17 great vegan coats and puffers for the UK 2022-3

Girl in vegan coat in the UK

17 great vegan coats and puffers for the UK 2022-3

When the weather turns cooler, a good winter coat is essential. So, with winter fast approaching, we’re rounding up the best UK vegan coat and jacket styles. Whether you are searching for the perfect blazer, the coolest biker jacket or a snuggly puffer jacket, we have you covered.

Materials derived from animals are commonly used for coats and jackets: Leather has always been a popular choice, the insulating properties of wool make it an in-demand choice for winter wear, and down is common in puffer jackets and adventure wear clothing.

Vegan alternatives

As the focus has increasingly grown on animal welfare practices, there has been a spotlight on animal rights in the fashion sector. Many consumers, not only vegans, now choose to stay away from animal products when deciding what to buy.

Alternative materials to animal products that can be used for outerwear include:

  • Vegan leathers – there is a range of plant-based leathers coming to the fashion sector. This includes materials made from cactus, apples and pineapple plants. See our post on the latest plant-based leathers for more info.
  • Organic cotton, linen and hemp – used more for lighter coats and jackets, these materials provide good alternatives to animal-based materials. We have articles on each of these fabrics highlighted in the links.
  • Synthetics – At present, a large proportion of vegan jackets and coats are made with synthetic fabrics. While this does come with environmental issues, some of these can be partially mitigated by using recycled products.

To find brands specialising in eco-friendly waterproof jackets and vegan fashion brands check out our articles. And if you’re looking for vegan shoes, we line up the best 32 brands in the UK.

The best vegan coats in the UK

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From puffers to parkas and bombers to peas, these are the most stylish vegan coats for keeping warm this winter. Not every brand sells only vegan products, we’ve indicated this in the 100% vegan section.

Top picks

Best for modern design

Rains Block puffer coat

Best for classic style

EVIE Women's Vegan Wool Coat



Cordova Bay vegan jacket by Passenger
Cordova Bay jacket. Image courtesy of passenger-clothing.com

Based: UK    Ships to: Worldwide
Made in: Morocco
Price range: £65 – £75
100% Vegan: No
Sustainability creds: Tree planting programs, use of renewable energy

Embracing a casual style, Passenger makes vegan coats for UK conscious consumers that are perfect for cosy winter evenings or epic camping trips. Styles such as the Cordova Bay jacket are water resistant and ready for adventure. 

Passenger has dedicated vegan styles for men and women, but in its regular range does use animal-derived products. For every order, Passenger plants a tree in an effort to protect ancient forests.


Will’s Vegan Store

Will's vegan teddy coat
Recycled Teddy Coat. Image courtesy of wills-vegan-store.co.uk

Based: UK    Ships to: Worldwide and free returns
Made in: Italy
Price range
: £50 – £250
100% Vegan: Yes
Sustainability creds: Vegan and cruelty-free, certified carbon neutral products, plastic-free packaging, return to recycle program

With a great variety of vegan jackets and affordable vegan coats, Will’s Vegan Store has cruelty-free style for any taste. The brand hosts everything from biker jackets to teddy coats made from recycled and ethically sourced materials. We love their Recycled Teddy Coat in men’s and women’s for cosy winter chic. 

By using recycled materials, Will’s Vegan Store helps to avoid the use of virgin synthetics, which is prominent in the vegan fashion sector.



Sofia organic cotton coat ink
Sofia organic cotton coat in ink. Image courtesy of komodo.co.uk

Based: UK    Ships to: Worldwide
Made in: Kathmandu, India, Bali, China
Price range
: £75 – £110
100% Vegan: No
Sustainability creds: Organic materials, recycled materials, renewable energy use

Komodo is a well-known name in the sustainable fashion sector. The label has a dedicated vegan section that includes a variety of coats made from materials such as organic cotton and recycled PET.

The range is extensive from stylish fleece jackets to bombers to duffels, parkas and long raincoats. We also love casual styles such as the Sofia organic cotton coat and duffel PADDY – Recycled PET Coat which comes in two colours in both men’s and women’s.

Komodo’s sustainable clothing range includes Fairtrade and GOTS-certified products. The brand also uses renewable energy in its supply chain to create a lighter impact.


People Tree

Anita quilted jacket in Camel from People Tree
Anita Quilted Jacket in Camel. Image courtesy of peopletree.co.uk

Based: UK    Ships to: Worldwide
Made in: Bangladesh, Turkey, Italy, India, Portugal, Nepal
Price range: £100 – £140
100% Vegan: No
Sustainability creds: Organic materials, Fair Trade, Soil Association Organic, GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), PeTA Approved vegan materials

People Tree’s range of coats and jackets (check out the Anita Quilted Jacket in Camel from organic cotton) is sophisticated and stylish. The brand uses materials such as organic cotton in its ranges to create fashion that has been made ethically, fairly and sustainably.

A staple in the sustainable fashion sector, People Tree have been creating ethically made clothes for women for decades. The brand ensures safe and fair working conditions in traced supply chains. It has a range of credentials to back up its sustainability claims.



Acaardia vegan coat Armed Angels
Acaardia Parka for men. Image courtesy of armedangels.com

Based: Germany    Ships to: Worldwide
Made in: Portugal, Turkey, Tunisia
Price range: €110 – €120
100% Vegan: No
Sustainability creds: GOTS certified products, PeTA-Approved Vegan products, Fairwear Foundation

Vegan jackets from ArmedAngels are sleek, modern and stylish. Utilising a largely monochrome colour palette, the vegan range incorporates organic cotton to create sustainable styles. Armed Angels’ vegan products have PeTA approved accreditations and many are made with GOTS approved materials.

Styles such as the Acaardia Parka for men and the Penedaa Parka for women give a modern tone to a classic style. The label has also achieved the commendable ‘Great’ rating on Good on You.



Guerilla thermal parka in blue. Image courtesy of bleed-clothing.com

Based: Germany    Ships to: Worldwide
Made in: China
Price range: €99 – €370
100% Vegan: Yes
Sustainability creds: Sustainable materials, vegan and cruelty-free

With an all-vegan range, Bleed jackets are made from materials including organic cotton and hemp. The brand has a range of different styles, like the women’s SYMPATEX Active Short Coat, or the men’s and women’s Guerilla Thermal Parker, that can become everyday favourites. They offer some great puffer jackets too.

Bleed gives information on where production takes place and on the materials it uses. By doing this it gives consumers reassurance that the brand is living by its eco commitments.



Chelsea Sherpa jacket from Kuyichi
Chelsea Sherpa Jacket. Image courtesy of kuyichi.com

Based: Netherlands    Ships to: Worldwide
Made in: Portugal, Turkey, Tunisia
Price range: €120 – €180
100% Vegan: No
Sustainability creds: GOTS certified products, Fair Wear Foundation, organic and recycled materials

With denim jackets, blazers and worker-style jackets, Kuyichi gives a great option for vegan coats for UK shoppers. The brand’s styles for men and women are modern and edgy while still embracing a classic vibe. We love the Chelsea Sherpa Jacket shown here.

The vegan jacket range incorporates sustainable materials such as recycled materials and organic cotton. The brand is a member of the Fair Wear Foundation, showing a commitment to ethical supply chains.



Waterproof parka jacket from Finisterre
Women's Fortis Waterproof Parka. Image courtesy of finisterre.com

Based: UK    Ships to: Worldwide
Made in: Turkey, UK, China, Thailand, Portugal
Price range: £110 – £360
100% Vegan: No
Sustainability creds: B Corp certified, sustainable packaging, GRS certified materials

The self-proclaimed home of ‘clothing made for adventure’, Finisterre jackets are designed to be worn no matter the weather. The men’s and women’s range includes down-free parka style jackets, as well waterproof coats, puffers and more casual styles for everyday wear.

Styles such as the women’s Fortis Waterproof Parka Jacket are made from GRS-certified recycled nylon, creating a jacket that is functional, sustainable and ethically made.



Katie faux fur vegan coat Jakke UK
Katie Faux Fur Coat in Bubblegum. Image courtesy of jakke.co.uk

Based: UK    Ships to: Worldwide
Price range: £160 – £299
100% Vegan: Yes
Sustainability creds: Cruelty free and vegan friendly, recycling scheme, charitable initiatives

A self-described ‘fashion brand with a conscience’ Jakke has women’s coats with a bold, contemporary style. You can find trendy faux fur styles (like the Katie Faux Fur coat which comes in 9 colours!) and edgy biker jackets in this UK vegan label’s range.

Jakke focuses on timeless design that is made to last for more than one fashion season. While it does use unsustainable polyester, the brand offers ways that consumers can help to reduce the impact of microplastic shedding. Jakke also promotes recycling through its recycling scheme.



Dauntless Hudson all black vegan leather coat UK
Hudson Vegan Leather Jacket. Image courtesy of immaculatevegan.com

Based: USA    Ships to: Worldwide (available through Immaculate Vegan)
Made in: Colombia
Price range: £168 – £253
100% Vegan: Yes
Sustainability creds: PeTA certified vegan, sustainable packaging, carbon neutral projects

Vegan company Dauntless is edgy and chic in its designs. It has vegan coats in silky trench coat styles, modern vegan leather jackets and vegan puffer jackets. Styles are available in the UK through Immaculate Vegan, where you can score a great style like the Hudson Vegan Leather Jacket (pictured).

The brand has taken steps to create transparent and ethical supply chains and has sustainable initiatives and environmental schemes.



Sentient vegan Haven Trench Coat
Haven Trench Coat in Desserto Cactus Leather. Image courtesy of immaculatevegan.com

Based: USA    Ships to: Worldwide (available through Immaculate Vegan)
Price range: £198 – £280
100% Vegan: Yes
Sustainability creds: Sustainable materials, 1% for the planet, sustainable goals

Sentient uses innovative materials to create sustainable and vegan jackets for men and women. Using materials such as cactus leather, it has created a range that is high quality and highly wearable.

These innovative materials can be seen in the Haven Trench Coat, made 100% from cactus leather. It is a member of 1% for the Planet and is built on the foundations of kindness to the planet, people and animals.

The brand has goals to further improve its sustainable footprint, including plans to launch take-back schemes. We’d love to see more information about its supply chain on the website to give its customers a more informed choice.


Matt & Nat

EVIE Women's Vegan Wool Coat
EVIE Women's Vegan Wool Coat. Image courtesy of mattandnat.com

Based: Canada    Ships to: Worldwide
Price range: £230 – £250
100% Vegan: Yes
Sustainability creds: Vegan and cruelty free fashion

While the Matt & Nat vegan coat range may be small, it is sure to keep you warm this winter. The brand has vegan wool coats, such as the EVIE coat, which imitates the look of wool while still remaining animal free. It comes in four colours too!

The brand is Canadian but does offer shipping to the UK in 3-5 business days.

While Matt & Nat is free from animal products, the range does still use a high proportion of synthetics such as polyester.

Vegan puffer jackets

As well as some puffer styles offered by the brands above, these brands host some great vegan puffer jackets that we particularly love!



Beret puffer in light grey. Image courtesy of ecoalf.com

Based: Spain    Ships to: Worldwide (available through Immaculate Vegan)
Price range: £155 – £770
100% Vegan: No
Sustainability creds: PeTA Approved vegan, GRS, use of innovative and recycled materials, Ecoalf Foundation, B Corp certified, Bluesign

Championing innovative and environmental materials, Ecoalf has achieved the commendable B Corp certification.

Coats in its range feature a pared-back colour palette and both slim and oversized puffer designs to create fashionable pieces. One such piece that embraces this style is the Beret Jacket that comes in men’s and women’s.

The brand has a unique approach to materials, exploring a variety of innovative fabrics with a range of recycled materials.



Rains Block puffer coat
Block Puffer Coat in Wood. Image courtesy of rains.com

Based: Denmark    Ships to: Worldwide
Made in: China
Price range: £65 – £599
100% Vegan: Yes
Sustainability creds: Vegan, use of some sustainable materials, FSC packaging

Puffers with attitude! Rains’ range of vegan coats and jackets for men and women is ultra trendy and sleek. The brand uses contemporary designs and a cool colour palette to create a modern collection of outerwear. Check out their Block Puffer to see a puffer taken to new heights!

Rains do well on the animal welfare front with an entirely vegan range. Their packaging is biodegradable too. We’d also love to see the brand using more natural materials rather than microplastic shedding synthetics in its jackets and coats.


Save the Duck

Daisy vegan puffer from Save the Duck
Daisy puffer jacket. Image courtesy of savetheduck.it

Based: Italy    Ships to: Worldwide
Price range: €125 – €490
100% Vegan: Yes
Sustainability creds: Donates 1% of profits, certified B Corporation, use of some recycled materials

As the brand’s name may allude to, Save the Duck, believes that feathers are for birds. The label’s coats and jackets are down-free and cruelty-free.

Bringing a modern vibe to the vegan market, Save the Duck’s animal-free puffers include on-trend styles such as the Daisy in 10 colours.

Save the Duck has a commendable policy regarding animal welfare. However, the brand does still use a high proportion of virgin synthetics in many of its styles. Free shipping and returns.


The North Face

Women’s ThermoBall™ Eco Jacket
ThermoBall™ Eco Jacket. Image courtesy of thenorthface.com

Based: USA    Ships to: Worldwide
Price range: £135 – £370
100% Vegan: No
Sustainability creds: Bluesign certification, supports charitable initiatives, use of recycled materials

While not specifically a vegan brand, The North Face’s thermoball jackets offer a vegan alternative to traditional adventure wear. The thermoball insulation, made from recycled materials, mimics down to create a jacket that is warm, even in wet weather.

While not all of the North Face’s range is vegan, it does provide options for vegan shoppers. The brand also uses recycled materials and aims to have 100% responsibly sourced fabrics by 2025. They offer free shipping in the UK above £50.


Embassy of Bricks and Logs

Lourdes Puffer Coat. Image courtesy of embassyofbricksandlogs.com

Based: Germany    Ships to: Worldwide
Made in: China
Price range: £230 – £480
100% Vegan: Yes
Sustainability creds: Vegan, recycled materials, multipurpose hangtags, sustainable goals

Embassy of Bricks and Logs (EBL) was founded with the idea to create a fashion company that is both ethical and highly aesthetical. The vegan coat brand takes a contemporary approach to design and offers a good amount of information regarding its company processes on its website.

EBL’s vegan coats, such as the Lourdes Puffer Coat, embrace a utilitarian style. The brand works closely with PeTA and creates clothing that is kind to people and animals.

Vegan coats for this winter

With animal rights becoming increasingly in the spotlight, the demand for vegan fashion is growing. Avoiding overconsumption is always the most sustainable choice. However, these UK vegan coat brands offer vegan consumers a stylish and sustainable option to access quality outerwear this winter.

For more vegan and ethical fashion, check out the vegan section of our website!


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