15 eco-friendly waterproof jackets UK to stay dry in 2023

Girl in countryside in yellow eco friendly waterproof jacket UK

15 eco-friendly waterproof jackets UK to stay dry in 2023

In a country as infamously rainy as Britain, a quality raincoat is a must-have fashion item. However, often made from unsustainable plastics and virgin polyester, finding an eco-friendly waterproof jacket in the UK can be a tricky task.

Since the development of waterproof fabric 195 years ago, the humble raincoat has evolved into a fashion statement. So, what makes a good waterproof jacket and for the conscious consumer, who are the brands out there that are making our favourite fashion icon in an eco-friendly way?

What are sustainable rain jackets made from?

The basic requirement that rain jackets have to be waterproof, does, unfortunately, exclude a lot of sustainable fabrics. However, all is not lost, because there are some innovative solutions and great materials for making eco-friendly jackets for rainy days.

Recycled materials

Many eco-friendly waterproof jackets use recycled materials. These recycled materials can have started life as anything from plastic bottles to fishing nets to other waterproof fabrics. 

While these recycled solutions don’t solve the microplastic problem, they do go a long way in creating a circular fashion system and keeping clothes out of landfill.

The great thing about waterproof jackets is that we don´t tend to wash them as often as inner layers, so the microplastics problem is minimised somewhat.

Natural materials

While many materials in their natural state can’t be used for rainwear, fabrics such as organic cotton canvas still enter the waterproof jacket scene (often treated to increase water repellence). Linings in raincoats still have to be sustainable too, so natural fabrics such as organic cotton, hemp and linen are commonly used as jacket linings.

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PFC Free

When looking for sustainable rainwear you will probably come across the term ‘PFC Free’. Standing for perfluorinated compounds, these are a collection of chemicals used in conventional rainwear that help with waterproofing.

However, they are toxic to the environment and people, having been attributed to everything from hormone issues to tumour growth. As a bare minimum, sustainable brands should avoid the use of these harmful substances in production.

Certifications to look out for:

Certifications are a great way to increase trust in sustainable brands. When looking for sustainable clothing, some that relate to the UK sustainable raincoat market are:

  • Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)
  • Global Recycled Standard
  • PeTA Approved
  • OEKO – TEX
  • Bluesign Certified

UK brands making eco-friendly waterproof jackets

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So, who are the brands that are making the best UK sustainable raincoats?

1. Seasalt

Based: UK Ships to: Worldwide
Made in: Vietnam, China
Range: Men’s and women’s clothing, accessories, footwear and homewares
Price: £30- £170
Sustainability creds: Recycled materials, sustainable packaging, organic materials

With a dedicated wet weather collection, Seasalt has waterproof rain jackets made to withstand a Cornish rain storm. The brand has a wide range of both coat and jacket styles and offers cleverly reversible jackets.

While Seasalt could do more to improve its renewable energy use in its supply chains, it has taken key steps to becoming an eco-friendly brand and uses sustainable materials including recycled polyester and organic cotton.

2. The North Face

Based: USA             Ships to: Worldwide
Range: Men’s and women’s clothing and accessories
Price: £50 – £675
Sustainability creds: Bluesign certification, supports charitable initiatives, use of recycled materials

One of the best-known names in adventure wear, The North Face has waterproof jackets for whether you are climbing mountains or just taking a casual stroll in the park. Having already scored a commendable ‘good’ rating on Good On You, the ethical company has ambitious goals to further improve its environmental impact. This includes moving to 100% responsibly sourced fabrics by 2025.

3. Jack Wolfskin

Based: Germany         Ships to: Worldwide
Made in: Europe, USA, Asia
Range: Men’s, kids’ and women’s clothing and accessories
Price: £50 – £330
Sustainability creds: Use of recycled materials, PFC-free styles

With an extensive range of products on offer, Jack Wolfskin has waterproof jackets for the whole family. The brand has made some steps to create a more sustainable supply chain and has styles that incorporate both recycled and PFC-free materials, as seen with the Glacier Bay parka.

While the company could improve some of its sustainable practices, particularly regarding its protection of biodiversity, it does offer a wide variety of jackets for conscious consumers.

4. Rapanui

Based: UK          Ships to: Worldwide
Made in: India, UK
Range: Men’s and women’s clothing
Price: £75 – £120
Sustainability creds: GOTS certified, PFC-free styles, use of renewable energy, circular fashion systems

Having received the coveted ‘great’ rating on Good On You, Rapanui has been making waves in the sustainable fashion sector for the past decade (check out our interview with them). The brand has both contemporary styles with cool prints and its own take on the classic yellow rain jacket.

Featuring water-resistant and water-repellent styles, Rapanui raincoats offer a sustainable option in the outerwear market.

5. Girlfriend Collective

Based: USA         Ships to: Worldwide
Range: Women’s activewear and outerwear
Price: $98 – $102
Sustainability creds: Made from recycled plastic bottles, recycling scheme

With an adjustable drawstring hood and a relaxed fit, Girlfriend Collective’s water-resistant windbreakers are designed to be the go-to jacket for exercising in questionable weather. The brand has both neutral and pastel colour palettes on offer and uses recycled water bottles in construction.

While the windbreakers do still contain spandex, they can be recycled through ReGirlfriend.

6. Komodo

Based: UK            Ships to: Worldwide
Made in: China, Nepal, India, Indonesia
Range: Men’s and women’s clothing and accessories
Price: £100 – £150
Sustainability creds: Fairtrade, supports charitable initiatives, 1% for the Planet, recycled materials

Started in 1988, Komodo is one of the veterans of the sustainable fashion sector. Komodo’s eco-friendly UK waterproof jackets, like the aptly named River raincoat, are designed in oversized styles and made from recycled PET.

The brand has also supported charitable initiatives including the Tibet Relief Fund and Water Aid.

7. BAM

Based: UK            Ships to: Worldwide
Range: Men’s and women’s clothing, shoes and accessories
Price: £129
Sustainability creds: PFC Free, use of recycled materials, recyclable, sustainable packaging, works with Sharewear

BAM’s sustainable rain jackets are designed for adventure. Made from recycled materials and resigned to be recyclable, they represent a truly circular fashion outlook.

These jackets are both waterproof and durable, feature fully taped seams to keep you dry and even pack into one of the side pockets, making for easy storage between adventures.

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8. Tentree

Based: Canada           Ships to: Worldwide
Made in: China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, India, Philippines, Hong Kong
Range: Men’s and women’s clothing and accessories
Price: £120 – £170
Sustainability creds: Bluesign certified non-PFC water repellent, partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects, tree planting initiatives, recycled materials, certified B-Corp, Climate Neutral

Made from recycled polyester and plastic bottles, Tentree’s sustainable waterproof jackets feature a PFC-free DWR (durable water repellent) coating and a comfortable fit. While the brand has a number of water-resistant jackets, its Nimbus jacket is its main dedicated rain jacket.

Known for its tree planting programs, every item bought funds the planting of ten trees and the label has ambitious plans to plant one billion trees by 2030.

9. PrAna

Based: USA              Ships to: Worldwide
Made in: Vietnam
Range: Men’s and women’s clothing and accessories
Price: $100 – $400
Sustainability creds: Recycled materials, Bluesign approved materials

PrAna offers a stylish take on the classic rain jacket with styles that could be used for both city and country wear. The brand’s use of a neutral colour palette with the addition of some select pastel shades helps to give these jackets a modern vibe.

PrAna uses recycled and Bluesign certified materials to support its sustainable outlook. It offers styles designed for wind and rain such as the Friction Rain Parka and Transit Range Windbreaker.

10. Patagonia

Based: USA           Ships to: Worldwide
Made in: Global supply chains
Range: Men’s, women’s and kids’ clothing and adventure wear
Price: £63 – £550
Sustainability creds: B-Corp certified, Bluesign certified, Fairtrade certified products, sustainable activism projects

Patagonia has been making clothes for outdoor adventures for over two decades. The brand’s range of sustainable rain gear includes that made for every season, including the Micro Puff Storm Jacket which is both waterproof and insulated for cold weather wear.

Patagonia’s range includes Fairtrade certified products and it is a long-time member of 1% for the Planet. Available in the UK at Ellis Brigham.

11. Thought

Based: UK                Ships to: Worldwide
Made in: Turkey, China, India
Range: Men’s and women’s clothing and accessories (currently only women’s jackets)
Price: £130 – £170
Sustainability creds: GOTS certified, Fairtrade, organic materials, recycled materials, member of Ethical Trading Initiative

Thought brings a unique flavour to the UK eco-friendly waterproof jacket market. The brand offers clever features including heat-sealed seams and storm cuffs to ensure a comfortable and water-resistant garment.

Thought uses both organic and recycled materials in its jacket range and offers both long and short styles to suit personal preferences.

12. Finisterre

Based: UK            Ships to: Worldwide
Made in: Turkey, UK, China, Thailand, Portugal
Range: Men’s and women’s clothing and adventure wear
Price: £110 – £360
Sustainability creds: B-Corp certified, sustainable materials, sustainable packaging, GRS certified materials

Made to stand up to the elements, Finisterre’s waterproof jackets are designed for adventures in the great outdoors. The brand createseco-friendly waterproof jackets for the UK market using a classic colour palette, that are warm, breathable and waterproof.

Finisterre uses GRS certified materials and styles such as its Rainbird Waterproof jacket have features including an adjustable hood.

13. Maium

Based: Netherlands              Ships to: Worldwide
Range: Men’s, women’s and kids’ jackets and rainwear
Price: €70 – €400
Sustainability creds: Sustainable packaging, use of recycled plastic waste, animal-free products

The self-proclaimed makers of ‘rainwear designed for movement’, jackets from Maium embrace a sleek and contemporary vibe. The brand supports tree planting initiatives and uses recycled plastic to create its rainwear.

By the end of 2022, Maium has ambitious plans to have recycled a million plastic bottles into raincoats.

14. Langerchen

Based: Germany Ships to: Worldwide
Made in: China
Range: Men’s and women’s outerwear
Price: £149 – £279
Sustainability creds: GOTS certified factories, Organic Content Standard, GRS

Langerchen has a core focus on both quality design and fair working conditions, operating under the motto of ‘Fair Urban Outerwear’. The brand’s stylish outerwear embraces a timeless look that makes it long-lasting in a shifting fashion market.

Operating with GOTS-certified factories, Langerchen actively strives to look after its workers at every stage of the supply chain and uses materials that tread more lightly on the planet. Available in the UK from Peter Hahn.

15. Culthread

Based: UK           Ships to: Worldwide
Range: Men’s and women’s clothing and adventure wear
Price: £155 – £380
Sustainability creds: Global Recycled Standard, PeTA Approved, Bluesign, ships carbon neutral

Culthread’s range of rain jackets are stylish and modern. Ideal for everyday wear and featuring clever design elements such as rainproof shells, these are versatile pieces. Products like the Faraday Jacket are vegan-friendly and include post-consumer products recycled into elements used in this highly-wearable jacket.

The brand takes a comprehensive approach to sustainability including both environmental welfare and animal rights in its production.

Sustainable rain jacket solutions

In a fashion world that requires both practicality and style, brands making eco-friendly waterproof jackets for UK buyers are filling a vital gap in the market. While many of these rainwear solutions don’t solve every problem in a market flooded with clothing, they do provide a more sustainable option than their conventionally made counterparts.


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