Warm & sustainable: 13 of UK’s best eco-friendly slippers ’23

Sustainable pink slippers UK

Warm & sustainable: 13 of UK’s best eco-friendly slippers ’23

As the months get colder many of us are reaching for our favourite slippers. When it comes to eco friendly slippers, UK buyers are definitely fans, and with icy winters who could blame us?

The Covid-19 pandemic, leading to a rise in homeworking, has only increased the desire to find the best cosy slipper styles. In 2020, shoe retailer Shoezone recorded a 285% increase in slipper sales.

With slippers forming such a large part of our winter wardrobes, considering how we can shop sustainably and ethically is vital.

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What makes an eco friendly slipper?

There are some core aspects that all sustainable slippers share.


When it comes to cosy footwear, not all slippers are created equal. As a general rule, natural materials have a lighter impact on the Earth than their synthetic alternatives.

Ethically produced wool is a common component of eco friendly slippers. This material is naturally biodegradable, making it eco-friendly.

Recycled materials are also great. There are clever companies out there making cosy footwear out of products like recycled bottles! See our article on recycled clothing companies for more innovative fashion from recycled products from bottle tops to fire hoses.


Like all clothing, slippers can’t be worn forever. When searching for eco-friendly slippers, look for ones that can be recycled when they can’t be worn anymore. Some companies offer recycling services for consumers, so buying from these brands can be a good idea.

Ethical Production

Buying slippers that have been ethically produced make those winter nights even more snuggly. Look for brands with supply chain transparency. Certifications such as FairTrade are also great indications of ethical production and fair labour practices. For more on fair trade certifications, read here.

Top eco friendly slippers in the UK

Eco friendly slippers in leafy sitting room
Photo by alleksana from Pexels

These are thirteen of the best sustainable brands to keep your feet toasty this winter.

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Top picks

Best for affordable & wool free

Pretty You's eco-friendly Anya slipper

Best for luxury design

Margot slippers by Bohemia design

Best for the whole family

1. Thought

Based: UK        Ships to: Internationally
Range: Men’s, women’s, and children’s slippers
Price: £27.95
Sustainability creds: TRAID Recycling Program, natural materials, recycled fibres, sustainable packaging

With charming rustic vibes or sporting vibrant prints, slippers from Thought are sure to brighten any winter night. Slippers are made from hypoallergenic pure wool, organic materials, or sustainable bamboo and Lenzing. Made from 100% wool, the Yoko Siberian slipper is one style from this sustainable brand definitely worth a look! 

With a commitment to sustainability, Thought uses eco-friendly packaging and sustainable materials. The company uses recycled materials in its product ranges and fuzzy sock collection. With everything from soft hues to artwork prints available, the Thought slipper range has something for everyone including baby booties.

2. Pretty You

Based: UK  Ships to: Worldwide
Range: Women’s slippers 
Price: £29
Sustainability creds: Use of some sustainable materials 

A slipper made for someone that likes a bit of glitz and glimmer, the Anya slipper from Pretty You features a faux fur finish and a bejewelled design. The slipper has an extra thick underfoot padding and non-slip sole making it extra comfortable.

Pretty You has set itself targets to improve its overall sustainability. It uses some natural and sustainable materials in its ranges, such as bamboo. However, more information regarding its supply chain or more specific policies regarding sustainability would be great to see.

3. Komodo

Based: UK    Ships to: Worldwide
Made in: Nepal
Range: Men’s and women’s slippers 
Price: £33
Sustainability creds: Sustainable materials, renewable energy, sources wool from non-mulesed sheep, GOTS certified materials

The HIDE slippers from sustainable brand Komodo incorporate lambswool to keep your toes feeling toasty on cold nights. These slippers are handmade in Nepal and have a footbed made from sustainable recycled felt. Available in a unisex style, there are four different colour options to choose from. 

Komodo uses eco-friendly materials and renewable energy in its supply chains to limit its environmental impact. It takes a considered approach to production, making clothes that are made to last for years to come.

4. Falke

Based: Germany  Ships to: Worldwide
Range: Women’s, children and men’s slippers 
Price: £39
Sustainability creds: Products made to last, use of natural materials 

Available in men’s, women’s and teen sizes, the Cosyshoe from Falke is made to keep you cosy on the coldest mornings. The slipper is crafted from Merino wool, making it lightweight while still being warm, and comes in a variety of colours. 

Falke uses natural materials, such as wool, in its production. While it could share more information on its website on its specific sustainability policies, it does make products built to last, reducing the need for rapid re-purchasing.

5. Bohemia Design

Based: UK  Ships to: Worldwide
Range: Women’s and men’s slippers 
Made in: Morocco
Price: £46
Sustainability creds: Ethical supply chains, use of natural materials

With a sweet floral design the Margot slippers from Bohemia Design are made for relaxing in. These luxury women’s slippers are handmade by artisans in Morocco and include materials such as cotton twill and quality leather. Each pair also comes with a reusable drawstring bag. For the men, the Babouche leather slippers are a great choice. 

Bohemia Design focuses on creating timeless pieces made in ethical supply chains. The label works with artisans around the world to craft designs that champion traditional techniques while still fitting into the modern fashion scene.

6. Shepherd of Sweden

Based: Sweden   Ships to: Available in the UK through Trouva
Made in: North Macedonia
Range: Men’s and women’s slippers 
Price: £65
Sustainability creds: Uses leather that is a by-product of the meat industry, supports charitable foundations, visits factories regularly

The Jessica slipper in chestnut from Shepherd of Sweden is designed to be soft and warm against the skin. It comes in a classic chestnut colour and features decorative stitching to give it some extra style. 

Embracing timeless design principles, Shepherd of Sweden creates styles made to outlive shifting trends. The brand focuses on quality craftsmanship and materials. The label operates with the goal to be an industry leader in sustainable slippers.

They’re available in the UK through Trouva.

7. Betterfelt

Based: Denmark  Ships to: Worldwide (Also available through Wolf & Badger) 
Made in: Nepal
Range: Women’s and men’s slippers 
Price: £68
Sustainability creds: Certified Fair Trade Importer, use of natural materials

With a design that comes over the ankle for extra snuggliness, the women’s Classic Boot by Betterfelt is crafted from felted wool. The shoe has a natural crepe rubber sole, providing durability without sacrificing comfort or sustainability. The signature of the artisan that crafted each boot can be found near the heel.

Betterfelt operates with an ethical supply chain. The label supports Fair Trade principles and is committed to ensuring every stage of the supply chain is ethical and sustainable.

8. Naadam

Based: USA  Ships to: Worldwide
Range: Women’s and men’s slippers 
Price: $85
Sustainability creds: Use of natural materials, supports transparency, ambitious ethical goals

Created in a wool-cashmere blend, the Essential slippers from Naadam are luxuriously soft. The slippers embrace a neutral colour palette and are designed to be the go to style to keep your toes warm on cold mornings. 

Naadam is committed to transparency and has ambitious goals to support people and the planet. By 2025 the brand aims to be carbon neutral and to make investments in herding communities in Mongolia.

9. Beaumont Organic

Based: UK   Ships to: Worldwide
Made in: Portugal
Range: Women’s slippers 
Price: £85
Sustainability creds: Uses GOTS-certified organic cotton, OEKO-TEX certified materials, and Responsible Wool Standard wool

The Pantufus Sheepskin Herringbone slippers, come in grey (pictured) while the Ruby Sheepskin slippers come in tan so if you are looking for a classic style to keep your feet warm this winter you’ve come to the right place! They also feature a rubber sole and a fleecy insole.

Beaumont Organic use a range of sustainable materials across their range and ethically make their products in Portugal. They also have a shop in Manchester where you can pick up your slippers if you’re close by or have them delivered (£5 in the UK or free over £150).

10. Baabuk

Based: Switzerland  Ships to: Worldwide
Range: Women’s and men’s slippers 
Price: €79
Sustainability creds: Use of some sustainable and natural materials, uses wool from non-mulesed sheep, certified B Corporation

With natural wool uppers made from wool from non-mulesed sheep, the Mel slippers from Baabuk are designed to be soft and cosy. The slippers are handmade in Nepal. They champion natural materials that  are comfortable to wear while making a limited environmental impact.

While Baabuk could do more to ensure an ethical supply chain, it does use some eco-friendly materials to help limit its impact. The label also claims to source the wool it uses from non-mulesed sheep. Baabuk holds B Corp certification.

11. Teva

Based: USA  Ships to: Worldwide
Range: Women’s and men’s slippers 
Price: £90
Sustainability creds: Use of some sustainable materials, uses wool from non-mulesed sheep

Made for relaxed days, the Reember Plushed shoe from Teva comes in a stylish feather grey tone. Designed as a camp shoe, the style is more robust than many slipper styles, featuring an outsole made from 50% rubber. Embracing cosiness, the shoe includes a tencel faux fur lining to keep you feeling snuggly. There are also a range of Reember styles available in men’s and women’s sizes. 

While Teva does use materials such as polyester in its styles, it has made some progress to include more eco-friendly materials. These materials include leather sourced from Leather Working Group certified tanneries and bio-based Tencel products.

12. Mahabis

Based: UK  Ships to: Worldwide
Made in: Portugal
Range: Women’s and men’s slippers 
Price: £119
Sustainability creds: Use of sustainable materials, tree planting programs, sustainable packaging, Ecologi collaboration 

Sporting a design that embraces a distinctly contemporary vibe, the Curve slipper by Mahabis offers a modern take to a classic slipper. The slipper is available in a range of colour combinations, but we think that the grey and yellow is a definite style winner. The slipper comes in men’s and women’s sizes and has an upper made of recycled felt that was developed with an Italian mill. 

Mahabis takes a comprehensive approach to sustainability. The brand uses recycled and sustainable materials and even plants trees for the orders it receives. It works with Ecologi for carbon offsetting and uses sustainable packaging to limit its impact.

13. Chilote @ Made Trade

Based: US  Ships to: Worldwide (check import taxes)
Made in: Patagonia, Chile
Range: Unisex slippers, house shoes and baby booties
Price: £70
Sustainability creds: B Corporation, hand made by artisans using 100% locally sourced materials, QR code with artisan info, repair kit

These gorgeous unisex house shoes are hand made from sustainably sourced wool and upcycled salmon leather. Molding to your feet over time, the slippers coming in three sizes and are hand washable (unlike many slippers). 

They even come with a QR code giving you the artisan information and geo location!

For sale on Made Trade’s ethical marketplace.

Cosy and Sustainable

As the weather turns colder, warm, cosy slippers become a must have item. As sustainability is on all our minds, finding slippers that have that toasty comfort, while also protecting the natural world is vital. Whether it’s slippers crafted by artisans from natural wool or sleek styles created from plastic bottles, there are some great sustainable options out there.

So, grab some cocoa, a fuzzy blanket, and slide into the snuggly vibes of some sustainable slippers this winter.


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