefits of hemp check out our article 22 ways hemp clothes benefit you and the earth.

Is hemp underwear better than cotton?

Both organic hemp and organic cotton underwear offer distinct advantages, so really it comes down to personal preference. Both are natural materials which means less risk of chemical residue or irritation from synthetic fabrics. As long as cotton is organic and you choose organic hemp, there is also less risk of irritation from pesticide residue. 

Hemp underwear is more durable than cotton and the crop requires less space and water to grow, making it a more sustainable underwear choice. However, cotton underwear is more readily available.

Finding hemp underwear brands available in the UK can be a struggle, so if there is a particular style you prefer, then organic cotton underwear may be the way to go.

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Photo by Sergey Torbik from Pexels

Hemp underwear brands UK shoppers should know

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As previously mentioned, UK hemp underwear brands are not always the easiest to find and not all have a wide range of styles, so some of these brands are based internationally. If ordering from these sustainable labels, be sure to check shipping times.

1. Rawganique

Based: USA          Ships to: UK, USA, Australia, Europe, Canada
Made in: USA and Europe
Price range: $20 – $30
Sustainability/Ethical creds: Vegan styles available, ethical supply chains, natural materials

The self-proclaimed home of sweatshop-free and plastic-free products, sustainable brand Rawganique has a range of women’s and men’s hemp underwear. They also offer other organic fabrics including linen and cotton. In neutral colours, this no-frills underwear is comfortable, reliable and ethically made.

They have a range of styles including boxer briefs, pouch briefs and bikini styles, and incorporate a natural rubber or elastic waistband. They even have menstrual products and leak proof “period panties”. Looking out for our animal friends, vegan styles are available.

2. WAMA Underwear

Based: USA          Ships to: Internationally
Made in: China
Range: Sustainable Underwear for Men and Women
Price range: $24 – $44 plus multi packs available
Sustainability creds: PeTA Approved Vegan, OEKO-TEX, BSCI, Green America Certified

With underwear available in a range of styles, WAMA is the hemp expert. Along with its range of ethical credentials, WAMA offers silky soft underwear, including hemp bralettes, in sexy monochromatic shades or nature-inspired tones. They use low-impact dyes which use no toxic chemicals and make their fabrics even more sustainable.

Looking out for the animals, the planet and people, WAMA is PeTA approved and has Green America certification meaning it meets strict standards for its social and environmental impact.

3. Bohempia

Based: Czech Republic        Ships to: Internationally
Made in: EU
Price range: €11.40 (women’s) €17.40 (men’s)
Sustainability/Ethical creds: PETA certified vegan, locally made, use of sustainable and natural materials

Made from a soft blend of hemp and cotton, ethical footwear and clothing brand Bohempia offer simple and comfortable hemp underwear. The women’s full coverage briefs come in black or white, while the men’s loose fit boxers come in black or grey. The brand creates panties, boxers, barefoot shoes, t-shirts, hoodies, bags and homewares in men’s and women’s styles.

Vegan and proud of their local production, Bohempia styles are at one with nature and offer a comfortable style that is soft and luxurious for every wear.

Girl in hemp underwear on bed
Photo by Ryan Moreno on Unsplash


Based: UK         Ships to: Internationally
Made in: China
Price range: £13
Sustainability/Ethical creds: Organic materials, partnered with The Woodland Trust, RCK Refugee Community Kitchen and Stop Climate Chaos Scotland

If you are looking for some trendy and sustainable socks that will keep your feet feeling fresh all day then you can’t overlook ethical fashion brand THTC. The brand’s range of stylish hemp socks, all featuring the THTC logo, provide all the luxurious benefits of hemp fabric.

These socks are breathable, moisture-wicking, have anti-microbial properties and are effortlessly cool. They offer free shipping in the UK for orders over £50.

5. B.A.D

Based: USA          Ships to: Internationally
Made in: USA
Price range: $15 – $30
Sustainability/Ethical creds: GOTS, vegan-friendly, Fair Wear Foundation, Give back schemes

With both women’s and men’s hemp underwear styles on offer that are breathable, embrace minimalistic style and are effortlessly comfortable, B.A.D has the ultimate go-to styles. They also offer other hemp products including blankets, oils and bath sheets.

The brand operates with an ethical outlook and attitude of making fashion a force for good. B.A.D donates 10% of profits to charities and has supported organisations such as Farm Sanctuary and Corazon de Vida orphanages. It is also a member of the Fair Wear Foundation meaning the payment of a living wage in the supply chain and safe and healthy working conditions. 

6. Magi

Based: UK           Ships to: UK, USA, Australia, Europe, Canada
Made in: UK, Portugal
Price range: £20 – £30
Sustainability/Ethical creds: 1% for the Planet member, sustainable packaging, SMETA certified factory

Inspired by a search to find hemp underwear that people could be excited to put on in the morning, ethical underwear brand Magi makes simple, cute styles that champion hemp. Magi has bralettes, briefs and thongs on offer. The brand keeps things simple with plain colours and soft, breathable fabrics to make the truly comfortable underwear we all deserve. 

The label works with certified ethical factories meaning that their underwear is ethically produced. Even the packaging it uses is compostable.

Girl in hemp briefs in field
Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

7. The Hemp Shop

Based: UK          Ships to: Internationally
Price range: £15 – £30
Sustainability/Ethical creds: Plastic-free packaging, organic, vegan, GOTS certified production facilities.

Hemp experts since the 90s and with products sporting features such as flat seams for maximum comfort, you can’t go wrong with underwear from The Hemp Shop.

The brand hosts both men’s and women’s styles including hemp bras, bralettes and singlets to cater to all your underwear needs.

The Hemp Shop has plastic-free packaging and uses GOTS certified factories.

8. Bakka

Based: Europe          Ships to: UK, USA, Australia, Europe, Canada
Made in: Bulgaria
Price range: €15- €85
Sustainability/Ethical creds: Natural materials, price transparency

With undergarments crafted from hemp and organic cotton, Bakka creates soft, breathable underwear you can feel confident in. The brand has both men’s and women’s hemp underwear styles in a variety of understated colour palettes.

Bakka is incredibly transparent about its pricing, going so far as breaking down the cost of every stage of development for each product to explain a higher price point to consumers.

They are also available on Amazon UK.

9. Good Hemp Underwear 

Based: UK          Ships to: Internationally
Made in: UK
Price range: £18 – £50
Sustainability/Ethical creds: Natural materials, sustainable packaging, slow fashion principles

Available through Etsy, this small business is creating sleek styles composed of hemp and bamboo fibres. Silky soft and ethically made, Good Hemp Underwear has a range of women’s styles available in contemporary monochromatic shades.

A handmade product, shoppers looking for hemp underwear in the UK can score a great pair from Good Hemp Underwear.

Girl in hemp briefs and sweater
Photo by mauro savoca

10. The Hempest 

Based: USA          Ships to: Internationally
Price range: $20 – $40
Sustainability/Ethical creds: Fair Wear Foundation supplier, Oeko-Tex certified dyes and fabrics

With playful colours and subtle, groovy patterns, styles from The Hempest are the underwear you’ll love to wear! Score a stylishly strappy bra or groovily patterned hemp boxer shorts that are perfect for a lazy day in.

A platform for all things hemp, you can find a range of fashionable brands as well as the label’s own styles on the Hempest website.

11. The Hemp Line

Based: Germany           Ships to: Internationally
Price range: £20 – £50
Sustainability/Ethical creds: Vegan styles available, natural materials

Based in Germany, the Hemp Line is the master of all things hemp fashion. The brand’s underwear range includes men’s and women’s styles and hemp bras. Sporting comfortable fits and composed of natural fabrics, underwear from the Hemp Line is sure to become your everyday favourite.

Breathable, sustainable and comfortable

While the UK hemp underwear market may still be a somewhat niche sector, there are brands starting to bring this incredible material to the underwear industry.

Breathable, sustainable and comfortable hemp has everything needed for a good pair of underwear. So, next time your underwear drawer requires an update, why not check out a sustainable hemp style?

If you’d like to find more hemp clothing brands in the UK, check out our article Cool and sustainable hemp clothing brands for the UK and for more sustainable underwear styles we have Sustainable underwear brands every UK shopper should know.

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