13 best ethical hoodies UK for all tastes and budgets

White ethical hoodie hanging on a rope UK

13 best ethical hoodies UK for all tastes and budgets

From weekend summer adventures to getting cozy on winter nights, a comfy hoodie is a must-have item. So, we’re taking a look at some of the best ethical hoodies for UK conscious consumers.

For those of you who don’t want to wait, here are our top picks…

The hoodieWhat does it look likeBest forTake me there
Save the chubby unicorn by Vegan Outfitters

  • Vegan, helps animals in need
  • A selection of cool designs
  • Affordable
  • Ethically certified factories
ReSet Hoodie by Girlfriend Collective

  • Comes in 10 colours and 11 sizes!
  • Matching leggings
  • Made from recycled plastic bottles in an ethical factory
Zip Up Hoodie with Recycled Vegan Shearling Lining by Will's Vegan

  • Warm and snuggly
  • 60% recycled cotton + 40% BCI Cotton
  • Made ethically in small batches
  • Next day delivery


Buying guide: what to look for in an ethical hoodie

Hoodies come in a range of sustainable styles to suit any personal taste. Whether you want to rock an always-on-trend slogan hoodie, embrace a classic style, or get groovy with a graphic hoodie, there is something for you. However, there are some key factors that hoodies from ethical brands all have in common.

1. Sustainable materials

These can be recycled materials, natural fibres, organic materials or new and innovative fabrics. Whatever materials they are made from, UK sustainable hoodies steer clear of unsustainable virgin synthetics that are common in the fast fashion sector.

These materials drastically reduce the use of toxic chemicals that the fashion industry relies on, and reduces its environmental impact at the same time.

For more information on the most sustainable fabrics, see our article What is the most sustainable fabric? Your ultimate guide.

2. Fair supply chains

A supply chain wouldn’t be ethical if it wasn’t kind to garment workers and local communities too.

Fair Trade certification or certification of the factories such as SEDEX, SA8000 or Fair Wear are some of the best ways to ensure an ethical production process. They signify that no child labour has been used, that fair or living wages are paid and a host of other ethical standards for workers.

In the absence of these, transparent supply chains are also a good start. See our article about the Who Made Your Clothes movement for more information about the Fashion Transparency Index. This is a great place to start to understand the importance of transparency in the garment industry.

3. Animal welfare

Ethical hoodies are fair to people, the planet and animals. Look out for styles that have vegan approval or robust animal welfare policies to ensure that your hoodie is truly ethical.

UK Ethical Hoodies

So, now for the best bit, our roundup of the best UK ethical hoodies to keep you toasty this winter.

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1. Kuyichi

Based: Utrecht, Netherlands            Ships to: Worldwide
Made in: Turkey
Price: £85 & £50 (discounted at time of writing)
Sustainability creds: GOTS-certified cotton, recycled fibres, Fair Wear and transparent supply chain

In 2001, Kuyichi pioneered as the first-ever organic denim brand globally, and two decades later, its collection remains as stylish and environmentally friendly as ever.

Kuyichi uses 100% GOTS-certified cotton, natural dyes, recycled denim, recycled PET, and even sewing threads made from recycled polyester to produce enduring fashion pieces that people want to keep.

The collection is also vegan-friendly, with the classic leather patches on their jeans being replaced by a vegan alternative.

Their hoodie range is classic and comes in an array of colours. Both the Betty and Bjorn are made from 100% organic cotton and designed to transcend passing fashion fads. The Betty even comes with the term “un fashion” on the back to mark your dedication to slow fashion.

2. Vegan Outfitters

Vegan Outfitters Save the Chubby Unicorn hoodie
Vegan Outfitters there is no Planet B hoodie

Based: UK         Ships to: Worldwide
Price: £37 – £45
Sustainability creds: 10% of profits donated to animal sanctuaries, vegan, WRAP certified facilities, plastic-free packaging

As the name may suggest, Vegan Outfitters is the home of quality vegan styles. Hoodies are contemporary, fresh and fun, usually sporting a vegan or animal-themed graphic or slogan.

The brand has men’s, women’s and unisex styles on offer. Score a cropped hoodie decorated with a rhino and the words Save the Chubby Unicorn or one stating that there is no planet B.

Eco-friendly hoodies from this UK brand are stylish and ethical with purchases helping to support animal sanctuaries. More information on the website about the materials the hoodies are made from and a higher percentage of organic materials would make this brand even better.

The brand has offered Good Maker Tales readers a 5% discount if you spend over £50. Just enter code GMT5 at the checkout! For more sustainable brand discounts see our article.

3. Plant Faced

ILLUSIONS-Q1-2020-HD-BGE_1200x Plant Faced
Illusions hoodie
Plant Faced Clothing ethical hoodie
Make the Connection hoodie

Based: UK         Ships to: Worldwide
Price: £38 – £67
Sustainability creds: Organic and recycled materials, eco-friendly packaging, involved in tree planting programs, GOTS-certified, PeTA approved vegan products, Fair Wear and WRAP certified production facilities.

Plant Faced hoodies are contemporary and cool. The brand features predominantly slogan hoodies with a few plain colour and graphic styles to keep it feeling fresh. Be sure to check out styles like the Illusion Hoodie and the Make the Connection Hoodie.

The brand is all about promoting a sustainable outlook. As well as making sweat-shop-free, ethical and sustainable clothing it has supported tree-planting programs in Africa, Asia and South America.

See our interview with their founder Charlie McEvoy to find out more about this very sustainable and ethical vegan brand.

4. Boody

Boody hoodie

Based: Australia & UK         Ships to: Worldwide
Made in: China, Turkey, Portugal, UK
Price: £40
Sustainability creds: B-Corp certified, SGS certified, Ecocert, PeTA Vegan Approved, sustainable materials

The hoodies Boody has in its range are comfortable and champion sustainable materials. Primarily using organically grown bamboo, Boody’s hoodies are breathable and hypoallergenic. The ethical brand has both a pullover and zip up design in black and grey.

For a casual zip-up style, check out the Women’s Weekend Zip Up, incorporating organically grown bamboo and organic cotton. Boody has achieved the commendable B Corp certification. It also explains what its various certifications stand for, giving you an informed choice when choosing Boody products.

5. Finisterre

Finisterre women's Fossey hoodie
Finisterre hoodie
Finisterre men's Coho hoodie
Finisterre hoodie

Based: UK         Ships to: Worldwide
Made in: China, Turkey
Price: £55 – £95
Sustainability creds: Collaboration with RNLI, B-Corp certified, natural and organic materials, leave no trace packaging

The range of ethical hoodies from UK brand Finisterre is small but mighty. The brand utilises natural and sustainable materials, such as bamboo blends and organic cotton to make styles that stand up to any adventure. A UK organic cotton hoodie, the Fossey Hoodie made with a relaxed fit is hard to beat. For the men, be sure to check out the Coho Hoodie.

While the brand could use more recycled materials in its range, it does use natural materials. It also provides information on where its hoodies are manufactured to give transparency to its supply chain.

6. Tentree


Based: Canada         Ships to: Worldwide
Made in: China
Price: £60 – £80
Sustainability creds: Use of recycled and organic materials, tree planting programs, B-Corp certified, Climate Neutral certified

Tentree hoodies feature relaxed styles and embrace a laid-back approach. Using recycled polyester and organic cotton, and creating styles in nature-inspired hues, Tentree has created a great selection of eco-friendly hoodies.

We particularly love the TreeFleece Banshee Hoodie and the Sasquatch Hoodie, both made from sustainable materials including organic cotton. With every purchase Tentree plants ten trees, this commendable mission has led to the brand supporting the planting of over 81,000 trees.

7. Happy Earth


Based: USA         Ships to: Worldwide
Made in: China
Price: £60
Sustainability creds: Tree planting programs, organic materials, B- Corp certified, 1% for the Planet member, Fair Trade, carbon neutral

Happy Earth’s range of organic hoodies features cool graphics inspired by the Earth’s incredible natural landscapes. Bring a natural vibe into your wardrobe with styles like the Fading Forest hoodie, featuring imagery of stylized trees in dark green and beige. Most of the Happy Earth hoodies are gender-neutral and sport a relaxed fit.

Styles incorporate organic cotton, which has a kinder approach to the environment than polyester or conventional cotton clothing. Committed to making a positive impact, Happy Earth works with WRAP certified factories and supports tree-planting programs.

8. Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective ReSet hoodie

Based: USA         Ships to: Worldwide
Made in: Taiwan and Vietnam
Price: £78 – £92
Sustainability creds: Use of recycled materials SA8000 certified factory, Oeko-Tex certified fabric, sustainable packaging

A well-known name in activewear, Girlfriend Collective has hoodies for hitting the gym, or just relaxing at the weekend. Styles like the women’s ReSet Hoodie come in ten different colours and are made from recycled plastic bottles. The ReSet hoodie is also available in men’s sizes, but only in two colour options.

By incorporating plastic bottles into its production, Girlfriend Collective is helping to solve a waste problem and create useful clothing. The brand supports transparent supply chains and is honest about issues such as microplastic pollution that even recycled synthetic clothing struggles with. For more on this issue, see our article on how to avoid microplastics in clothing.

9. Will’s Vegan Store

Will's Vegan Zip Up hoodie with recycled vegan shearling lining in grey
Will's Vegan hoodie

Based: UK         Ships to: Worldwide
Made in: Italy
Price: £49 – £151
Sustainability creds: Vegan and cruelty-free, certified carbon neutral products, plastic-free packaging, return to recycle program, use of recycled materials

Snuggly and sustainable, hoodies from Will’s Vegan Store are the ultimate loungewear. While the range may be limited, it includes certified carbon-neutral products and products made in small-batch manufacturing. Styles like the Recycled Zip Through Hooded Fleece are perfect for getting cosy this winter.

Committed to sustainable practices, the brand incorporates sustainable materials in its products and uses recyclable packaging to limit its plastic output.

The Return to Recycle program shows a commitment to reducing waste in the larger fashion industry. It also demonstrates forethought regarding what happens to the brand’s stock when it can no longer be used.

10. Colorful Standard

Organic zip hoodie by Colorful Standard
Colorful Standard hoodie

Based: Denmark Ships to: Worldwide
Made in: Portugal
Price: £70 – £80
Sustainability creds: Recyclable packaging, supply chain transparency, organic materials, recycled materials, Global Recycled Standard

The hoodie range from Colorful Standard truly is colourful. The brand has a wide range of hoodies, all in a variety of bright block colours. Most styles are unisex and the label uses organic materials across its hoodie selection.

Focused on simple designs, you can find zip up, oversized or classic hoodie styles from Colourful Standard. The Organic Zip Hoodie in Lemon Yellow offers a particularly versatile style in a chic colour option.

Colourful Standard offers supply chain transparency and takes an active approach to sustainability. Designed to be trans-seasonal, these clothes are built to become wardrobe favourites for years to come and are available in sizes from XS to 2XL. This sustainable brand also uses recyclable packaging to help limit its environmental impact.

11. BAM

Bam Bamboo Skylark Sweat Hoody

Based: UK         Ships to: Worldwide
Made in: China, Turkey, Portugal, UK
Price: £65 – £95
Sustainability creds: Impact Positive Commitment, sustainable packaging, sustainable materials, NHS discounts, Sharewear partnership

Advocators of bamboo, BAM’s UK ethical hoodie range champions this versatile material. While the range does mainly feature sweats instead of hoodies, the brand still has some great styles on offer. These include the women’s Skylark Quilted Hoodie or the men’s Horizon Yoga Hoodie available in black or merlot.

The range has a pared-back, classic style making these hoodies highly versatile. BAM creates clothing that is lightweight and comfortable while still being warm for the cooler months. Operating with a very sustainable mindset, it has plans to become impact positive and already works with sustainable materials.

For more information on this great brand, see our interview with their Sustainability and Technical Manager Merryn Chilcott. And for an exclusive 15% discount use our code GOODMAKERTALES15

12. Nudie Jeans

Nudie Jeans Franke ethical hoodie

Based: Sweden Ships to: Worldwide
Made in: India and Portugal
Price: £115 – £135
Sustainability creds: Repair service, Fair Wear Foundation, Fair Trade, organic cotton, recycled materials

Made from organic cotton and recycled materials, hoodies from Nudie Jeans are comfortable, sustainable and always in style. With features like brushed cotton interiors, these hoodies are cosy to wear all day while still being versatile enough to be truly trans-seasonal clothing pieces.

At the moment, Nudie Jeans only has men’s hoodie styles. Be sure to check out the Franke hoodie, available in cream or blue, making it a versatile wardrobe staple. The range includes certified Fair Trade products.

The brand promotes a sustainable outlook with a range of sustainable and social certifications. Showing a commitment to sustainability beyond production, the company also offers repair services for its products.

13. The North Face

The North Face pink ethical hoodie
North Face hoodie

Based: USA         Ships to: Worldwide
Made in: International supply chains
Price: £65 – £630
Sustainability creds: Bluesign, Working towards 100% responsibly sourced fabrics, Responsible Down Standard

A well-known name in the outdoor clothing market, The North Face has hoodies designed for climbing mountains or just heading to your local café. As well as fleecy and technical hoodies, The Women’s Standard Hoodie and the Men’s Seasonal Graphic Hoodie come in a range of colours and are made from 100% cotton. This makes them a good choice for avoiding microplastics.

Every hoodie comes with an ‘Intended Use’ description on the website so you can be sure it is suitable for whatever your adventure entails. While the North Face could use more recycled and organic materials, it does provide a somewhat sustainable option in a traditionally unsustainable sector. Free delivery is available in the UK above £50.

Frequently asked questions

Which brand is the most ethical

There is not one brand that is the most ethical but the brands in this article score well for their ethical credentials. We also particularly love B-Corp certified brands as they have to attain a very high level of ethics to be certified. To find out more see 15 B-Corp clothing brands for the best ethical styles.

Vegan brands also tend to have high ethics. See our articles about vegan fashion in the UK, vegan shoe brands and vegan coats and puffers for more information.

Is ethical clothing more expensive?

It’s true that ethical and sustainable clothing brands can be more expensive, although a number of brands are challenging that and bringing the price down. And the most ethical thing that you can do is consume less and care for the clothes already in your wardrobe and wear them well!

What is the best brand for hoodies?

To reduce your impact on people, planet and animals, we would always recommend seeking out ethical and sustainable hoodies from the likes of the brands in this article. We’ve recommended our favourites at the top!

Organic, recycled and ethically made

A high-quality hoodie is a staple in many of our wardrobes. As more brands adopt a sustainable outlook there is a growing selection of UK ethical hoodies available to ethical consumers.

Whether you’re looking for a contemporary style or a classic look, there is something for you. Always remember though, the best sustainable policy is reduced consumption. However, for those looking for a new style, snuggle up in an organic, recycled, ethically made and sustainably sourced hoodie.


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