Eco-Underwear: 11 Brands Making Ethical Underwear for Men

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Eco-Underwear: 11 Brands Making Ethical Underwear for Men

When looking for ethical underwear, men’s styles can be particularly hard to find. And underwear has some unique requirements that must be considered alongside sustainable credentials.

However, there are some great brands out there that are making sustainable underwear for men that is on-trend, comfortable, and ticks all the right environmental boxes.

It’s suggested that underwear should be replaced every 6-12 months. While not everyone follows this rule, this need for rapid turnover just makes it all the more important to buy sustainably.

Ethical Underwear Requirements 

There are some core areas to look for when buying sustainable underwear for men. 


Underwear spends all day near sensitive body parts and materials used should reflect the unique needs that come with this.

When looking for ethical underwear, men’s styles made from bamboo or hemp are good alternatives to synthetics. Organic cotton blends are also a good option. 

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Ethical Practices

As with any clothing item, there is the potential for unethical supply chains. Put in some research for the brands you want to buy from. Look for supply chain transparency, ethical working conditions, and certifications, such as Fair Trade Certified.

Knowing where and how products are made gives you the power to choose the practices you support.

Looking Out for the Animals

Vegan may not be a word that you associate with underwear, but perhaps it should be. Brands that use products like silk may get a failing grade on the vegan front. Similarly, brands that use materials that have a high dependence on pesticides aren’t doing animals any favours.

Look for brands that have vegan and organic certifications to make sure you are being a compassionate consumer.

Underwear is Unique

As we mentioned above, underwear spends a lot of time next to intimate body parts, as such, it has some unique requirements.

Comfortable Seams

Bulky seams on poorly designed underwear can be a cause for discomfort in the underwear department. When shopping for ethical underwear, men’s styles that have limited seams and soft waistbands are good design points to look for.

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The Non-Toxic Solution

It’s no secret that pesticides, toxic dyes, and herbicides are bad for human health. When these are used in production, that toxicity can lurk in the clothes you put on your body. When underwear is in direct contact with sensitive body parts, the issues that come with exposure to these chemicals are only worsened.

By buying organic clothing you are avoiding these potential nasties hiding in your underwear. Buying organic is also a great environmental choice. It has been estimated that if all farming switched to organic, pesticide use worldwide would drop by 98%.

Sustainable Elastic

Elastic is often not the most sustainable of materials. However, elastic is needed in underwear. To combat this issue, look for organisations that use eco-friendly, non-polyester elastics, such as those made from organic cotton and natural rubbers.

Or at the very least, look for brands that use elastic alongside other sustainable materials.

Sustainable Underwear for the Eco-Conscious Man

Whether you are shopping for yourself or looking for a sustainable gift, when it comes to ethical underwear, men’s undergarments from these brands are sure to be favourites.

Price Guide:

£: Under £20

££: £20-£40

£££: Over £40

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1. Yes Friends

Based: UK                Ships to: Worldwide 
Made in: Asia
Range: Underwear and basics 
Price: £
Sustainability creds: Fairtrade, renewable energy powered factory, use of organic and recycled materials, sustainable packaging, Fair Wear Foundation

Known for their sustainable t-shirts, UK brand Yes Friends have now expanded their range to include sustainable boxer shorts. Made from organic Fairtrade cotton, these boxers are designed to become an everyday favourite. They are also competitively priced so as to not break the bank. 

Yes Friends has established some impressive sustainable practices. The label uses organic and recycled materials and promotes ethical supply chains. Products include Fairtrade materials. Items are made in solar powered factories and are created in supply chains that support fair wages. 

2. organic basics

Based: Denmark              Ships to: Internationally
Made in: Portugal, Austria, Italy, Turkey, and Scotland
Range: Basics Wear for Men and Women
Price: ££
Sustainability creds: 1% for the Planet, B-Corp Certified, GOTS

When it comes to ethical underwear, men’s styles from Organic Basics are the no-frills underwear offering that we need. With long johns, boxers, and boxer shorts in deep, neutral colours, these underpants are comfortable and practical.

Organic Basics has a string of sustainable credentials to back up its eco-friendly claims. It also makes all pieces in Europe and Turkey in ethical factories. Furthering its commitment to give back, the company has run programs to donate to wildlife charities.

3. vatter

Based: Germany             Ships to: Internationally
Made in: Turkey and India
Range: Sustainable Underwear for Men, Women, and Babies
Price: ££
Sustainability creds: GOTS Certified, Tree Planting Programs

With ethical underwear in men’s styles coming with cheeky names like ‘Tight Tim’ and ‘Classy Claus’, Vatter is a label that isn’t afraid to have some fun. The brand has men’s boxer briefs, trunk shorts, and boxer shorts adorned with fun patterns or classic block colours.

Vatter uses organic cotton and plants a tree for every purchase. With a strong sustainable commitment, Vatter even uses recycled materials and vegetable dyes in its packaging.

4. Boody

Based: Sydney, Australia and stocked all over the UK and parts of northern Europe           
Made in: China, Vietnam, & India
Range: Men’s, women’s and baby basics, pyjamas and loungewear
Price: £
Sustainability creds: Ecocert certified organically grown bamboo, zero waste fabric production, WRAP certified fair labour, SGS and ISO 9001 product quality testing, recycled packaging with vegetable inks, ISO 14001 factories, PETA-approved vegan

Boody’s cozy basics are made from organically grown bamboo. The bamboo is cultivated in China, and, as it grows so fast, thrives without the need for harmful pesticides, fertilizers, or irrigation. As a result Boody’s clothes are produced using materials that are hypoallergenic and highly breathable, with a soft touch to the skin. What’s more, Boody’s innovative knitting technique involves creating garments in tube shapes, significantly reducing material waste. 

Boody creates comfortable and stylish boxers, trunks and briefs for men in a range of cool colours along with t-shirts, sweaters, socks and short and long pants.

5. bam bamboo

Based: UK           Ships to: Internationally
Made in: Turkey, China, and Portugal
Range: Underwear, Activewear and Adventure wear
Price: £
Sustainability creds: Impact Positive Commitment

Bam Bamboo is not only sustainable but is an affordable option for ethical men’s underwear.  The label has boxers and briefs sporting both classic block colours and vibrant prints, all made from luxuriously soft, sustainable bamboo.

Serious about sustainability, Bam Bamboo has pledged to be impact positive by 2030. This commitment involves reducing the label’s environmental impact to zero and finding ways to engage in regenerative practices. Read our interview with them for more info.

BAM are offering 15% off to Good Maker Tales readers. Use the code GOODMAKERTALES15 to bag your discount before 31 May 2023.

6. brava fabrics

Based: Spain          Ships to: Internationally
Made in: Spain and Portugal
Range: Men’s and Women’s Clothing, Underwear and Accessories
Price: ££
Sustainability creds: Organic Cotton, Recycled Packaging, Recycled Wool

Another champion of ethical underwear, the men’s styles by Brava Fabrics are perfect for the man that likes some personality in his undergarment designs. This sustainable label has boxer style underwear with an array of quirky patterns.

With everything from tropical toucans to Pop-Eye adorning Brava Fabrics’ boxers, you are sure to find something fun.

Recycled wool, organic cotton, and Ecovero are all common fibres in Brava Fabrics’ clothing. The label also emphasises recycled materials, with even its packaging being made from recycled products.

7. wama underwear

Based: US          Ships to: Internationally
Made in: China
Range: Sustainable Underwear for Men and Women
Price (or Price range): ££
Sustainability creds: PeTA Approved Vegan, OEKO-TEX, BSCI, Green America Certified

Made from eco-friendly hemp, WAMA underwear is anti-bacterial, anti-odour, and silky soft. The brand’s sustainable underwear for men is available in a range of styles. Designs come in earthy tones or sleek black. WAMA Underwear is designed with soft waistbands and expertly crafted to remain wedgie free all day long.

WAMA has a variety of ethical certifications. Hemp is naturally more sustainable than many of its fabric alternatives and the company works with ethical factories to produce its quality underwear.

Luxuriously soft and sustainable WAMA Underwear’s ethical men’s underwear is a great wardrobe addition.

8. thunderpants

Based: New Zealand (With a UK Branch)        Ships to: Internationally
Made in: UK (For UK Branch)
Range: Sustainable Underwear for Men, Women, and Kids
Price: £
Sustainability creds: Fair Trade Certified Organic, GOTS Certified Fabric

A brand that doesn’t take life too seriously, Thunderpants is the home of fun-loving underwear with a touch of cheekiness. Originally started in New Zealand, Thunderpants now has a UK branch bringing all the best styles to the UK.

Men’s ethical underwear styles from Thunderpants are vibrant and boldly patterned featuring everything from zoo animals to cosmic displays. This quirky brand even has underwear that you can colour in to make your own unique design!

Thunderpants may not take life too seriously, but it does take ethical production seriously. The label uses sustainable fibres and fair trade supply chains. To reduce fabric waste, the company also repurposes off-cuts.

9. randies

Based: UK      Ships to: Internationally
Made in: Portugal
Range: Sustainable Underwear for Men
Price: £
Sustainability creds: 1% for the Planet Member, FSC Certified Packaging

Ethical underwear from Randies is for that man that enjoys classic style. Randies has boxer briefs and boxer trunks in muted colour palettes and monochromatic hues. With clever design features for maximum comfort and made from soft natural fibres, Randies has some of the most sophisticated underwear around.

Randies uses natural fibres and works with responsible supply chains. The brand shows further environmental commitment through its engagement with 1% for the Planet.

When searching for classic, ethical underwear, men’s underwear styles from Randies shouldn’t be overlooked.

10. ONE Essentials

Based: UK                Ships to: Worldwide 
Made in: Portugal 
Range: Mens and womens underwear and basics
Price: ££
Sustainability creds: Use of recycled and organic materials, underwear recycling program, Bluesign certified fabrics 

Aiming to radically reinvent everyday necessities, ONE Essentials works to create underwear that embraces the ideals of maximum comfort and minimum waste. The label has boxer briefs made out of recycled cotton, taking a sustainable approach to an everyday basic. 

The label offers a circular system for underwear, encouraging consumers to send back underwear that is no longer in use to be recycled. It uses sustainable materials to help limit its impact and has adopted an attitude of waste reduction and environmental protection throughout production.

11. bluebuck

Based: UK                Ships to: Internationally
Made in: Europe
Range: Men’s Underwear, Swimwear, T-Shirts, and Socks
Price: ££
Sustainability creds: Renewable Energy Factories, Organic Cotton

Bluebuck is a men’s underwear brand where ruggedness meets nature. The British based label prides itself on its masculine styles and its awareness of sustainable manufacturing. Bluebuck designs a range of briefs, trunks, boxer briefs, jockstraps, and even long johns for those cold winter nights.

The brand uses organic cotton blends for maximum softness and to limit its environmental impact. It is comprehensive in its sustainable approach, manufacturing products in factories powered by renewable energy. Bluebuck even goes so far as to make its tags out of organic cotton rather than harmful synthetics.

Redefining the Market

Underwear is something that most people wear every day. As such, it must be practical, comfortable, and sustainable. There are some great brands that are bringing ethical men’s underwear to the market and redefining what the modern basics wear industry should look like.

So whether you are a briefs or a boxers guy, there is a sustainable option that is sure to become your new favourite pair of underwear!

For more ethical fashion for men, check out our articles on sustainable clothing for men and on men’s vegan clothing brands.

And for more on underwear, have a look at our post on sustainable underwear brands for every price point.

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