21 of the best affordable ethical clothing brands in the UK today

Affordable ethical clothing brands

21 of the best affordable ethical clothing brands in the UK today

It’s great to see more and more people starting to question the environmental footprint of their clothing. And more organisations are spreading the word about sustainable fashion: Remake.world, The Sustainable Fashion Forum, Labour Behind the Label and The Clean Clothes Campaign are just a few. While fast fashion is certainly affordable, when it comes to the textile industry’s impact on both society and the environment – the price is more than anyone can afford.

Luckily, the number of companies pushing for more conscientious production is on the up. By using organic materials and advocating for workers’ rights, to name just a few things, these brands offer a more ethical solution. However, while sustainability practices can sometimes lead to pricier products, that’s not always the case.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of 21 affordable ethical clothing brands in the UK that present a solid alternative to fast fashion.

The best ethical and affordable clothing brands in the UK

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Price range guide, average item:

£ = under £50
££ = £100 – £150
£££ = £150 – £200

1. Nobody’s child

Based: UK
Made: Bangladesh, China
Product range: Women’s clothing and accessories
Price range: £
Ethics and certifications: Recycled materials, Responsible Wool Standard, works with charitable initiatives, BCI cotton, organic cotton, collaboration with Re-fashion to recycle clothes

Nobody’s Child is the ultimate place to shop sustainable dresses in cool floral and geometric patterns and block colours. They use a range of sustainable fabrics from Lenzing Ecovero Viscose, recycled polyester and organic cotton. To make sure your clothes last they offer a repairs and alteration service.

But they don’t stop at dresses, they sell everything from nightwear to jumpsuits to athleisure and all at really affordable prices. Size isn’t a problem either with their petite, maternity, extended sizes and kids’ ranges.

The eco-friendly brand also looks after its people making sure that manufacturers meet ILO standards, although they don’t assure a living wage. The only animal product used is wool which is recycled where possible and Responsible Wool Standard assured if not.


Based: London
Made: by Echotex and Echoknits in Bangladesh, or by Echotextil in Turkey
Product range: Women’s luxury basics
Price range: ££
Ethics and certifications: 90% of profits distributed to customer-chosen charities, GOTS certified organic cotton, EcoVero and MicroModal sustainable wood fibres, upcycled fabrics

The London-based ethical clothing brand prioritizes the use of sustainable fabrics for its clothing. NINETY PERCENT garments are made with organic cotton blends and produced in ethical working conditions. The company also distributes 90% of its profits to a range of charity causes including those who make their collection happen, hence the name.

Prices range from £28 for a vest top to £225 for a high end knit dress meaning it’s not the cheapest brand on the list but when 90% of profits are going to charity it’s hard to complain.

3. Thought

Based: UK
Made in: China, India, and Turkey
Product range: Women’s and men’s clothing
Price range: ££
Ethics and certifications: International Labour Organisation standards, Ethical Trading Initiative member, sustainable yarns, upcycled fabrics, GOTS certified organic cotton, zero plastic packaging, vegan glue, biodegradable garment bags, FairTrade certified materials

The UK-based company creates eco-friendly clothes from organic materials such as cotton, bamboo, and hemp. Each Thought collection sports distinctive colours and various clothing styles, from sportswear to summer dresses.

The price range is extensive from around £12 all the way up to £170. What’s more, they’ve partnered with TRAID to make donating your pre-loved clothing as easy as possible, every order comes with a postage label to send them back once you’ve finished with your clothes.

4. Boody

Based: Sydney, Australia and stocked all over the UK and parts of northern Europe
Made in: China, Vietnam, & India
Product range: Men’s, women’s, and baby clothing
Price range: £
Ethics and certifications: Ecocert certified organically grown bamboo, zero waste fabric production, WRAP certified fair labour, SGS and ISO 9001 product quality testing, recycled packaging with vegetable inks, ISO 14001 factories, PETA-approved vegan

Boody’s comfortable essentials are created from organically cultivated bamboo. The plants are grown in China and as bamboo grows so fast, no toxic pesticides, fertilizers or even irrigation are required. As a result, the garments are made with hypoallergenic, highly breathable materials that are gentle on the skin. What’s more, their garments are knitted in tubes meaning hardly any wastage. Plus the use of bamboo itself and the ability to use all parts of the plant for something means hardly any waste there either!

Prices range from around £10 to £120. Our list of affordable and ethical clothing brands available in the UK wouldn’t be complete without this great brand for comfy basics.

5. Plant Faced Clothing

Based: UK         Ships to: Worldwide
Range: Men’s and women’s clothing and accessories
Price: £
Sustainability creds: Organic and recycled materials, eco-friendly packaging, involved in tree planting programs, GOTS-certified, PeTA approved vegan products, Fair Wear and WRAP certified production facilities

A brand that designs casual looks with an edgy undertone, Plant Faced is becoming a key name in ethical streetwear styles. Plant Faced features clothing in monochromatic shades and in bold colour palettes and is no stranger to a cool slogan style. One style worth a look is the unisex Plant Based Kanji Hoodie. 

Plant Faced uses eco-friendly and organic materials in its styles. It helps reforestation efforts by engaging with tree planting programs and is the creator of products that are PeTA approved. 

6. Pretty You

Based: UK  Ships to: Worldwide
Range: Women’s slippers, pyjamas and beauty and wellness products
Price: £
Sustainability creds: Use of some sustainable materials, 

From faux fur slippers to soft bamboo pyjamas, UK brand Pretty You makes products designed to make you feel good. The brand has a certain element of glamour that it injects into its designs, while still creating pieces, such as the Bamboo Nightshirt, that are functional and comfortable. 

The label has made steps towards sustainability by incorporating sustainable materials, such as bamboo, in its ranges. However, more information that is easily accessible regarding its sustainable policies and procedures would make this brand even better.

7. Seasalt Cornwall

Based: Cornwall, UK
Made in: India, Turkey, China, Vietnam, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Bulgaria
               Also partners with local UK brands
Product range: Women’s clothing, footwear, and accessories
Price range: ££
Ethics and certifications: Soil Association and GOTS certified organic cotton. Aims for 100% GOTS certified cotton, 100% LWG leather, 100% RWS wool, and 100% closed loop viscose by 2024. SEDEX textiles in Vietnam, BRC Climate Action toward carbon neutrality

Seasalt is known for its magnificent patterns and gorgeous, timeless clothing. The Cornish-based brand is dedicated to making ethical apparel at an affordable price. They sell wardrobe staples like simple tees and Breton shirts, vibrant cardigans, and colourful skirts.

Each garment is GOTS-certified and made with organic cotton waterproof materials. Seasalt also provides opportunities for economical shopping, with generous discounts and frequent sales.

While based in Cornwall, the company is actively expanding the number of locally produced items all around the UK through their Locally Made Initiative.

The price range for tops is £7 to £70, and £15 to £90 for dresses and tunics. Apart from basics, Seasalt has a collection of knitwear (£25 to £80) and sturdy coats and jackets, ranging from £35 to £150. The company also offers free delivery for purchases over £50 in the UK.

8. Lucy & Yak

Based: UK
Handmade by: Brother’s Collection in India
Product range: Women’s clothing
Price range: £
Ethics and certifications: GOTS certified organic cotton, recycled fibres, closed loop biodegradable fabrics, GOTS and OEKO-TEX certified dyes, transparent and traceable supply chain

Although Lucy & Yak was established in the UK, the brand nurtures a cosmopolitan approach. Production is mainly carried out in an Indian factory and you can read about all 47 of their tailors on the Lucy & Yak website.

Workers’ rights are an issue dear to their hearts, and the company is a strong proponent of equal pay. Their business ethics are based on transparency and sustainability.

The ethical and affordable brand is famous in the UK for its unisex dungarees in bold colours and patterns. Aside from dungarees, Lucy & Yak offers bottoms, tops, boilersuits, skirts, dresses, socks, and accessories.

The company also has a zero-waste line of organic grocery bags, DIY vegan-friendly food packaging kits, and cosmetic products made with oats and coconut milk.

The price range is £25 to £70, the signature dungarees being on the higher end of the spectrum.

9. Beyond Retro

Based: UK                   Ships to: Internationally
Range: Vintage clothing and accessories
Price: £
Sustainability creds: Promotion of a circular fashion sector, second-hand clothing platform

If you are wanting to rock some vintage styles, then Beyond Retro is definitely worth a look. The organisation’s preloved platform is a haven for unique finds that are the perfect blasts from the past. You can score everything from 90s Tommy Hilfiger knits to Retro Levi’s in the Beyond Retro range.

Beyond Retro promotes a circular fashion system. It encapsulates the idea that the most sustainable clothes are the ones that already exist. The brand exists with the aim to reclaim, reduce and reuse ten billion items.

10. Vegan Outfitters

Based: UK         Ships to: Worldwide
Price: £
Range: Men’s, women’s and kids’ clothing, footwear and accessories
Sustainability creds: 10% of profits donated to animal sanctuaries, vegan, WRAP certified facilities, Fair Wear Foundation,  plastic-free packaging

As the name may suggest, Vegan Outfitters specialise in fashion that is kind to people and to our animal friends. The label embraces a causal vibe that always has a unique, trendy feel. Many products feature cool designs or slogans that promote animal welfare ideals (check out the Save the Chubby Unicorn Vegan tee) 

As well as supporting animal welfare principles, Vegan Outfitters donates to animal sanctuaries. It uses plastic-free packaging, and of course, is vegan-friendly. 

11. Joanie

Based: UK               Ships to: Worldwide
Price: ££
Sustainability creds: Sustainable packaging, use of organic and recycled materials, audited factories, eco-friendly labels, BCI cotton, SEDEX member organisation, Living Wage Employer 

Inspired by vintage designs, Joanie creates women’s style that embraces a sense of nostalgia, while still seamlessly fitting into the modern fashion world. The brand embraces timeless silhouettes and retro prints to create styles that are eye-catching and always on-trend. For an 80s-inspired look, take a peek at the Gina Puff Sleeve Midi Dress

Joanie operates ethical supply chains and utilises sustainable materials, such as organic cotton. Garment bags are made from recycled plastic. Demonstrating a comprehensive approach to sustainability, even the labels are eco-friendly.

12. Rapanui

Location: Clothing manufactured in India, designs made and printed in the UK
Product range: Men’s and women’s clothing
Price range: £
Ethics and certifications: circular supply chain, on-demand production with no waste, renewable energy, recycled fibres

Rapanui garments are created using natural materials and renewable energy. In addition, the items are designed to be reused. Instead of discarding worn-out clothes, the brand encourages you to send them back, easy peasy and free of charge, so that they can create new products, and giving you a discount on your next. Their circular supply chain is one more step in the fight against textile waste.

Also, instead of producing in bulk, Rapanui have developed a new manufacturing method in which orders are made one at a time, seconds after they are placed, ensuring no waste. All their T-shirts are made in a factory on the Isle of Wight.

The price range for basics is from £10 to £40. Some products are bundled for a more economical purchase. For example, the Women’s Bare Necessities Bundle includes an organic cotton towel, organic cotton pants, bamboo socks, and a reusable water bottle for £85, a very affordable brand.

13. Komodo

Based: UK    Ships to: Worldwide
Made in: Nepal, Indonesia, India, China
Range: Men’s and women’s slippers 
Price: ££
Sustainability creds: Sustainable materials, renewable energy, sources wool from non-mulesed sheep, GOTS certified materials

Ethical brand Komodo has styles for both men and women that are relaxed while still embodying a classic elegance. The brand creates timeless designs,  such as the Katty Jumper and Ronin Jacket. It uses  high quality materials and pays attention to every detail. 

Since the 80s, Komodo has been an ethical name in British fashion. It takes care to choose sustainable materials, hosts an Activists Club and even uses renewable energy to limit its impact.

14. Happyearth

Based: US
Product range: Clothing and accessories
Price range: £
Ethics and certifications: Certified B Corp, supports environmental causes with every purchase, track and trace product’s footprint, carbon negative emissions through CarbonFund, fair wages, organic cotton, recycled fibres, sustainable cork, natural bamboo, eco packaging, 1% for the planet

Being a registered B Corp and a member of 1% for the Planet, Happyearth is proactive about environmental issues. The production process adheres to the highest ethical and ecological standards.

The company uses organic products, recyclable and recycled packing, and encourages consumers to donate with every transaction. With each purchased item or accessory, you can plant 15 trees, reduce GHG emissions, and clean up as much as 1 lb. of waste.

The prices range from £30 for T-shirts to £65 for leggings. You can also get a unique hand-woven blanket made from recycled material for £42. Happyearth has monthly bundled offers to keep things more affordable.

15. Birdsong London

Location: Headquartered and made in the UK
Product range: Women’s clothing and loungewear
Price range: ££
Ethics and certifications: ethically sourced materials, made in London and England to minimize transport and carbon footprint, made to order to minimize waste, London Living Wage, supports Stitches in Time ethical textile production, ethical packaging and posting by MailOut

Birdsong London is an affordable and ethical boutique line for women’s clothing. Each garment is manufactured by knitters and seamstresses from various London-based women’s organizations and charities. All Birdsong employees are paid an above-average wage and have access to benefits such as healthcare.

The company motto is ‘no sweatshop, no photoshop’. Instead, they focus heavily on improving the working conditions for female garment workers.

As part of their collaboration with Triad, a clothing recycling organization, some outfits are made with second-hand textiles that would otherwise be discarded. However, most garments are made with organic cotton.

Birdsong’s prices range from £30 to £150.

16. Marks & Spencer

Based: UK
Made: worldwide
Product range: Men’s, women’s, and kid’s clothing, homeware, beauty
Price range: £-££
Ethics and certifications: FairTrade cotton, sustainable sourcing, fair wages, Ethical Trading Initiative member, Plan A

Marks & Spencer is another multinational retailer aiming at incorporating more sustainable practices into its production process. The London-based company states that all its materials come from environmentally friendly sources. They launched their Plan A in 2007 which they have recently reset with the ambitious target of being a net zero business across their entire value chain by 2040, meaning they don’t add any more greenhouse emissions to the planet than they take out of it.

Marks & Spencer also implements a low-waste policy in their stores, offices, and warehouses. Whatever they don’t need is recycled. Clothing samples and unsold stock are usually donated to Newlife and Oxfam for reuse.

The company recently included a list of factories that produce their clothing to encourage supply chain transparency. They also set strict standards for animal welfare. For example, Marks & Spencer created a code of practice for cashmere animal welfare and is a member of the Leather Working Group.

Prices range anywhere from £5 to £100.

17. Yes Friends

Based: Bristol, UK
Made in: Tirupur, India
Product range: T-shirts
Price range: £
Ethics and certifications: FairTrade and organic cotton, Climate Neutral wind and solar energy powered factories, Fair Share Scheme for fair wages, Fair Wear Foundation, GOTS certified organic cotton, Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production, PETA-approved vegan, Business Social Compliance Initiative member

Yes Friends is a living, breathing example of an affordable ethical clothing brand, showing us clearly that sustainability doesn’t have to be expensive! Their T-shirts are accessible to everyone and priced at just £7.99 a piece in sizes from 2XS to 2XL.

How have they done this? By producing at scale and keeping their margins low. As simple as that. They point out that brands can easily buy T-shirts for only £1.27 and sell them for £10, representing a massive 700% mark up. And that paying a living wage and manufacturing sustainably doesn’t actually have to cost the earth. We think they’re one of the best examples of affordable and ethical clothing brands in the UK and beyond. Read more about them in this great piece in The Guardian.

18. Honest Basics

Based: Berlin, Germany
Made in: Bangladesh and India
Product range: Women’s, men’s, and kid’s clothing
Price range: £
Ethics and certifications: GOTS certified organic, International Labour Organisation compliant, low waste packaging, DHL GoGreen climate neutral shipping

Honest Basics, established in Germany, is a GOTS-certified, affordable and ethical basics brand. The company is on a self-proclaimed quest to make sustainable fashion accessible to everyone and are doing it incredibly well. They do so by using simple supply chains, producing in India, creating basics and not giving free returns. And they’re continuously enhancing the sustainability and ethics of their supply chain.

Sizes XS to L are available in the collection, and the price ranges from £10 for a T-shirt to just £40 for their super cool jeans.

19. Monkee Genes

Based: Glasgow, UK
Made in: Turkey, Indonesia, India, and Pakistan
Product range: Men’s and women’s clothing
Price range: £
Ethics and certifications: GOTS certified factories, recycled fabrics, vegan, non-toxic dyes

Monkee Genes were founded in 2006 as a response to the lacklustre conditions of the denim market. The brand aims to provide innovative and youthful denim garments produced with an eco and social conscience.

According to the founders, Monkee Genes shows that you don’t have to stop being fashionable to promote sustainability. With all their clothing created in GOTS-certified factories, the company has evolved into a staple of ethical fashion.

Their prices range from £10 to £70, with jeans falling around the £50 mark, although we found a few on sale for those on the hunt for truly affordable and ethical clothing.

20. Omnes

Based: UK  Ships to: Worldwide
Range: Women’s fashion  
Price: ££
Sustainability creds: Global Recycled Standard, use of eco-friendly and recycled materials, ensues a living wage in some of its supply chain 

Styles by UK brand Omnes have a contemporary vibe and offer a sustainable product that doesn’t break the bank. Styles like the Riviera Midi Dress come in at under £50 and is crafted from deadstock fabric. The label’s designs are sleek and modern while still embracing a timeless element. 

Omnes uses recycled materials and audits some of its supply chain. It uses materials certified by respected bodies such as FSC and has achieved a ‘Good’ rating on Good on You.

21. This is Unfolded

Based: UK
Product range: Women’s and children’s clothing 
Price range: £
Ethics and certifications: Supports charitable initiatives, SEDEX certified partner factories, sustainable packaging, sustainably sourced cotton 

Inspired to do something about the massive levels of waste created in the garment industry, This is Unfolded decided to create a different kind of business model. The label is the home of casual styles that are still modern and sophisticated in their overall vibe. 

The company puts emphasis on ethical working conditions and fair pay for workers. It minimises its waste by using a slow fashion approach to production and gives back through supporting charities that facilitate educational opportunities for disadvantaged children.

The Importance of Affordable Ethical Clothing Brands

While buying a shirt for £3 from a fast fashion brand may feel like a bargain, the underlining cost is much steeper. Fast fashion production often robs workers of their fundamental rights while harming the environment. Not only do ethical brands ensure better working conditions and a decent wage, but they also encourage more environmentally friendly practices.

Each of the 22 affordable ethical clothing brands on our list supports some/many types of eco-friendly social initiatives. And if you’re reluctant to sacrifice your fashion sense for the sake of ethical consumption, there’s no need to worry, these brands offer a wide range of gorgeous garments that are likely to fit your budget.

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