15 B Corp clothing brands for the best ethical styles

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15 B Corp clothing brands for the best ethical styles

When looking for a brand’s certification to back up its environmental and ethical claims, you have likely come across the certified B corporations. The certification is one of the most trusted sustainable certifications out there. 

B Corp clothing brands have not only shown a willingness to adopt sustainable practices, but have made concrete and verifiable steps to creating a cleaner industry.

So what does B Corp stand for and why is it so highly regarded?

What is B Corp certification and Why is it so Good?

Originally derived from ‘Benefit corporation’ and now simply shortened to B Corp, this certifying body looks at the entirety of a company’s social and environmental impacts. The label is not exclusive to fashion brands, but operates across a variety of sectors. For each brand assessed, everything from supply chain practices, to materials used, to charitable giving is examined to determine its negative and positive impact.

To obtain this impressive label, a brand is assessed against an internal framework and must have met three key criteria:

  • Social impact and environmental performance: Shown a commitment to people with a high social and environmental performance. To pass the review a company must have achieved a minimum of 80 out of 200 points on the B Impact Assessment. 
  • Corporate governance: Review and change their corporate governance structure, making a legal commitment to be accountable to all stakeholders, not just financial ones.
  • Transparency: Allow their performance to be assessed against B Lab’s standards and available to consumers on the brand’s B Lab profile, demonstrating an attitude of public transparency.

A Holistic Approach 

B Corp measures environmental performance and social responsibility. B corp brands must have made a real commitment to act ethically, fairly and sustainably.

Unlike many other certifying bodies, this holistic approach ensures the entire company is acting in an ethical manner rather than just one area or aspect of a brand. Getting the certification is no mean feat, the current average score for brands trying to get certified is just 50.9 points, far below the 80 point minimum score for obtaining certification.

Girls in field in B corp certified clothing
B Corp offers a holistic approach covering both social and environmental responsibility. Photo by Courtney Cook on Unsplash

B Corp Clothing Brands

While B Corp certification may be difficult to achieve, there are sustainable clothing brands that have risen to the challenge. From outdoor clothing companies to luxury labels, these are some of the brands that have achieved the prestigious B corporation certification.

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1. Boody 

Based: Australia & UK         Ships to: International – UK stockists
Range: Underwear, basics, activewear and sleepwear
Price range: £
B Corp Impact Score: 101.6
Sustainability creds: Ecocert certification, works with charities, WRAP certified, PETA vegan approved

The masters of bamboo clothing, Boody styles are soft, silky and sustainable. Featuring nude colours and clever design features that champion an earthy, laid-back vibe these seriously comfortable styles are sure to become your new go-to underwear.

With an attitude of giving back, this innovative brand also works to support a range of charitable initiatives.

For more on Boody, we’ve also featured them in articles about ethical activewear and affordable ethical clothing.

2. Dear Denier

Based: Denmark         Ships to: International 
Made in: Europe
Range: Activewear, lingerie and hosiery
Price range: £
B Corp Impact Score: 123.4
Sustainability creds: ISO 9001 certified factories, PETA approved vegan, GOTS certified fabrics, GRS certified materials, SA800 certified factories

With sustainable credentials and hosiery that is comfortable and stylish, there is nothing not to love about B Corp clothing brand Dear Denier. The brand has everything from basic styles to bold designs that embrace elegance with a touch of flirty fun.

The ethical fashion label has created a recycling initiative and set ambitious challenges to incorporate sustainability in the fashion sector. 

3. Dewerstone   

Based: UK                     Ships to: International 
Range: Casual wear and accessories 
Price range: £
B Corp Impact Score: 98.6
Sustainability creds: Climate Neutral certified, member of 1% for the Planet, tree planting initiatives,

Featuring eye-catching graphics that celebrate the natural world and clever colour combinations, Dewerstone is bringing a polished yet relaxed style to the sustainable sector.

Located in Dartmoor National Park, the brand works to give back to nature. For every item manufactured it plants trees. Dewerstone embraces sustainable materials and collaborates with a range of environmental organisations.

Girls in underwear by B Corp clothing brands
Photo by Antonius Ferret from Pexels

4. YOU Underwear

Based: UK                  Ships to: International 
Made in: India
Range: Underwear and basics
Price range: £
B Corp Impact Score: 160.5
Sustainability creds: Use of GOTS cotton, Fair Trade International certified, tree planting partnership, PETA approved vegan, certified Social Enterprise

Offering a sustainable take on our everyday essentials, YOU Underwear has all the silky softness we need in our basics without sacrificing sustainability or style. The B Corp certified brand offers everything from monochrome classics to bright prints.

This sustainable underwear is made in responsible supply chains and the brand gives an impressive amount of information to consumers about how, where and who made their garments, reflected in their really high impact score.

We also featured them in our article about sustainable underwear brands in the UK.

5. Organic Basics

Based: Denmark                   Ships to: International 
Made in: Portugal, Austria, Scotland, Italy and Turkey
Range: Basics and casual wear
Price range: ££
B Corp Impact Score: 92.8
Sustainability creds: Global Organic Textile Standard certified organic cotton, use of recycled and low impact textiles

The Organic Basic’s range is simple, elegant and versatile. Coming in muted hues and with classic designs crafted in luxurious fabrics, Organic Basics is everything we need in our basics wear.

This B-Corp clothing brand focuses on organic material, incorporating natural, recycled and highly sustainable fibres in their range. It works with sustainable supply chains and has supported environmental projects helping to create a better world.

For more on the brand, we’ve covered them in our articles about brands that pay a living wage and child labour free brands among others.

6. Baukjen 

Based: UK        Ships to: International 
Made in: Europe
Range: Women’s clothing ranges and homewares
Price range: ££
B Corp Impact Score: 108.3
Sustainability creds: Carbon neutral, sustainable packaging, living wage employer, member of The Fashion Pact, United Nations Fashion Charter, and The Sustainable Apparel Coalition

Baukjen is the home of charming clothing that captures the essence of a modern chic vibe. With everything from knitwear to basics on offer, this unique brand has an array of high quality clothing that is versatile and sustainable while still emanating an edgy elegance.

Baukjen has a comprehensive approach to sustainability and donates 10% of profits to charity every year.

Guy in Patagonia jacket, one of our recommended B corp clothing brands
Photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash

7. Patagonia

Based: USA       Ships to: International – UK stockists
Range: Adventure wear
Price range: ££
B Corp Impact Score: 151.4
Sustainability creds: 1% for the Planet member, supports grassroots climate action, supports supply chain transparency

Perfect for every adrenaline-fuelled adventure, Patagonia is the home of outdoor and adventure wear for any occasion and is another B Corp brand with an impressively high score.

Providing everything from bags and jackets to wetsuits and snow pants, whether you are sailing the seas or undertaking an epic mountain adventure, Patagonia has you covered.

We cover more about Patagonia in our articles about recycled polyester fabric and sustainable bag brands among others.

8. Elvis and Kresse

Based: UK        Ships to: International 
Made in: UK
Range: Bags and accessories
Price range: ££
B Corp Impact Score: 147.6
Sustainability creds: Donates to charity, certified Social Enterprise, a living wage employer

More than just the makers of luxurious accessories, Elvis and Kresse is a brand with a heart. The brand makes its incredible products from decommissioned London firehoses and luxury leather off-cuts from Burberry, saving quality products from going to waste.

Focused on doing good as well as making stand out products, the brand donates 50% of profits from their reinvented fire hose accessories to The Fire Fighter’s Charity.

See our article for more on recycled clothing companies.

9. Mini A Ture 

Based: Denmark                   Ships to: Europe – UK stockists
Range: Children’s clothing
Price range: ££
B Corp Impact Score: 93.9
Sustainability creds: GOTS certified, OEKO-TEX Standard 100, BSCI-labelled factories

Bringing delightful designs that are still practical and comfortable to the children’s market, Mini A Ture is sure to become a new favourite. Featuring muted tones and not overlooking even the smallest of details, Mini A Ture is not only sustainable but truly fashionable as well.

In the UK the brand is available through third party stockists. These include Four Fairies and a Prince and Alex and Alexa.

Girl in white outfit walking
Photo by Dane Wetton on Unsplash

10. Kathmandu

Based: Australia                   Ships to: International – UK stockists
Made in: Asia, Europe, Australia and New Zealand
Range: Adventure and travel clothing
Price range: ££
B Corp Impact Score: 82.2
Sustainability creds: Use of down certified by The Responsible Down Standard, member of the Fair Labour Association

Whether you are looking for some practical travel gear or something for an exhilarating outdoor journey, Kathmandu has something for you. The brand’s wide range of products focuses on practicality and durability while still being comfortable and versatile.

While it does still have some way to go in sustainability, Kathmandu is a certified B-Corp clothing brand and has made bold commitments to improve its environmental impact.

11. Lora Gene    

Based: UK                   Ships to: International 
Made in: Europe and the UK
Range: women’s smart-casual styles
Price range: ££
B Corp Impact Score: 81.5
Sustainability creds: Pays above average wages

Through dedicated attention to craftsmanship and the relationship between clothing and form, Lora Gene has created a clothing collection that is timeless, elegant and embraces rich colours.

Designs are made to be trans-seasonal and versatile, able to transition from office to weekend wear. Lora Gene’s use of contemporary design mixed with classic features makes it perfect for the modern fashion scene. They also have a range of plus-sized clothing.

12. KAIA Clothing 

Based: UK        Ships to: International 
Made in: UK
Range: Women’s clothing ranges
Price range: ££
B Corp Impact Score: 91.2
Sustainability creds: Partnered with the British Heart Foundation, GOTS certified fabrics, Fair Trade certified fabrics, member retailer of Fur Free Clothing, partnered with More Trees, slow fashion approach

Handmade in the UK, KAIA styles are as beautiful as they are ethical. Designs have an understated elegance exuding luxury and overlooking no detail while still maintaining an element of well-balanced minimalism.

KAIA works with a range of organisations to create a cleaner and fairer world. As well as its many certifications and partnerships, it has ambitious aims to be net-zero by 2025.

Girl in white shirt by a B Corp clothing brand
Photo by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash

13. Blonde Gone Rogue

Based: UK                     Ships to: International – UK stockists
Made in: Bulgaria
Range: casualwear and dresses
Price range: ££- £££
B Corp Impact Score: 92.6
Sustainability creds: Use of deadstock, vegan, sustainable packaging, use of organic and eco-friendly fabrics

Blonde Gone Rogue’s styles are quirky and individual while still embracing a classic charm. From floral sundresses perfect for summer, to sweaters in bold colours and featuring fun-loving imagery, Blonde Gone Rogue has something for every occasion.

As well as being a B-Corp clothing brand, the label uses a zero-waste approach and incorporates deadstock and eco-friendly materials in its production.

14. Finisterre

Based: UK                     Ships to: International – UK stockists
Made in: Turkey, China, Portugal, UK, Thailand
Range: swimwear and casual wear
Price range: ££
B Corp Impact Score: 93.2
Sustainability creds: Plastic-free packaging, re-uses offcuts, eco-friendly materials

Built for adventure and inspired by a love of the sea, Finisterre has chic styles for a journey into nature or for just a relaxing afternoon. The brand keeps styles minimalistic and striking in their simple patterning and contrasting colour palettes.

Finisterre is built on a foundation of strong environmental standards and good ethics. It uses eco-friendly materials, child-free labour and offers product repairs to reduce fashion waste.

15. Veja 

Based: France                   Ships to: International 
Made in: Brazil
Range: Footwear
Price range: £££ (from £80)
B Corp Impact Score: 84.2
Sustainability creds: Use of eco-friendly materials, sustainable packaging, Gold Certified tanneries by the Leather Working Group, vegan range, works with vulnerable individuals

Veja embraces bold designs and sleek styles to create effortlessly cool footwear and running shoes. Focusing on the sneaker market it has designs for men, women and children, made from quality materials.

The brand offers consumers an in-depth look at both where its environmental impact comes from and how it is working to reduce this.

Voting for Responsibility

The fashion industry has a way to go to become truly sustainable. Certifying bodies such as B Corporation are a key part of making a sustainable fashion sector a reality. They not only hold brands accountable, but encourage an attitude of change and foster a spirit of ethical production and ethical practices.

Each time we choose to buy from a B Corp clothing brand we are scoring sustainable styles and casting a vote for a more ethical and responsible clothing industry.


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