21 ultimate affordable sustainable swimwear brands UK 2023

Couple on beach in affordable sustainable swimwear

21 ultimate affordable sustainable swimwear brands UK 2023

As soon as spring hits, many of us can’t wait to begin our search for affordable sustainable swimwear. With new brands emerging that champion sustainability, it has never been easier to have the perfect beachside look that doesn’t contribute to beach pollution.

Eco friendly swimwear is becoming a hot topic in the fashion industry. A key driver of the projected $6.74 billion growth of the swimwear sector between 2020 and 2024, it seems sustainable swimwear is what everyone will be talking about this summer.


What is Sustainable Swimwear Made From?

Often made from synthetics derived from petrochemicals and coloured with toxic dyes, most conventional swimwear gets a failing grade for sustainability. Sustainable swimwear, often made from recycled or eco-friendly fibres, and crafted in fair supply chains, offers a low impact version of swimwear.

While there are lots of fabrics that make up the sustainable swimwear market, some common players include:

Econyl: A regenerated nylon made from ocean pollution, including discarded fishing nets, and landfill waste. This innovative fabric offers the same properties as virgin nylon without the environmental footprint.

Repreve: One of the world’s leading recycled fibres, Repreve has so far recycled more than 25 billion plastic bottles into material used for everything from swimwear to car interiors. This fantastic fibre is used by industry leaders such as Fitbit and Land’s End.

See our article for more on recycled polyester.

Affordable Sustainable Swimwear for the UK

This collection includes some of the hottest sustainable swimwear brands for every beachside holiday or relaxing poolside afternoon this summer.

However, it is important to note, sustainable clothes generally cost more to produce as workers are paid fairly and materials are carefully chosen. These sustainable styles are not the rock-bottom prices of fast fashion, but they are styles that won’t cost the earth.

Fast fashion brands that often have cheap swimwear styles have been left out of this list. While fast fashion may have cheap prices, they often don’t operate with the sustainable and ethical practices that reflect an industry that stands for fair supply chains and environmental protection.

However, as well as the brands listed here, we’ve made it really easy for you to be able to access sustainable fashion. See our article with some exclusive discounts for Good Maker Tales readers giving you money off some of our favourite brands.

Girl in sustainable bikini lying by pool
Sustainable styles don't offer the rock-bottom prices of fast fashion but we've picked out the affordable best! Photo by Arturo Rivera on Unsplash

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Price Guide:

£: items for under £50
££: items for £50 – £80
£££: items for £80 – £100

1. ColieCo

Based: Portugal                        Ships to: Internationally
Made in: Europe
Price: £
Sustainability creds: Sustainable shipping, offsets shipping emissions, uses reclaimed deadstock, renewable energy studio

With classic beachwear styles coming in an array of vivid hues, ColieCo is perfect for brightening up any summer day! All lycra used in the brand’s swimwear is reclaimed deadstock and every item is handmade, reducing the risk of overproduction and waste. They also offer free carbon-neutral shipping worldwide.

Even the studio the swimwear is made in and their offices are now powered by 100% renewable energy!

2. Albaray

Based: UK                      Ships to: UK (free shipping over £100)

Made in: China, Vietnam, Greece, India
Price: £
Sustainability creds: Sustainable fabrics including GOTS cotton, recycled polyester, deadstock and TENCEL lyocell, factories using standards such as SMETA, GOTS and Oeko-Tex

UK based sustainable fashion brand Albaray offers funky floral, chequerboard and animal print swimming costumes and bikinis in a variety of styles and fits. Made from recycled polyester and with free shipping over £100 and free returns there´s a lot to like.

Their packaging, tags and labels are recycled and recyclable. What´s more they are stocked in M&S, Next and John Lewis!

3. We Are We Wear (WAWW)

Based: UK                        Ships to: Internationally
Made in: Turkey and China
Price: £
Sustainability creds: Eco-friendly materials, GRS certified fabrics

With stylized floral prints, and nude and pastel hues, We Are We Wear has sustainable swimwear with a feminine touch. Aiming to inspire confidence, the brand hosts inclusive sizes that cater to any style.

With a dedicated Eco Edit, WAWW uses eco-friendly materials and has adopted an attitude of constant improvement, aiming to be completely sustainable by 2023.

4. Do Good Swimwear

Based: USA                        Ships to: Internationally
Price: £
Sustainability creds: Works with conservation projects, give-back projects, recycled materials, small batch sizes

Do Good Swimwear do more than make sustainable swimsuits, they exist to make a difference. A portion of profits is donated to ocean conservation and tree planting initiatives and they remake offcuts into small accessories that are donated to those in need.

The brand has a range of affordable sustainable swimwear that delivers to the UK and embraces timeless designs and rich colours, keeping them in style for more than one season. Using recycled materials and small-batch manufacturing, this brand is doing good for people and the planet.

5. Samudra Swimwear

Based: Spain                        Ships to: Internationally
Made in: Europe
Price: £
Sustainability creds: Recycled fabrics, re-incorporation of fabric scraps, vegan, sustainable packaging

With vibrant colours and lively patterns, Samudra Swimwear is injecting an attitude of fun into every poolside look. The brand offers both one-piece and two-piece swimwear styles for women made from sustainable Econyl fabric.

Looking out for our furry friends, Samudra styles are also vegan.

6. Frugi

Based: UK                       Ships to: Internationally
Made in: India
Price: £
Sustainability creds: GOTS certified, Soil Association Organic certified, recycled materials

The masters of quirky children’s styles, Frugi has an eclectic offering of sustainable swimwear for children in the UK and beyond that is reasonably priced. Adorned with adorable sea creatures or enchanting flower prints, Frugi swimwear is sure to delight. The brand even has some limited maternity styles for expectant mamas.

Frugi swimwear incorporates recycled polyester and is made in responsible supply chains.

7. Noma

Based: UK                      Ships to: Internationally
Price: £
Sustainability creds: Recycled materials, engages with charitable initiatives, recycling programs

Another one for the littlest eco-warriors. Noma’s children’s swimwear is gender-neutral, comfortable and offers sun protection properties to protect young skin.

Made with 78% Econyl fabrics, these swimwear styles started life as fishing nets and ocean plastic pollution. The brand promotes recycling programs and donates 1% of annual turnover to Healthy Seas. 

Also available on Amazon.

8. Adidas

Based: Germany                     Ships to: Internationally
Price: £
Sustainability creds: Some eco-friendly materials, targets to reduce emissions

While adidas has made efforts on the sustainability front, it should be noted that the brand does still have some way to go. However, it is the home of quality performance swimwear that can be acquired for an affordable price.

Adidas has set targets to reduce its emissions and uses some eco-friendly materials in production.

9. Girlfriend Collective

Based: USA                     Ships to: Internationally
Price: £
Sustainability creds: SA8000 Certified, uses recycled plastic, clothing designed to be recycled

Girlfriend creates attractive and affordable swim, active and underwear for all sizes from XXS to 6XL.

Their clothes are made in SA8000 accredited factories meaning that workers have safe working conditions, no forced or child labour and the right to unionise. All their workers are paid a fair wage and provided a free lunch and free health checkups alongside health insurance.

What’s more, their clothes are made from recycled materials and made to be recycled! They also score a coveted “Good” on Good On You’s brand directory.

10. Organic Basics

Based: Denmark                        Ships to: Internationally
Made in: Portugal, Turkey, Italy, Austria and Scotland
Price: £ – ££
Sustainability creds: PETA approved vegan, emissions offsetting, 1% for the Planet member, certified B-Corporation

A staple of the sustainable market, Organic Basics has classic swimwear styles that are ethically made.

Coming in block colours, these timeless designs are vegan, made from recycled materials and designed to be a summer favourite for years to come.

11. Batoko

Based: UK                        Ships to: Internationally
Made in: China
Price: ££
Sustainability creds: Small batch sizes, recycled material

With eco-friendly swimwear that isn’t afraid to have some fun, sustainable swimsuits from Batoko boast bold, quirky prints. Whether you are wanting swimwear sporting tropical birds, joyful sunflowers or leopard print, Batoko is the place to go. 

Batoko swimwear is crafted from fabrics made from recycled plastic from the oceans. This sustainable swimwear is comfortable and made to flatter any body shape.

12. Lilja the Label

Based: Finland                        Ships to: Internationally
Made in: Bali
Price: ££
Sustainability creds: Recyclable packaging, use of sustainable materials

Lilja the Label designs are inspired by the beauty of the natural world. Featuring chic styles, at Lilja you can score a summer favourite adorned with sky blue prints or in a sleek style in ruby red.

The Finnish brand uses Econyl and Repreve in its designs and traces its manufacturing to ensure fair work conditions. Committed to sustainability, even its packaging is recyclable.

13. Seasoon

Based: UK                       Ships to: Internationally
Made in: Europe
Price: ££
Sustainability creds: Recyclable and recycled fabric

Offering luxury swimwear that doesn’t break the bank, Seasoon is perfect for the summer season. Made using recycled polyamide, these fashionable swimwear styles are designed in London, made ethically in Europe and are sustainable, stylish and Instagram ready!

14. prAna

Based: USA                       Ships to: Internationally
Made in: Vietnam
Price: ££
Sustainability creds: Founding member of the OIA Climate Action Corp, RDS certified, Fair Trade certified, responsible packaging

With the mission to make clothing that makes a positive change, swimwear from prAna does just that. Styles for men and women are made in ethical supply chains, incorporate sustainable Econyl and come with styles featuring bold patterns and an understated modern vibe.

prAna has reasonably affordable swimwear for the sustainable market in the UK, and it makes a big impact.

15. Hopaal

Based: France                       Ships to: Internationally
Made in: Europe
Price: ££
Sustainability creds: Recycled fabric, local production, sustainable packaging

Adorned with retro prints, rich buttery yellows, or sea blues, Hopaal has swimwear for whether you are wanting to surf, dive or sunbathe.

The brand champions sustainable fabrics, with styles that are entirely made from 100% recycled fibres.

16. Patagonia

Based: USA       Ships to: International – UK stockists
Price range: ££
Sustainability creds: 1% for the Planet member, supports grassroots climate action, supports supply chain transparency, B Corp certified

The home of everything you need for an ocean adventure, Patagonia has sustainable swimwear styles in everything from bikinis and boardshorts to high-performance wetsuits. Made from materials designed with performance in mind, Patagonia swimwear is sure to be perfect companion to an epic surfing, diving and sailing adventures.

One of the original sustainable brands, Patagonia uses fair trade supply chains, and takes an active stance in reducing its environmental impact. While styles can be expensive on the Patagonia website, many of the products frequently go on sale and are sold through other third party retailers that can sometimes offer more affordable prices. 

17. Aya Label

Based: Netherlands                     Ships to: Internationally
Made in: Istanbul and Bali
Price: £££
Sustainability creds: Carbon neutral, eco-friendly packaging, recycled materials, works with Free the Girls

Dutch brand Aya has a range of sleek styles that don’t forget the details. Championing an understated elegance, swim styles featuring chic prints or nature-inspired tones.

Supporting sustainable practices, the brand is carbon neutral and uses fabrics made from recycled waste, such as fishing nets and recycled plastic bottles.

18. Ecoer Fashion

Based: USA                  Ships to: Worldwide
Made in: China
Price: £
Sustainability creds: 1% for the Planet, GRS, use of sustainable materials, low impact dyes 

With one-piece styles sporting monochromatic geometric designs and versatile reversible bikinis, Ecoer creates eye-catching swimwear. The label uses recycled materials in its pieces to take a more sustainable and less wasteful approach to production, and offers sizing from XS to XXXL.

Ecoer helps support worthwhile initiatives through its involvement with 1% for the Planet. Its versatile designs move away from an overconsumption mindset while its certifications (such as GRS) help to back up its sustainability claims.

19. Ina Swim

Based: Australia                Ships to: Worldwide 
Made in: Indonesia 
Price: £
Sustainability creds: Use of recycled materials, OEKO-TEX, GOTS, sustainable packaging 

Making gorgeous swimwear styles for women and kids, Ina Swim takes inspiration from the natural world, using earthy tones and hues in its ranges. Styles are made from sustainable materials and many even come with a UPF 50+ rating to make sure you can enjoy a day in the sun.

Ina Swim uses a range of sustainable materials, including those derived from recycled fibres, to create its elegant swimwear styles. The label has certifications to back up its sustainability claims. Taking an all-around approach to sustainability, it even uses eco-friendly packaging. 

20. Bikini Season

Based: UK              Ships to: Worldwide
Made in: UK
Price: ££
Sustainability creds: Use of sustainable materials, supports environmental initiatives, sustainable packaging 

Inspired by Brazilian and Portuguese swimwear styles, Bikini Season makes sustainable swimwear that is still fun and sexy. The label, as the name may suggest, specialises in bikinis, utilising a colour palette consisting of sleek black and eye-catching reds. 

Bikini Season manufactures in London and uses ECONYL, a yarn created from recycled nylon waste, to create its sustainable designs. The label supports tree planting programs. It operates with the belief that swimwear that turns heads by the pool and that leaves a positive impact on the planet is the best kind. 

21. Brava Fabrics

Based: Spain              Ships to: Worldwide
Made in: Portugal
Price: ££
Sustainability creds: Sustainable packaging, recycled and sustainable materials 

From Jurassic Park inspired prints to swim shorts featuring Where’s Wally fabric designs, Brava Fabrics creates men’s swimwear that isn’t afraid to have some fun. The label’s range incorporates bright colours and quirky prints to make swimwear that is not only sustainable but embraces a care-free vibe as well. 

Brava uses sustainable materials to limit its environmental impact. Many of its swim shorts are made from 100% recycled materials, showing a refreshing change from the conventional swimwear industry. 

Swimwear that Doesn’t Cost the Earth

Affordable sustainable swimwear in the UK can be hard to find but some fantastic organisations are crafting fashionable styles that don’t cost the earth. Styles made from recycled plastic bottles to swimwear that supports environmental initiatives, there are swimwear brands out there that are affordable, fashionable and perfect for this summer.

For some more amazing affordable and sustainable brands, see our article on ethical affordable brands in the UK, and let us know what you think! And if this article has got you in the mood for summer and you’re looking for some ethical shades or sandals we have you covered!



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