For All Shapes and Sizes: 14 Sustainable Plus Size Clothing Brands in the UK

Plus size girl in sustainable clothing

For All Shapes and Sizes: 14 Sustainable Plus Size Clothing Brands in the UK

When it comes to the ethical and sustainable clothing scene, the plus size market is sometimes overlooked. However, the plus size clothing market is expected to grow by an average of 5.9% every year until 2027. Over this same period, the sector is projected to grow in value to a staggering $696.71 billion.

To put this number into perspective, the value of the plus size or size-inclusive sector will outpace the seafood industry and the footwear sector by 2027.

Fortunately, there are some quality brands out there bringing show-stopping designs to the UK sustainable plus size clothing sector.

An industry of many terms, in the fashion sector plus size brands may also be referred to as ‘size inclusive’ or ‘curve‘.

So, What is Plus Size?

The term plus size gets complicated by the fact that the fashion sector doesn’t seem to agree on what plus size actually means. Some retailers, such as Missguided start curve collections at a size 16 while others define plus size as starting at a UK 20 or as low as a size 12

This loose definition of plus size makes it increasingly difficult for women to access the size inclusive fashion sector. Also making it tricky for curve fashion shoppers is the fact that despite the projected growth of the plus size market, many brands simply still do not cater to curve women.

The Average Woman

The average clothing size for UK women is size sixteen, and yet many fashion retailers don’t promote clothing that is a size sixteen or above. Industry giants like Lululemon have even been investigated for using tactics that discourage plus size shoppers. And the standard sample sizes designers use, particularly in the luxury sector, is a US 2 or 4 (the equivalent of a UK 6 or 8). Unrealistic? We think so.

Unfortunately, one of the few sectors that scores better for plus size availability is the fast fashion sector. Considering fast fashion’s harmful impacts, this creates a troubling situation for the conscious consumer. Finding ethical, size inclusive clothing in the UK can seem like an uphill battle.

Plus size women in sustainable underwear UK
The average UK woman is a size 16. Photo by ANTHONY SHKRABA on Unsplash

However, some brands are emerging that are supporting a move to a more inclusive and sustainable fashion industry.

Sustainable Plus Size Clothing Brands Available in the UK

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These brands, all available in the UK, have ethical plus size clothing options for every conscious consumer. To simplify our list in an industry that struggles with a definition for plus size, all brands provide clothing in sizes XL, UK26, or above. 

Price Guide:

£: products available for under £40
££: products available for under £80
£££: products over £80


Lora Gene

Based: UK        Ships to: International 
Made in: Europe and the UK
Range: Women’s smart-casual clothing
Price range: ££
Size Range: UK8 -UK 28
Sustainability creds: Certified B Corporation

UK brand Lora Gene brings a classic sophistication to the ethical clothing market. These stunning styles all have a polished elegance with a chic twist that makes them the perfect wardrobe addition for the modern woman. Lora Gene has a wide range of outerwear, tops, skirts, trousers and knitwear that are versatile enough to transition from day to night or office to leisure.

The brand is built on the foundation of ethical production and sustainability. It is B Corp certified, visits its suppliers regularly and works to promote the interlinked relationship between humanity and the natural world.


Le Pirol

Based: Denmark        Ships to: International 
Made in: Denmark
Range: Knitwear and accessories
Price range: £££
Size Range: S – XXL
Sustainability creds: GOTS certified

Le Pirol specialises in high-quality knitwear products for both men and women. This sustainable brand uses GOTS certified materials and provides consumers with a commendable amount of supply chain information.

Le Pirol has trendy clothing from sizes S to XXL. Its locally manufactured products are made with a sleek design and clever design details to create contemporary and timeless pieces.



Based: Germany       Ships to: International 
Range: Streetwear styles
Price range: ££
Size Range: XS – XXL
Sustainability creds: GOTS certified, PeTA Approved Vegan

Reer3 is the home of sustainable streetwear that can be worn day after day and always looks just as good. The brand brings a hip, paired-back vibe to the eco-friendly streetwear sector with its range of t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts and pants for men and women.

A size-inclusive brand, Reer3 caters to sizes XS to XXL. This contemporary label uses GOTS approved organic cotton and ships with plastic-free packaging. Committed to ethical practices, Reer3 is PeTA Approved, and its final stages of manufacturing are audited by the Fair Wear Foundation.

Plus size girl in sustainable clothing against patterned background
The curve market is growing substantially. Photo by Alyssa Baches on Unsplash


The Emperor’s Old Clothes

Based: UK        Ships to: International 
Made in: UK
Range: Women’s casual styles and accessories
Price range: ££
Size range: UK4 – UK28
Sustainability creds: Deadstock fabric use, after-sales care

With designs handmade in the UK and using only vintage and deadstock fabrics, The Emperor’s Old Clothes has styles as sustainable as they are charming. The ethical label’s clothing has an individualised, quirky style that embraces a cool playfulness.

Garments from this sustainable UK plus size clothing company come in sizes UK4 – 28. It plans on extending this to cater for sizes up to UK32. With a ‘design your own’ option, you can score a truly unique piece. The brand’s after-sales care will have your new favourite outfit looking good for years to come.



Based: UK        Ships to: International 
Made in: UK and Turkey
Range: Women’s casual styles and accessories
Price range: ££
Size range: UK6 – UK26
Sustainability creds: Oeko-Tex dyes, plastic free packaging

With a dedicated Curve Collection, Palava has sustainable styles for women up to size 26. Crafted from natural materials, Palava’s colourful styles have a whimsical vibe with a contemporary undercurrent. With features such as frilled shoulder seams and colourful patterns, a Palava piece is sure to be a new favourite.

The brand uses Oeko-Tex certified dyes and repurposes offcuts into trendy accessories. Promoting a sustainable sector, Palava has plastic free packaging and uses natural materials.



Based: Canada        Ships to: International 
Made in: Canada
Range: Women’s basics
Price range: ££
Size range: XS – 4XL
Sustainability creds: Plastic free packaging, engagement with off-setting programs

Franc is the ultimate place to find sustainable basics. A size inclusive company, Franc caters for sizes XS – 4XL. This eco-friendly brand’s basics have a timeless appeal, made from comfortable, quality fabrics such as TENCEL and organic cotton.

Franc is plastic free, using compostable packaging for all shipping. Demonstrating a commitment to sustainable practices, the organisation offsets its emissions, supporting forest conservation programs.

alekon-pictures-plus size lady in black sitting on step
Plus size sustainable clothing can be hard to find but these brands are breaking the mold. Photo by Alekon pictures on Unsplash


Panamuna Project

Based: Australia        Ships to: International 
Range: Men’s, women’s and kids’ t-shirts, hoodies and accessories
Price range: £
Size range: XS – XXL
Sustainability creds: GOTS Certified, Carbon Footprint Trust Certified, 1% for the Planet member, Fair Wear Foundation Certified

Inspirational brand, Panamuna Project, is working to make a difference in the modern fashion scene. When compared to organisations operating in a similar sector, the label has a CO2 reduction of over 80%. It uses non-toxic dyes, is cruelty-free and manufactures products using renewable energy.

Panamuna Project has tees, hoodies and accessories that celebrate a laid-back, beachside vibe. Many of its products feature trendy patterns and graphics with everything from stylized ocean waves to oversized shark teeth gracing Panamuna products.



Based: Denmark             Ships to: International 
Made in: Denmark and Italy
Range: Men’s and women’s styles
Price range: £££
Size range: XS – XL
Sustainability creds: Use of recycled and deadstock fabric

Clothing from this unique brand is sure to stand out in a crowd. The almost utilitarian vibes of (di)vision’s designs offer an on-trend take on the modern fashion sector. This innovative label reuses deadstock in its clothing ranges, sourced from near its Italian production hub. To learn more about deadstock fabric, see our article here.

It also has the (di)construct division of its clothing collection where modern clothing styles are constructed from everything from military tents to parachutes.

As an added bonus, all packaging is recycled and biodegradable. 


Snag Tights

Based: Scotland             Ships to: International 
Made in: Italy
Range: Tights, socks and a limited clothing range for kids and adults
Price range: £
Size range: UK4 – UK36
Sustainability creds: Carbon neutral, vegan dyes, organic materials, work with charitable organisations.

Snag Tights creates sustainable plus size friendly clothing for the UK and international market. Specialising in tights, this fantastic company crafts eclectic styles for people of all shapes and sizes. If you are looking for some quality plain black tights, Snag Tights has you covered. If you are after tights adorned with hearts, glitter or whimsical cat faces, Snag Tights is also the place to go.

The company is built on a foundation of inclusivity. It is carbon neutral, works with charities and has created a recycling program for used products. Snag Tights also uses organic materials and vegan dyes.

Woman in plus size sustainable clothing UK
Sustainable clothing for all shapes and sizes. Photo by AllGo - An App For Plus Size People on Unsplash


Mate the Label

Based: USA           Ships to: International 
Made in: USA
Range: Active, leisure and casual wear
Price range: ££
Size range: XS – XL
Sustainability creds: Climate Neutral, 1% for the Planet member, use of GOTS certified materials.

Mate constructs clothing pieces to last a lifetime. Intentionally seasonless and with neutral colour palettes, Mate designs can be worn all year long and are made to be a wardrobe staple for years to come.

The brand has a strong commitment to sustainability. It is a 1% for the Planet member and runs recycling programs for its used products. With a focus on clean fashion, Mate works to keep toxins out of its supply chains, uses non-toxic dyes and organic materials.


Maggie Marilyn

Based: New Zealand        Ships to: International 
Made in: New Zealand, Pakistan
Range: Women’s clothing styles
Price range: £££
Size range: XS – 4XL
Sustainability creds:  Carbon zero certified, sustainable packaging, GOTS certified fabrics, OEKO-TEX certified fabrics.

On a mission to ‘create a better world’, Maggie Marilyn is taking a comprehensive approach to sustainability. The brand considers everything from fabrics to packaging, to make clothing that is kind to people and the planet.

With a wide range of clothing options that ooze a laid back, classic look, what isn’t to love?


Kitty Ferriera

Based: UK          Ships to: International 
Made in: UK
Range: Women’s luxury clothing
Price range: £££
Size range: UK6 – UK26
Sustainability creds:  Herbal dyes, organic materials, affiliated with Ethical Fashion Forum and Centre for Sustainable Fashion

Kitty Ferriera is luxury fashion without the environmental harm or lack of inclusivity. This innovative brand draws inspiration from nature, using herbal dyes, such as pomegranate and onion skin, to craft one-of-a-kind clothing creations.

Champions of slow fashion, Kitty Ferriera clothes are designed and made in the UK. Promoting elegant designs with just the perfect hint of sexiness, a Kitty Ferriera piece is the ultimate luxury wardrobe addition.

pexels-rodnae-curve model my body my rules
Be proud of your body! Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels


Girlfriend Collective

Based: USA          Ships to: International 
Made in: Taiwan, Vietnam
Range: Swim, active and underwear
Price range: £
Size range: XXS – 6XL
Sustainability creds:  SA8000 certified factories, recycled materials

Girlfriend Collective is certainly size-inclusive going from XXS to 6XL. The US-based sustainable fashion brand creates cool and affordable swimwear, activewear and underwear designed for sports. 

All of their factories are SA8000 certified meaning safe and ethical working conditions including no forced or child labour and the right to unionise. They also ensure fair wages and provide free lunches and health check-ups along with health insurance. 

What’s more, their materials are recycled and designed to be recyclable. They are awarded a coveted “Good” by Good On You’s brand directory.


Nobody’s Child

Based: UK          Ships to: International 
Made in: Bangladesh, China, Morocco, Ukraine
Range: Womenswear
Price range: £
Size range: UK6 – UK24
Sustainability creds: Uses certified organic cotton, GRS-certified recycled synthetics, and Bluesign certified chemicals, supports supply chain traceability and transparency

We love Nobody’s Child for their pretty and affordable floral dresses, athleisure and denim ranges but they don’t stop there. Offering Petite, Extended Sizes, Maternity and Kids, they are fully inclusive.

The brand strives to be fully transparent about its supply chain and Who Made Your Clothes. They offer safe and ethical working conditions to their workers including no exploitation or child labour, payment of a living wage, the right to join a union and no harsh or inhumane treatment. On top of that they use recycled, organic and sustainably sourced materials.

An Inclusive Future

Every brand that makes sustainable fashion available for consumers, no matter their shape, size or style, is a brand that is building a sustainable future.

The curve clothing market is about more than accessibility, it is about inclusivity. It is about a fashion industry that celebrates all body types and all styles. Finding sustainable plus size clothes in the UK is not something that should have to be difficult.

The more ethical fashion brands that include size inclusive pieces, the better it is for all of us. Being part of a sustainable fashion future should not ever be limited by dress size. 

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