A Versatile Wardrobe Essential: 10 Best Organic Cotton T-Shirts in the UK

Girl in white organic cotton t shirt UK

A Versatile Wardrobe Essential: 10 Best Organic Cotton T-Shirts in the UK

There are few wardrobe essentials as reliable as a trusty T-shirt. When searching for the best organic cotton T-shirts in the UK, there are some excellent sustainable brands to explore.

Whether you are looking for a plain white t-shirt or a bold print, the fashion industry is flooded with this wardrobe essential. With sustainable fashion coming under the spotlight, it is more important than ever to ensure our favourite t-shirts are organic, sustainable, and ethical.

A Wardrobe Staple

It is estimated that two billion t-shirts are bought around the globe every year. T-shirts are one of the world’s favourite clothing essentials. Able to be worn with almost anything and styled for everything from a day at the beach to a trendy up-scale event, what isn’t to love about this classic garment?

The world’s love for buying new t-shirts outpaces annual jeans sales. This essential item is used for everything from a fashion garment, to a slogan adorned statement piece for demonstrating allegiance to social causes. 

So, Why Organic?

In a sustainably minded market, brands are starting to reimagine everyone’s favourite wardrobe staple. One of the biggest shifts in the t-shirt market is towards incorporating organic cotton. This shift is bringing some great organic cotton t-shirts into the UK market, and this is a very good thing.

For the Environment

To make one cotton t-shirt can use up to 700 gallons of water. By using organic cotton this number is drastically reduced. Organic farming often requires less water than its non-organic counterparts and its rejection of pesticides keeps pollution out of water sources. When conventional cotton is responsible for 16% of world pesticide use, a move to organic cotton farming is vital for a cleaner tomorrow.

For the People

Organic cotton is good for the environment, but it is also good for people. Using organic farming methods means farmers aren’t exposed to harmful chemicals and neither are the environments they work in.

Organic farming encourages farmers to grow a variety of crops to assist in soil health. This means that farmers can earn multiple revenue streams or grow food for their families and communities when cultivating organic cotton.

For the Body

On occasion, chemicals on non-organic cotton clothing can filter down the supply chain. Consumers wearing non-organic clothes can be exposed to these chemicals when wearing these garments. This can potentially cause harm to human health or skin irritations.

Girl in organic cotton t shirt
Photo by Ralph Rabago from Pexels

Isn’t it Expensive?

There is a common misconception that sustainable clothing has to be expensive. Although it can cost more to produce sustainable, ethical clothing, it can still be very affordable. Some of the brands producing the best organic cotton t-shirts in the UK are bringing shirts to the market for less than their unsustainable competitors.

Where to Buy the UK’s Best Organic Cotton T-shirts

So, this brings us the important list of brands creating on-trend, organic tees.

Pricing Guide

£: Under £20

££: £20-£50

£££: Over £50

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1. Rapanui

Based: UK                Ships to: Internationally
Made in: UK
Range: Men’s and Women’s T-shirts, Jumpers and Jackets
Price: £
Sustainability creds: Recycling Initiatives, Teemill Platform

With a factory on the Isle of Wight powered by renewable energy, Rapanui is the master of circular fashion. Rapanui’s printed t-shirts are works of art, adorned with striking imagery and bold slogans.

This innovative brand makes clothing in real-time, meaning they only produce clothes as they are needed. Truly supporting a circular fashion model, consumers are encouraged to send their worn-out shirts back to the company. Rapanui then recovers the fibres to make brand new textiles.

For more on this great circular fashion brand, check out our interview with their co-founder Mart Drake-Knight.

2. Cariuma

Based: Brazil         Ships to: Worldwide
Made in: China
Range: Sneakers, men’s and women’s t-shirts, hoodies and backpacks
Price: ££
Sustainability creds: Certified B Corp, reforestation projects, use of Bluesign certified dyes, sustainable materials, factory certified by Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production

Brazil based Cariuma offer a range of organic cotton t-shirts for both men and women. Coming in a cool range of colours, they have a simple and elegant design. Some simply boast the Cariuma logo and you can also check out their Snoopy range!

Cariuma are a certified B Corporation meaning that they meet the highest levels of social and environmental accountability. They plant trees for every order and make sure that the workers in their supply chain are paid a good wage.

3. the classic t-shirt company

Based: USA                Ships to: Internationally
Made in: USA
Range: Men’s and Women’s T-shirts, Jumpers and Jackets
Price: ££
Sustainability creds: GOTS cotton, living wages, plastic-free packaging

Set up by couple Olga and Paul Garibian, The Classic T-Shirt Company offers casual t-shirt styles which are softer and more durable due to their high thread count. With t-shirts for all occasions, something bright or monochromatic, oversized or a snug fit, this US-based label has something for you. They also ship internationally. 

The Classic T-Shirt Company ensures a living wage across its supply chain. They also use GOTS certified cotton, cut emissions by manufacturing locally in California, and audit their supply chains to ensure ethical standards are being upheld.

4. plant faced

Based: UK                Ships to: Internationally
Range: Men’s and Women’s T-shirts and Streetwear
Price: ££
Sustainability creds: Fairtrade, GOTS, Vegan, Fair Wear Factories, WRAP Factories

With trendy styles, Plant Faced is the ultimate ethical t-shirt company for finding some seriously cool streetwear. With bold patterns and lettering, edgy black and white shades, and vibrant hues, Plant Faced is always a stylish option.

Plant Faced engages in tree planting programs and works with ethical supply lines. It of course uses quality organic cotton, and also works with recycled fabrics.

See our interview with founder Charlie McEvoy for more information about this cool brand!

5. green shirts

Based: Germany              Ships to: Internationally
Range: Men’s and Women’s T-shirts and Casual Wear
Price: ££
Sustainability creds: Soil Association Organic Standard, OEKO-TEX, Fair Wear Foundation, Carbon Reduction Label

Green Shirts’ sustainable t-shirts feature soft colours and dreamlike scenes. Made from natural fibres, t-shirts from this German brand are well deserving of a place among the best organic cotton t-shirts in the UK.

Green Shirts is committed to responsible supply chains and works with third-party organisations to ensure ethical conditions. Intending to create the greenest clothing label in the world, Green Shirts is well on its way to making this a reality.

6. dedicated

Based: Sweden                Ships to: Internationally (check import taxes for UK in their FAQs)
Made in: India and China
Range: Men’s and Women’s T-shirts and Streetwear
Price: ££
Sustainability creds: Fairtrade, SA8000, PeTA Approved Vegan, WRAP Factories

Streetwear and t-shirt company, Dedicated, is the home of sustainable fashion that lets your personality shine through. The brand has t-shirts featuring quirky prints and classic designs. Everything from mushrooms to cats can be found decorating these trendy t-shirts.

T-shirts are made from GOTS-approved cotton. The Company is PeTA and SA8000 approved so you can be sure no people or animals were harmed in making these stylish streetwear threads.

7. yes friends

Based: UK                Ships to: Internationally
Made in: India
Range: Men’s and Women’s T-shirts
Price: £
Sustainability creds: Fairtrade, PeTA Approved Vegan, Fair Wear Factories, GOTS

With t-shirts coming in at under £10, Yes Friends is an affordable addition to the best organic cotton t-shirts in the UK. They deliberately set out to show that ethical, sustainable and organic doesn’t need to be expensive. The sustainable label has classic cuts in monochrome tones and pastel hues, perfect for dressing up or down for any occasion.

Yes Friends t-shirts produce 90% less CO2 than conventionally produced t-shirts. The label uses renewable energy sources. It also repurposes offcuts to reduce fabric waste.

Photo by Jake Marty on Unsplash

8. wawwa

Based: UK                Ships to: Internationally
Made in: Portugal
Range: Men’s and Women’s T-shirts and Streetwear
Price: ££
Sustainability creds: GOTS, Water Based Inks

Wawwa creates organic cotton t-shirts that inject some effortlessly cool vibes into your everyday wardrobe. The minimalistic street styles match perfectly with a pair of jeans for exploring any hip city street. Wawwa t-shirts come in both short and long sleeve styles.

These sustainable stylish shirts are made from GOTS certified cotton, used water-based inks, and even the labels used are made from recycled PET.

9. goose studios

Based: UK                Ships to: UK
Made in: Bangladesh and India
Range: Men’s and Women’s T-shirts, Sweatshirts and Hoodies
Price: £
Sustainability creds: Fair Wear Factories, PeTA Approved

Goose Studios is where elegant design meets chic style. The PeTA Approved brand promotes conscious consumerism, encouraging consumers to buy less and buy quality. The high-quality product that Goose Studios sells is sustainable, practical, affordable, and always on-trend.

With ethical supply chains and natural fibres, Goose Studios has created some of the best organic cotton t-shirts in the UK. It is a brand that is truly living by its mantra of ‘Good times, organically sourced.’

10. origin africa

Based: UK                
Made in: Tanzania and UK
Range: Men’s, Women’s and Kids’ T-shirts, Sweatshirts, and Gifts
Price: ££
Sustainability creds: Fair Wear Factories, PeTA Approved Vegan, GOTS, OEKO-TEX, Organic Blended Cotton Standard

Origin Africa is the UK’s first 100% not-for-profit fashion brand. All profits the organisation generates fund community social impact initiatives. So far, the brand has impacted over 5,000 lives. As well as its honourable social purpose, Origin Africa is the home of some gorgeous t-shirts.

T-shirts from Origin Africa are made of quality organic cotton and feature stunning designs by African artists. The label is serious about its commitment to accountability. Origin Africa even encourages consumers and the community to share ideas they have about furthering the label’s sustainable practices.

Origin Africa has a variety of sustainable accreditations. The brand also uses non-toxic, vegan approved dyes and operates with impressively transparent supply chains.

Girls holding hands in white t shirts
Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

11. the white t-shirt co.

Based: UK                Ships to: Internationally
Made in: Turkey, Ukraine, and Denmark
Range: Men’s and Women’s T-shirts
Price: ££
Sustainability creds: Fairtrade, GOTS, OEKO-TEX, Green Cotton  

As the name may suggest, this UK brand specialises in plain white t-shirts. The UK’s best organic cotton t-shirt brand for when you need a classic cut, a t-shirt from this brand styles perfectly with a pair of jeans.

Made in luxurious organic cotton, t-shirts have a tailored fit and are silky soft. With a string of sustainable credentials, The White T-Shirt Co lives by its commitment to making an everyday staple truly ethical.

Choosing Sustainable T-Shirts

When searching for a sustainable t-shirt, our list of the best organic cotton t-shirts UK is a great place to start. No clothing item is as versatile as the classic cotton t-shirt. With 2 billion of these wardrobe staples sold each year, it is more vital than ever to look to sustainable brands.

So, the next time you are looking for a stylish, versatile, and essential t-shirt, why not try one made from organic cotton? 


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