Is Amazon for green fashionistas: The best ethical clothing on Amazon UK

Best sustainable clothing on Amazon

Is Amazon for green fashionistas: The best ethical clothing on Amazon UK

From impatiently waiting for deliveries in boxes with that famous arrow smile to news stories about its founder reaching new cosmic heights, Amazon is the undeniable king of the online shopping world. As ethical clothing on Amazon UK has become an increasingly hot topic, and the spotlight on sustainable fashion has grown in recent years, Amazon has begun to venture into a more eco-friendly business model.

However, the question still remains, can we really buy sustainable clothing on Amazon or are these new green policies just another clever marketing ploy?

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From The Climate Pledge it has made, stating its goals and commitments for becoming a more eco-friendly company, to the huge range of ‘Climate Pledge Friendly’ products Amazon now hosts, it seems that arguably the biggest online shopping platform in the world is starting to go green.  

Escaping the confines of a global marketplace and now incorporating shipping logistics and manufacturing, this modern giant of the online shopping world has a uniquely powerful impact on the environment. The sheer scale of the company means every sustainability success or failure is multiplied the world over.

With conscious consumerism on the rise, Amazon has become an important platform for the eco-savvy fashion shopper. The organisation now plays host to a variety of sustainable fashion brands and has launched eco-initiatives such as the Amazon Climate Pledge.

What is the Amazon Climate Pledge?

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In 2019, in partnership with Global Optimism (an enterprise with the mission to drive environmental and social change), Amazon founded the Amazon Climate Pledge with the intention of reaching the all-important net-zero carbon emissions target by 2040.

Pledges such as this demonstrate Amazon’s commitment to being part of a sustainable future. The pledge is ambitious in its approach, purposefully set ten years ahead of the Paris Agreement target. Through bold commitments such as implementing zero-waste packaging and promoting sustainable products, Amazon has outlined its approach to achieving its Climate Pledge goals.

The success of The Climate Pledge, Amazon has stated, is dependent on the cooperation of global corporations to work together to achieve meaningful change. Steps like these make it possible for Amazon to move into a more sustainable future and for consumers to really be able to find ethical clothing on Amazon.

Committing to Sustainable Operations

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While The Climate Pledge takes a broad approach, Amazon is also working to become part of a sustainable tomorrow by setting itself some bold internal targets.

  1. Renewable Energy. The company is working towards powering operations with 100% renewable energy by 2025.
  2. Shipment Zero. 50% of all deliveries are aimed to be net-zero by 2030.
  3. Electric Delivery Vehicles.100,000 electric delivery vehicles are set to be deployed by 2030.
  4. Nature-based Solutions. Amazon is investing USD1 million in reforestation and climate mitigation solutions.
  5. Climate Pledge Fund. USD2 billion is being invested by Amazon into supporting decarbonisation initiatives.

Amazon-Branded Product Sustainability

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More than just a shipping company, Amazon has become a major player in the manufacturing world, offering the skilful shopper a range of Amazon-branded products across a variety of categories and all available to be ordered to your door with the click of a button.

Understanding that sustainability has a place in manufacturing, as well as distribution, Amazon’s plan to make a green tomorrow extends into its manufacturing department. Amazon branded products are expected to comply with set environmental commitments.

When looking for sustainable clothing on Amazon it is important to remember the environmental commitments that Amazon branded products are expected to adhere to.

For the Animals

  • Amazon suppliers must uphold the Five Freedoms of animal welfare, taking a zero-tolerance approach towards animal cruelty and neglect.
  • While leather is a hot topic in animal welfare circles and Amazon hasn’t pledged to ban leather completely, it has committed that by 2023 all leather sourced will adhere to Leather Working Group standards.

The Materials

  • By 2022 sustainable cotton will become of the utmost importance for Amazon Private Label clothes, including the use of recycled and certified organic cotton. The company has already made steps towards this by joining the Better Cotton Initiative and signing the Responsible Sourcing Network’s Cotton Pledge.
  • In 2020, Amazon joined the Textile Exchange, pledging to increase the use of recycled fabrics in the Private Label clothing ranges.
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Saving the Rainforest

  • By 2022, no Amazon Private Label manmade fibres can be sourced from ancient or endangered forests and the organisation must use traceable and lower-impact fibres. (That means no more viscose that came from a tree older than the country you live in.)
  • An often-overlooked segment of sustainable fashion, Amazon’s Private Label woven tags are made from recycled fabric, and swing tags are made from Forest Stewardship Council-approved paper.

In addition to Private Label clothing, Amazon is also using recycled materials and banning the use of harmful substances in the production of many Private Label products.

Sustainable Shopping with Amazon’s Partner products

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While Amazon has made these clean, green promises, not every brand it hosts has the same environmental credentials. When looking for ethical clothing on Amazon, considering the sustainable credentials of individual brands as well as Amazon’s overall sustainability commitments is important.

To encourage sustainable business and make the life of conscious consumers a little easier, Amazon has introduced ‘Climate Pledge Friendly.’ To achieve the Climate Pledge Friendly label, organisations must have an approved independent environmental certification.

Compact by Design

One certification that brands can acquire when earning the Climate Pledge Friendly label is Compact by Design. This quite simply means that products have less packaging and ship more efficiently. This means smaller packages, more efficient shapes, lower weight packaging, or less air in packaging, because we have all been disappointed by getting a big box only to find an underwhelmingly tiny product inside.

So, the compact design label cuts out that unnecessary packaging to make your next Amazon parcel efficient, sleek, and environmentally friendly. 

When this concept is multiplied by the astronomical number of Amazon packages travelling around the world at any given moment, that reduction in packaging will add up.

Climate Pledge Friendly

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To earn a coveted Climate Pledge Friendly badge, a product must be certified by one or more certification bodies from a set list curated by Amazon. This list contains over twenty different bodies, including reputable organisations such as Fairtrade, Forrest Stewardship Council, Responsible Wood Standard, and Global Organic Textile Standard.

Products that carry any of these certifications, or Amazon’s own Compact by Design standard, are eligible to carry the Climate Pledge Friendly label.

While a brand’s overall sustainable credentials and practices should be considered when searching for sustainable organisations, the Climate Friendly Label is a good starting place for finding ethical clothing on the Amazon platform.

Sustainable fashion is about more than passing trends or catchy slogans, sustainable fashion is about creating a better, greener tomorrow. As awareness of the importance of sustainability and sustainable fashion is growing, companies of all sizes are starting to listen and are starting to adjust business practices to create a more sustainable offering.

The Climate Pledge is part of Amazon’s way to create this sustainable offering, working towards being a company that protects natural environments just like the very rainforest it is named after.

The Best Sustainable Styles on Amazon UK

With such a wide range of brands on offer, Amazon is racking up an impressive list of sustainable clothing brands within its Climate Pledge Friendly range, and more are added all the time. From babywear to stylish denim threads to silky lingerie, we’ve rounded up the best men’s, women’s and kid’s styles, taking the hard work out of finding the best sustainable clothing options on Amazon UK.

Please note that this post contains affiliate links meaning that when you buy through links on our site we may earn a small affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. Read our full affiliate disclosure here.




  • BCI Sourced Organic Cotton
  • Canopystyle Approved
  • Based: Netherlands

If there is one wardrobe staple that we all need, it is a quality pair of jeans. G-Star Raw is making finding jeans while still maintaining a conscious consumer outlook that much easier by creating quality threads that promote circular fashion and sustainable materials. Organic cotton is a favourite in the G-Star Raw range and the organisation takes ethical fashion a step further by supporting charitable causes.

Boasting classic styles reimagined for the modern world, G-Star Raw has created an incredibly popular women’s clothing line, offering items such as the ever-popular high-waist jeans.

Having gained the Climate Pledge-friendly label through its Cradle to Cradle certification, the brand’s high-waist women’s jeans are made with 98% organic cotton, proving that sustainability and style create the ultimate pair of quality jeans for the modern woman.

For more information about the sustainability credentials of denim, see our article Is Denim Sustainable here.




  • GOTS Certified
  • PETA Approved Vegan
  • Soil Association Approved
  • Based: India

One of the major players in ethical fashion, People Tree have been making sustainable styles since 1991 and the brand’s Oliana Jumpsuit is no exception. This chic jumpsuit is perfect for work or leisure and made from organic cotton, it is not only on-trend but luxuriously soft.

When it comes to a collection of the best sustainable clothing on Amazon UK, styles from People Tree really can’t be overlooked. The brand has a string of ethical credentials to back up its sustainability claims with everything from fair trade to organic materials included. The Oliana jumpsuit is made with a conscious and well-thought-out approach, even going so far as to include eco-friendly corzo buttons. For more ethical jumpsuit ideas, see our article here.



MERAKI WOMEN’s casual dress

  • Higg Index Material Seal
  • Based: India

With foundations in simplicity and creativity, Meraki has some of the best ethical clothing available on Amazon UK, showing what slow fashion should be. The very word Meraki means dedicating your heart and soul to your work. This is an ethos that this sustainable brand lives by.

Meraki’s women’s casual dress is simple and elegant. Coming in a range of colours and patterns it’s also available in a longer version with long sleeves. This dress is made from sustainable ecovero viscose, using much less fossil energy and water than traditional viscose.

It has been given the Higg Index Material Seal, showing it’s made from lower impact materials, making it Climate Pledge Friendly. A sustainably stylish staple to take you from office to park to party.



Calida Women’s Viktor & Rolf Designer Panties

  • OEKO-TEX certified
  • Cradle to Cradle Certified
  • Based: Switzerland

Going further than just producing sustainable clothing, Calida is dedicated to raising climate change awareness and encouraging other brands to create environmentally friendly garments. Awarded the OEKO-TEX® Made in Green badge for its high-quality, sustainable products, when you make a purchase from Calida you can be sure you are in good hands.

With a well-deserved place on our list of the best ethical clothing on Amazon UK, Calida items are made with Cradle-to-Cradle Certified materials. Crafted with innovative biodegradable lace, Calida’s latest lingerie collection, produced in collaboration with Viktor and Rolf is the essence of refined elegance that mother nature herself could advocate for.

The Viktor & Rolf designer panties, made with a blend of Elastane and Tencel, are 100% compostable. Available in an array of colours and hues, this is some seriously stylish lingerie.



Calida Women’s Favourites Dreams Pajama Bottom

  • OEKO-TEX certified
  • Based: Switzerland

When it comes to stylish sustainability, Calida knocks it out of the park with another sustainable Amazon favourite in these classy women’s floral pyjama bottoms. Made from soft cotton, these stylish pj bottoms achieve OEKO-TEX® Made in Green certification, meaning no nasty pesticides went into the making of these silky, stylish bottoms.




  • GOTS Certified Organic Cotton
  • Grüne Knopf Certified
  • Based: Germany

Made from organic cotton from Fairtrade sources, every stunning design from Mey is a great option when it comes to finding ethical clothing on Amazon. Using GOTS and Grüne Knopf-certified materials, Mey is truly organic.

Especially popular for its gorgeous loungewear designs, Mey styles are where elegance and comfort meet. The white cotton sleeveless top features breathable material for maximum comfort and comes in a range of neutral colours to go with any outfit choice.




  • Cradle to Cradle Certified
  • Based: Austria

Wolford aims to create a more sustainable future for fashion. Through carefully selecting recyclable and renewable materials and using a closed production circle, Wolford is on the way to making this future a reality. Ambitious in its sustainability targets, the company aims to have half of all products ‘Cradle to Cradle’ certified by 2025.

A company that we think has some of the finest sustainable clothing on Amazon UK, Wolford is famous for its comfortable, durable, and on-trend tights.

With the Cradle to Cradle certification, you can rest assured that your new favourite the Aurora 70 tights are made from sustainable materials, taking the hard work out of choosing sustainable hosiery.




  • Bluesign Certified
  • Based: USA

Famous for its innovative and reliable activewear, Columbia is not only a place to find great sustainable clothing on Amazon but has become one of the go-to brands, whether you are finding gear to head the gym or to scale a mountain.

Using technological know-how, the Portland-based brand is responsible for clothing, footwear, and accessories that are tested for water-resistance, insulation, and sustainability, ready for whatever weather meets you on your next adventure.

The Heavenly jacket for women is made with Bluesign Certified water repellent fabric. Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, it comes complete with Omni-Heat thermal reflection.

A quality product, this innovative jacket’s durability means that it will be a favourite for outdoor adventures for years to come.




  • GOTS Certified Cotton
  • Based: Germany

A sustainable clothing essential, this Loud + Proud tank top makes for a cosy addition to your closet. Made from a 96% organic cotton blend, the top is a snug fit perfect for a lazy weekend afternoon.

Available in cute prints and soft fabrics, the organic tank top is the epitome of quirky style that is effortlessly unique, commendably sustainable, and affordable.



Haglöfs Women’s Heron Leggings

  • Bluesign Certified
  • Based: Sweden

This Sweden-based brand is home to premium outdoor gear that is a worthy addition to both our collection of ethical clothing on Amazon UK and your next adventure in the great outdoors. Believing that the key to reducing a product’s environmental footprint is in prolonging its lifespan, Haglöfs clothing has high-quality materials and durability that you can trust.

The Heron Leggings are made with 97% polyester for optimal breathability and functionality. An elastic waistband provides ultimate comfort while the Bluesign certification means you can be sure that when you are exploring the great outdoors, Hagolfs is helping to protect it. For more ethical activewear, see here.




  • Higg Index Materials Seal
  • Based: Amazon owned brand

This long-sleeved button-down from Daily Ritual is breathable, comfortable and the perfect addition to your weekend wardrobe. Made of eco-friendly lyocell, the stylish garment has a relaxed fit and comes in on-trend pastel colours, pairing perfectly with a pair of jeans for a casual look that doesn’t lose any fashion points.  

With an elegantly simple design and constructed from sustainable materials the women’s long sleeve button-down has the impressive Higgs Index Material seal, meaning that it was made with low environmental impact materials. A classic design and with impressive sustainability credentials, this fashionable shirt is a worthy addition to our best sustainable clothing on Amazon UK collection.




  • GOTS Certified
  • Based: France

Well regarded for its use of sustainable materials, DIM is the home of stylish, sustainable lingerie, tights, and socks. Made from 100% organic GOTS-certified cotton, these silky soft socks are a fantastic sustainable clothing option.

Available in three different colours to suit your style, The Femme Cotton Bio Ankle Socks are a sustainably practical purchase from the Amazon marketplace. The socks have all the right sustainability certifications and are competitively priced, ticking all the right boxes when it comes to comfy, sustainable socks!




  • Bluesign Certified
  • Based: Germany

A company that is starting to recognise when it needs to make changes to create a more eco-friendly tomorrow, Deuter switched from using PFCs in products to DWR (Durable Water Repellence). This means none of the harmful chemicals used in PFC coatings are in this trendy Deuter product. The brand has taken an innovative approach to maintain the water and dirt repellent features that Deuter backpacks are famous for without compromising on environmental sustainability. 

Deuter’s Up Seoul Daypack is impressively made with entirely recycled materials and produced under the Bluesign standard. With the flap zip opening and clever design features, there is enough space for all your treasures. This sturdy essential comes in at just over £100, making it a competitive, quality choice on the Amazon marketplace.




prAna Men’s Stretch Zion Pant

  • Higg Index Material Seal
  • Based: US

PrAna, meaning life force or life energy, creates clothing for positive change. Their staples will take you from the yoga studio to your next travel or outdoor adventure.

Coming in hues from coffee bean, mud and cargo green to a moody black and camo print, the PrAna men’s stretch zion pant are sustainable, on-trend, and versatile enough to take you from mountain to pub. A great contribution to our list of ethical clothing on Amazon UK, these pants are composed of durable, sustainable materials with roll-up leg snaps. This sleek wardrobe addition is effortlessly on-trend and inherently eco-friendly.




  • Higgs Index Seal
  • Based: Netherlands

For all the high fashion brand lovers out there, this Tommy Hilfiger tee is for you. With a casual fit and coming in a huge range of about 30 colours, this tee is classically stylish without losing its sense of fun. A high-end addition to our list, this tee proudly sports the iconic Hilfiger brand.

A classic wardrobe essential, the Hilfiger Men’s T-shirt is made from organic cotton and comes complete with the Higgs Index Seal, meaning this stylish wardrobe addition is not only high fashion but highly sustainable.

If Tommy doesn’t tickle your fancy, see here for the best 9 organic t-shirts in the UK.




  • Bluesign Certified
  • Based: Norway

Known for designing high-quality adventure equipment to brave the toughest conditions, Helly Hansen promotes ethical ideals, human rights, and environmentally conscious practices. The brand is committed to sustainability and is always striving to improve its sustainable practices and materials.

Deserving of a place in our roundup of the best ethical clothing on Amazon, is the water-resistant and windproof men’s jacket. Made with Bluesign-certified fabric for optimal protection, the jacket is both a work of art and an extreme adventure necessity. Coming in earth inspired colours, this piece is incredibly lightweight and packs into its own packing shell, which as any adventurer will tell you is a must-have feature in an overfilled pack.




  • Fairtrade International Certified
  • 1% for the Planet Member
  • Based: USA

Conscious Step is an ethical clothing brand that firmly believes in workplace equality, fair trade, and sustainability. Conscious Step garments are sourced from India and are GOTS certified, so you can be sure they haven’t been exposed to insecticides, herbicides, and other nasties.

An organisation that makes fashion work for positive change, every purchase supports one of the brand’s many social initiatives, including tree planting, food donations, and book donations.

Organic cotton socks for men from the Conscious Step range are one of the most popular Climate Pledge-friendly products on Amazon UK and a product that is deserving of a place on our list of the best ethical clothing on Amazon UK. As if comfortable design and sustainable credentials weren’t enough, by purchasing a pair of these socks you’ll donate to an Oceania campaign to protect vital marine environments.

If you’d rather get your socks on subscription or need a better present idea, see our article on clothing subscription boxes here.



Children's ethical clothing on Amazon
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels


Burt’s Bees Baby: baby girls’ jumpsuit

  • GOTS Certified Organic Cotton
  • Based: USA

Launched in 2012, Burt’s Bees Baby is the home of affordable baby essentials that are as sustainable as they are adorable. Specialising in items such as bodysuits, bibs, rompers, and burp cloths, every gorgeous Burt’s Bees Baby outfit is made with GOTS-certified organic cotton and designed to last through multiple washes, which as we all know is a must for any adventurous little one. Made with 100% organic cotton to be soft and light, Burt’s Bees Baby Baby Girls’ Jumpsuit is a popular choice that has gained the Climate Pledge-friendly label. With a focus on comfort, durability, and affordability, it also comes in 11 super cute designs, including those for boys. After all gorgeous babies should have gorgeous outfits!




  • GOTS Certified Cotton
  • Based: Germany

We loved Loud+Proud so much that they made it onto our list twice! Launched in 2008, Loud + Proud has created a beautiful range of practical babywear that is soft, sustainable, and imaginative, available in a range of prints, perfect for the littlest members of the family. The brand uses GOTS-certified organic cotton for all its garments, and manufactures products in Europe, using suppliers that uphold ethical working conditions.

The super-soft, cosy sweatshirt is available in gender-neutral styles and comes in a range of gorgeous prints, sporting everything from whales to elephants to bright pink snails. Made from a 100% organic cotton blend, it can be machine washed, and is priced at under £30, making it an affordable and sustainable option.

For more sustainable children’s clothing brands available in the UK, we round up the 22 best here.




  • GRS Certified Materials
  • Based: Germany

An industry leader inspiring environmentally friendly practices, Jack Wolfskin’s commitment to environmental causes is evident in the brand’s use of GRS-certified materials and ecologically sourced cotton. Looking out for animal welfare, you will find no angora wool in Jack Wolfskin products.

The compact Jack Wolfskin backpack adheres to The Climate Pledge sustainability standards. Using Bluesign-certified material, the brand offers a sturdy yet compact children’s backpack for school or weekend adventures. Making a fashionable statement in striking colours, the bag comes in at an affordable price, making it a practical, fashionable, affordable, and sustainable investment.




  • GOTS Certified Organic Cotton
  • Based: Canada

Famous for its premium hand-illustrated pyjamas, Hatley is the home of some of the best sustainable nightwear on Amazon, and the ultimate place to find snuggly, sustainable, and quite frankly, adorable, pyjamas for any tiny tots out there. With a range of children’s pyjama styles made with super soft GOTS certified organic cotton, allowing the skin to breathe, Hatley pyjamas are unique and comfortable, perfect for a good night’s sleep.

The Raglan Pyjama set for girls sports the brand’s signature vibrant colours in fun prints, including Floral Dinos and Rainbow Hearts. Made with a 100% organic cotton blend, these long-sleeved pyjamas are a snug fit. Perfect nightwear for inspiring sweet dreams of a sustainable tomorrow.


The Future of Fashion

While there are brands out there that still have some work to do, this list that we’ve compiled of ethical clothing on Amazon UK proves for those seeking an alternative to the unsustainable practices of the traditional fashion market, that there really are some decent options to be found on Amazon. After all, each small decision we make today for a greener world creates the building blocks of a sustainable tomorrow.


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