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The Green Pulse: You are a Changemaker!

Tuesday 14 November 2023

Welcome back to the green pulse!

Hello sustainable fashionistas!

This week I want to tell you something about yourself that you probably already know, but could always do with reminding of: you are a changemaker! 

I know that because you’re here. You care about ethical and sustainable fashion and want to know more in order to help people, the planet and animals. I know that my readers care and those of you who sign up to receive the newsletter might even care a bit more!

Last week I was feeling incredibly desperate reading the news about the unfolding human tragedy in Gaza. I have had to stop reading as I’ve found myself in floods of tears every time I see another tragic story and I find myself unable to do anything. I want to stress that I’m not taking sides, I know that each side is suffering terribly, but the scale of human suffering and loss in Gaza is just too much to bear.

So why am I bringing this up here in a newsletter about sustainable fashion? Well, after hearing for the umpteenth time “it’s so sad but there’s nothing we can do”, I decided to see if there WAS anything that I could do. I found a few things which included writing to my MP, signing petitions and donating to one of the many charities supporting Gaza.

And when I thought about it, I realised there was something else, and that was to share my findings with my readers.

An incredible 35,000 people a month read Good Maker Tales and I know that they are caring people. So I decided to write an article for those that are interested, setting out the things that we CAN do to help (see below).

And this is a long winded way of bringing me onto my point: we are all changemakers. We are not helpless people. Collectively, and even individually, we have powers to bring about change.

We’ve all heard the expression “vote with your feet”, well you can vote with your pen too. And down in the news section below, I’ve highlighted with an asterisk a couple of articles where you can sign petitions or pledges to bring about much needed change in the fashion industry too. Which is why we’re all here after all.

I hope this week’s newsletter makes you realise how fantastic you are, take care and have a great fortnight 😊

Conscious discounts

Mate the Label sustainable loungewear
  • Mate The Label (pictured): For basics, underwear and activewear in organic & natural fabrics. Take 30% off everything until 30 November.
  • Polarn O’Pyret: For kids’ clothes with a conscience and accessories, 25% off everything until 26 November.
  • Nectar Sleep: 60% off selected mattresses including their carbon neutral mattress.
  • Green People: For organic skincare and beauty for all the family. Take 30% off everything from 20-27 November using code BLACK30.
  • Little Green Sheep: For organic mattresses from baby to adult, baby bedding & moses baskets. Save 15% off organic & natural baby mattresses until 30 November.
  • Panda: For bamboo bedding including pillows & mattress toppers. Up to 30% off sitewide until 26 Nov.
  • Oxfam: Up to 40% off second hand items & Sourced By Oxfam (ideal for presents) from 22-28 November.

Quote of the week: 

“Clothes are not going to change the world, the women who wear them will.

Anne Klein – Fashion designer

Upcoming events

Regenerative fashion hub experience
Photo of Platform London
MA in sustainable fashion open day
Sustainable style exchange flyer
Sustainable Fashion evening for charity flyer

Regenerative Fashion Hub Experience

On 25 November, The Textile Circularity Centre, part of The Royal College of Art is inviting people to come and co-design a shirt with cutting edge technology in the name of research! Sessions last 1 hour.

Christmas Party @ Platform

Platform, London houses a collection of independent, sustainable fashion designers. Their Christmas party on 29 November should be a fun event to meet the designers and enjoy cocktails, canapes and 10% off all evening.

MA in Sustainable Fashion open day (online)

Would you like to study sustainable fashion and become one of tomorrow’s change-makers? If so why not book a place to attend this online course overview and live Q&A for the online MA at Falmouth University. 16 November 18:00.

Sustainable Style Exchange

This clothes swopping or “swishing” event in support of the Kent Wildlife Trust is being held in Farleigh near Maidstone on 18 November. Refresh your wardrobe sustainably!

A Sustainable Fashion Evening for Charity

Another charity event, this time in support of FOCSA for vulnerable children in Columbia. The event, including an upcycling workshop and panel discussion is being held at The Trampery in London on 29 November.

Trending and Latest posts

Image of Palestinians in Gaza who desperately need help

How to Help The Human Tragedy in Gaza

Are you feeling desperate and helpless about what’s going on in Palestine? I am too. So I decided to create this guide together to help my wonderful readers if they’d like to do something.

What news? Sustainable fashion in the press

The International Accord is renewed for three years*

The Accord on Fire & Safegy in Bangladesh was started after the Rana Plaza collapse in 2013 killed 1,134 people. It was a legally binding agreement between brands, retailers and trade unions to ensure the safety of garment production facilities. This was replaced in 2018 with the International Accord and was signed by up to 200 brands and retailers. In January of this year the Accord was extended to Pakistan. The Accord was renewed on 6 November for 3 years with an automatic 3 year renewal, and so far over 200 brands have signed.

Several brands have notoriously avoided signing including Levis, Ikea, Asda, Amazon and Decathlon. Help bring this onto their agenda by signing the petition at

“Filter by Fabric” campaign launched by Woolmark*

Woolmark have called out fashion brands for using descriptive but misleading and vague terms to describe fabric such as silky, fleece, crepe, leather-like. They argue that fabric transparency is key for us to be able to choose sustainable fabrics and to help us better understand where our clothes come from. The campaign demands that brands start to use accurate and honest fabric descriptions and avoid ambiguous language. It also suggests that a fabric filter could be added to ecommerce platforms.

Brands are being asked to sign up to show their commitment and the public can sign the petition demanding brands to do so. You can sign the pledge here.

Rebag and ThreadUp are joining forces

Luxury handbag, accessories and jewellery reseller Rebag has partnered up with online reseller ThreadUp to “push the boundaries” of the resale market. This means that Rebag customers will be able to send in a much wider selection of items for resale, and ThreadUp customers will be able to shop the second-hand luxury market for handbags.

Supercircle, pioneer in fashion waste recycling, gets $7m funding

Textile and footwear recycling platform launched by US sneaker brand Thousand Fell has secured $7 million in a pre-series A financing round, showing the confidence financial markets hold in the business. The funding will be used to enhance logistics, speed up brand partner relations and support key hires.

Sustainable brand Baukjen launches new range with 100% future focussed fabrics

B-Corp certifed House of Baukjen has launched its “Baukjen Lab” collection made up of only future focussed fabrics. Fabrics including Tencel denim, Lenzing Ecovero jersey and Nativa Regerative Wool are dyed using H2Color technology which drastically reduces the carbon and water footprint of dyeing fabrics. The London based brand intends to extend the collection each season as new technologies become available.

British Council & University of Arts London announce grants for sustainable fashion technology

The New Landscapes India: R&D Grant Scheme is a 3 year programme encouraging partnership between Indian and British stakeholders. Seven grants of up to £7,000 will be available for projects that demonstrate innovation in sustainable fashion, textiles and technology.

That’s all for now…

I hope you enjoyed this fortnight’s newsletter and it’s helped you realise the power you possess to make change!

And sharing is caring, please share with any friends that you think might enjoy.

Have a great fortnight.
All the best

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