The Top 10 UK-Based Vegan Clothing Brands You Need to Know About in 2024

Organic Clothing and Vegan Clothing for Women UK Brands 

The Top 10 UK-Based Vegan Clothing Brands You Need to Know About in 2024

Have you noticed that in the last few years, more and more mainstream fashion brands have started to try to appeal to the vegan lifestyle and market their clothes as vegan-friendly? You might also have seen a lot more vegan clothing brands starting to become really popular.

Seeing the newfound focus on organic cotton textiles, recycled materials, and animal-friendly fashion items, to say that the fashion industry is experiencing a major transformation would be an understatement.

Even controversial fast fashion brands like H&M have started to embrace vegan fashion and boast about their eco-credentials and ethical practices after decades of silence on any sustainability issues.

Whether the recent changes in fast fashion are a truly sincere step in the right direction or just a marketing ploy is up to you to judge, but what we do know is that vegan clothing and vegan fashion brands are in demand.

Not too long ago, vegans had to choose between following their ethical beliefs and buying vegan clothes or having comfortable, fashionable, and high-quality non vegan pieces. 

But with so many ethical vegan brands around that genuinely care about animal welfare, this is definitely not the case anymore!

Why is vegan fashion on the rise?

But why, exactly, has vegan fashion become so popular?

Well, the answer lies in the rise of veganism as a whole.

The number of people who identify as vegans has doubled in the last five years, and according to recent data, that number accounts for as much as 3% of the world’s population.

The UK leads the charge as one of the most vegan-friendly countries in Europe, so it’s not surprising that so many ethical vegan clothing brands are based in England!

Even though some people who identify as vegan only follow a plant-based diet while still consuming other types of animal products, plenty of consumers have woken up to the harsh realities of animal leather and other animal-derived fabrics.

The Most Common Sustainable Fabrics for Vegan Clothing Alternatives
Photo by Mica Asato from Pexels

What is vegan clothing?

So, what alternatives are there for vegan fashionistas?

When it comes to shirts, skirts, trousers, jackets, and dresses, vegan clothing will usually be made out of cotton, polyester, and even recycled plastic designed to imitate materials like wool.

Vegan clothing also includes accessories like vegan handbags, wallets, scarves, and gloves as well as vegan shoes made without leather and suede. Check out our interview with NAE Vegan Shoes for more on some of the great innovative vegan alternatives to leather they’re using.

Nowadays, vegan-friendly clothing comes in a wide range of styles, so whether you’re a streetwear aficionado or you’re all about the basics, you’re bound to find something that fits your personal style just right!

The most common alternatives to animal-based materials

Wondering about the most common alternatives to leather and other animal-derived materials?

Pleather is usually made of plastic materials like PVC and used to replace cow leather in accessories, shoes, and jackets. 

The best vegan alternative to wool can be as simple as a woven cotton and polyester blend, or as niche as hemp fabric.

Polyester is also used to replace silk, and when it comes to replacing suede in vegan footwear and accessories, you’ll likely find alternatives in microfibre and recycled plastic.

Finally, faux fur has been in fashion for decades, with most alternatives to real fur using a blend of acrylics and modacrylic polymers.

Are these alternatives sustainable?

Girl in white vegan leather jacket showcasing vegan fashion brands
Photo by Julia Avamotive from Pexels

Unfortunately, the most common vegan alternatives are made of synthetic materials or conventional cotton, which are anything but environmentally sustainable.

PVC, PU, polyester, and other plastic manmade fabrics come with a heavy carbon footprint. 

They are not only some of our planet’s worst pollutants in terms of greenhouse gas emissions but also virtually indestructible, taking centuries to degrade in our landfills.

Conventional cotton is also not an eco-friendly material.

In fact, harvesting cotton requires the most water use out of any other crop in the world.

Still, you won’t have to look that hard to find vegan clothing and accessories made of sustainable materials.

There are now plenty of eco-friendly alternatives to pleather. Vegan leather made out of renewable sources and 100% plant-based, such as cork leather, pineapple leather, and cactus leather. Our article on plant-based leather has more info.

More and more vegan brands have switched to using organic cotton instead of conventional cotton, as well as using recycled materials like recycled plastic bottles. We have more about organic cotton in our article about the GOTS certification here.

Hemp, linen, bamboo fabric, and wood pulp fabrics are also on the rise.

If you want to make the switch to vegan fashion without sacrificing sustainability, all you have to do is pick the brands that align with your values the most.

Two pineapples floating on water
Photo by Pineapple Supply Co. on Unsplash

Why wear vegan?

And speaking of values, why are so many people turning to vegan materials in the first place?

What is the issue with mainstream, animal-derived clothing?

The problem with non-vegan fabrics comes down to cruelty and exploitation.

For example, cows are specifically bred to have shiny hides to produce quality leather, kept captive through generations, and finally slaughtered and skinned way before the end of their natural lifespan. 

The profits generated by leather sales end up back in the hands of the livestock industry, supporting the slaughter of even more farm animals and their young, later sold as veal or lamb.

It’s not only vegans that find these practices abhorrent.

Just think of how many people have denounced the cruelty of the fur industry!

Wearing vegan clothing and vegan shoes (see our article for 32 vegan shoe brands) is a conscious choice that sets to reduce harm whenever possible. And with so many amazing vegan products available, it doesn’t sound like an impossible sacrifice anymore.

So, let us walk you through some of the best vegan clothing brands UK consumers can trust, so you can create a timeless, fashion-forward closet without sacrificing animal rights in the process!

The best UK-based vegan clothing brands to suit all budgets

As the number of vegans in the UK has quadrupled in recent years, so have UK-based vegan fashion brands.

Thanks to the increased interest in sustainable fashion, these vegan-friendly brands have put an end to the age of plastic fibres and uncomfortable pleather, giving way to the use of more innovative materials like bamboo and cork.

If you’ve been looking to create a greener, kinder closet but struggling to find pieces that fit your budget and fashion style, this is the list for you!

We’ve rounded up some of our favourite UK-based vegan and animal-friendly fashion brands to show you just how creative and environmentally sustainable the vegan range has become!

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1. BAM

Based: Plymouth, UK. Delivers worldwide.
Made in: Turkey, China
Price: £15 – £165
Range: Activewear, outwear, underwear, accessories
Sustainability creds: 

  • Carbon positive operations
  • ZDHC member
  • Sustainable packing

Devon-based BAM is the go-to brand if you’ve been looking to add a few bamboo-derived pieces to your collection.

The brand sports a huge range of everyday basics like jeans, leggings, comfortable t-shirts, crop tops, and skirts, all made of sustainable bamboo fabric.

But where BAM really shines is with it’s activewear. From yoga pants to sweat-proof baselayers, you’re bound to find a timeless piece to add to your gym-ready collection!

Keep in mind, however, that even though 90% of their collection is made of plant-based materials, the brand is not entirely vegan-friendly, as they have recently come out with a Merino wool collection.

BAM are offering 15% off to Good Maker Tales readers. Use the code GOODMAKERTALES15 to bag your discount.

2. Plant Faced Clothing

Based: London, UK. Delivers worldwide.
Made in: United Kingdom
Price: £20 – £67
Range: Casual, streetwear, accessories
Sustainability creds:

  • Recycled fabrics
  • GOTS certified
  • Uses water-based inks
  • WRAP and Fair Wear factories

If you’re looking for classic vegan designs, look no further than Plant Faced Clothing.

Their pieces combine classic streetwear designs with quirky vegan slogans, perfect for vegans who want to represent their beliefs loud and proud.

More than 75% of their product range is made using eco-friendly materials like recycled plastic bottles and organic cotton.

And on top of that, the company shines when it comes to ethical production and fair wages! See our interview with founder Charlie McEvoy for more information about this cool brand!

3. Heartcure

Based: Sheffield, UK. Delivers worldwide.
Made in: Unknown (Fair Wear suppliers)
Price: £10 – £47
Range: Casual, streetwear, accessories
Sustainability creds:

UK-based non-profit Heartcure offers irresistible vegan designs with a bite, inspired by classic tattoo imagery.

Their extensive range of t-shirts features subtle vegan and eco-friendly slogans, and you’ll find plenty of pieces made with recycled materials, where black and white designs dominate.

We especially love their streetwear-inspired headwear collection!

4. Yes Friends

Based: Bristol, UK. Delivers worldwide.
Made in: India
Price: £8 – £30
Range: Casual, essentials
Sustainability creds:

  • GOTS certified
  • Uses organic cotton
  • Made in a solar-powered factory

Yes Friends understands the importance of ethical fashion, and also believes that sustainable vegan clothing shouldn’t come with a hefty price tag.

Their product range includes t-shirts as affordable as £7.99!

They operate in a solar-powered factory to cut down carbon emissions and offer simple, timeless designs. 

You won’t find vegan, ethical, and sustainable t-shirts and hoodies as affordable as theirs!

5. Ninety Percent

Based: London, UK. Delivers worldwide.
Made in: Bangladesh
Price: £30 – £225
Range: Smart casual, knitwear
Sustainability creds:

  • Uses organic cotton and Tencel 
  • Uses sustainable factories

Ninety Percent puts corporate responsibility front and centre, offering an extensive product range of vegan-friendly dresses, tops, and bottoms.

They donate 90% of their distributed profits to charity (hence the name!) and offer an eco-friendly product range made of Tencel and organic cotton.

If you’ve been struggling to find flattering sustainable and vegan dresses, take a look at their incredible maxi dresses!

6. Will’s Vegan

Based: UK. Delivers worldwide and free returns
Made in: Italy
Price range
: £50 – £250
Sustainability creds:

  • 100% vegan
  • Certified carbon neutral products
  • Return to recycle programme

You can’t talk about the best vegan brands and not mention Will’s Vegan! This UK based brand (they have a European store too) sells a great range of men’s and women’s footwear from chunky boots to summer sandals, accessories and super stylish jackets from trench coats to the classic “leather” bomber.

Materials include a combination of biobased products and recycled polyester, ensuring not only your comfort but sustainability too.

7. Cariuma

Based: Brazil. Delivers worldwide.
Price range: £55 – £149
Sustainability creds:

  • B-Corp certified
  • Bluesign
  • Factory certified by Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production

While not 100% vegan, Cariuma has a range of the coolest vegan sneakers you can get your hands on including for the little ones.

Materials include canvas, recycled polyester and insoles made from 100% vegan organic mamona oil and cork. Choose from their OCA low, OCA high basketball style and their classic NAIOCA or VALLEY styles. 

8. Rozenbroek

Based: London and East Yorkshire, UK. Delivers worldwide.
Made in: United Kingdom
Price: £30 – £145
Range: Casual, smart casual, underwear
Sustainability creds:

  • Made in a solar-powered factory
  • Organic clothing
  • Eco-friendly packaging

Rozenbroek creates vegan-friendly pieces from a solar-powered factory in Yorkshire, using bamboo fabric, denim, and organic cotton.

All the materials used in their product range are 100% organic, and their underwear range is one of the most affordable and sustainable on the market. 

Their woven pieces come with a 10-year repair guarantee too!

9. Tentree

Based: Oakham, UK. Delivers worldwide. Find your nearest store.
Made in: China, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, Philippines
Price: £30 – £270
Range: Essentials, outwear, loungewear, kidswear
Sustainability creds:

A brand designed to give back, Tentree pledges to plant 10 trees for every product sold.

They are a carbon-neutral certified vegan brand offering a huge range of organic cotton essentials and even down-free, insulated outwear.

All their products are free off animal materials and offer carbon offsetting, so you’ll feel good knowing that your money is going to help you do your bit for the planet!

10. Jakke

Based: London, UK. Delivers worldwide.
Made in: Unknown.
Price: £120 – £280
Range: Outwear, smart casual, accessories
Sustainability creds:

  • Uses recycled polyester and recycled bottles
  • Offers recycling scheme

If you’re willing to stretch your budget, Jakke is the perfect vegan brand to showcase your quirky, classy fashion sense with.

The company specializes in sustainable faux fur coats and jackets and is the perfect representation of what high-end vegan fashion is all about.

With most products made of recycled plastics, you’ll soon see that the circular economy has never been so fashionable!

The way forward

With so many incredible UK-based vegan clothing brands expanding their collections and finding brand-new ways to substitute animal products with kinder options, finding your own vegan-friendly style won’t be a problem.

We have other articles on vegan fashion, including vegan puffers and coats and vegan shoes. And see our article for more on how to help end animal cruelty in the fashion industry.

The age of ugly sandals and plastic jackets is long gone — long live the vegan fashion of the future!


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