13 men’s vegan clothing brands UK proving its cool to be kind

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13 men’s vegan clothing brands UK proving its cool to be kind

As more of us adopt a more plant-based approach, there is an increasing consumer body searching for vegan clothing. UK men’s vegan clothing labels are listening to this growing consumer demand.

Demand for vegan fashion on the up

The fashion industry has, historically, not had the best track record when it comes to animal rights. However, the good news is that public opinion toward animal rights is starting to change. More people are turning to a vegan diet, and there is no doubt that vegan fashion has been steadily growing in popularity.
Supporting this animal cruelty-free approach, a report by The Vegan Society in 2021 found that 48% of consumers in the UK wanted to see more vegan fashion items. Similarly, 74% of consumers were willing to pay more for vegan fabric, including non-animal leather.

Types of vegan leather

There are a variety of new innovations in the vegan leather market. Cork is a popular material for making vegan materials. Some other raw materials that have been cleverly turned into animal-free leathers include:
• By-products from the pineapple and apple juicing industries
• Mushrooms
• Cactus leaves
• Fish skin
• Ground coffee beans
To learn more about sustainable leather innovations check out our ultimate guide to plant-based leathers.

Why synthetics aren't a great vegan option

It’s important when building vegan wardrobes that consumers aren’t just buying virgin synthetics. While these often are technically vegan products, they come with a plethora of environmental issues. These include everything from microplastic pollution to the environmental impacts of mining fossil fuels. They are also not a biodegradable fabric option.
See our article about biodegradable fabrics to find out more about this.

Men's vegan clothing brands

While not every brand on our list is completely vegan, they are all making steps to adopt a more animal-friendly approach. All brands have a good level of vegan products, and some are 100% vegan brands.

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1. Kind Clothing

Jacket from vegan fashion brand Kind Clothing UK

Based: UK         Ships to: Worldwide
Price: £
Range: Casual men’s styles
100% Vegan: Yes
Sustainability creds: PeTA Approved products, plastic-free shipping, support environmental initiatives, printed on demand, use of water-based ink, ethical production in WRAP-approved facilities

Aiming to produce clothes that make you happy, Kind Clothing’s vegan-friendly clothes are quirky and cool. The label’s range includes trendy slogan tees as well as hoodies and sweatshirts featuring fun illustrations.

As well as making vegan products, Kind Clothing has an attitude of giving back. The ethical clothing label donates to the Eden Reforestation Project. It would be even better if Kind Clothing shared more information on its website about the fabrics it uses.

2. Altid Clothing

Man from the UK wearing Altid shirt

Based: Netherlands         Ships to: Worldwide (Available through Immaculate Vegan)
Price: £
Made in: Portugal
Range: Casual styles and essentials
100% Vegan: No
Sustainability creds: Plastic-free packaging, partnered with Treepoint, use of organic cotton, use of solar-powered production facilities

Focusing on style that withstands the test of time, Altid creates classic essentials with a positive environmental approach. The label’s range is minimalistic and elegantly casual in its design foundations, utilising simple colour palettes that never go out of style.

Made to transcend passing fads, the brand moves away from the idea of rapid repurchasing popularised by the fast fashion sector. The brand also stays away from polyester fabrics, utilising materials that are natural and organic. 

3. Vegan Outfitters

Tee from fashion brand Vegan Outfitters UK

Based: UK         Ships to: Worldwide
Price: £
Range: Jackets, coats and shoes, and vegan gifts
100% Vegan: Yes
Sustainability creds: Donates to animal welfare establishments, WRAP-certified facilities, plastic-free packaging

Vegan Outfitters’ range of clothing stands out from the crowd. Adorned with slogans like ‘livin’ life on the veg’, these styles are unusual, ethical and a whole lot of fun. The label’s eclectic range is casual in its design while still being on-trend.

Designed to be the ‘destination for the plant-based generation’, Vegan Outfitters not only refrains from using animal products but also donates 10% of profits to animal sanctuaries.

The brand has offered Good Maker Tales readers a 5% discount if you spend over £50. Just enter code GMT5 at the checkout! For more sustainable brand discounts see our article.

4. Plant Faced Clothing

Unknown man wearing vegan tee from Plant Faced UK

Based: UK          Ships to: Worldwide
Price: ££
Range: Casual clothing styles
100% Vegan: Yes
Sustainability creds: Organic and recycled materials, eco-friendly packaging, involved in tree planting programs, GOTS-certified, PeTA approved vegan products, Fair Wear and WRAP-certified production facilities

Printed with eco inks, Plant Faced clothes are edgy and cool. The brand uses a largely monochromatic palette with a few bold colours thrown in to make designs really pop. Streetwear from Plant Faced proves that vegan clothing can still be really cool!

Buying men’s vegan clothing from this UK label supports its buy one plant one tree program. The sustainable brand advocates for the creation of streetwear without sweatshops. The label promotes an attitude of conscious consumerism in which neither humans nor animals are harmed.

See our interview with Plant Faced founder Charlie McEvoy for more on this thoughtful ethical brand.

5. Thought

Men's polo from vegan brand Thought UK

Based: UK          Ships to: Worldwide
Price: ££
Range: Casualwear
100% Vegan: No 
Sustainability creds: Use of natural and organic materials, GOTS and Faitrade certified products, works with Traid

Embracing the idea that ‘thoughtful people can change the world’, Thought has been making sustainable clothes since 1995. The brand utilises quality natural materials, including hemp and organic cotton to bring its classic designs to life. Styles perfectly blend versatility and sophistication and use classic colour palettes.

87% of Thought’s range is vegan, they used 13% wool in 2022. The label has some products and materials certified by GOTS and Fairtrade. However, more information on the website regarding the ethics of their supply chain would be great.

6. Boody

Man wearing vegan clothing from Boody UK

Based: Australia & UK        Ships to: Worldwide
Price: ££
Made in: China, Turkey, Portugal, UK
Range: Jackets, coats and shoes
100% Vegan: Yes
Sustainability creds: B-Corp certified, Ecocert, PeTA Vegan Approved

With a focus on quality, Boody creates eco-friendly basics that are luxurious without breaking the bank. Made from bamboo, styles are breathable, silky soft and designed to be sustainable wardrobe staples.

As well as using sustainable materials, Boody operates with an overall ethical approach. It has supported charitable initiatives and has the certifications to give credibility to its sustainability claims.

7. Bleed

UK man zipping Bleed vegan jacket

Based: Germany         Ships to: Worldwide
Price: ££
Made in: Portugal, China
Range: Outerwear, swimwear, sportswear and casual styles
100% Vegan: No
Sustainability creds: Cruelty-free, use of sustainable materials

Using materials like organic cotton and hemp, Bleed has created, among its other products, one stylish collection that is completely vegan-friendly. Working to make sustainability a part of everyday life, the clothes that Bleed designs are simple and casual while still offering just the right amount of funky style.

Bleed is transparent in its production, helping to give consumers an informed choice when it comes to purchasing. The brand also implements innovative, natural and sustainable materials to make its designs.

8. BAM

Vegan jacket from BAM UK

Based: UK         Ships to: Worldwide
Price: ££
Made in: Turkey, China, UK & Portugal
Range: Basicswear, casualwear and performance wear
100% Vegan: No
Sustainability creds: Climate Positive, sustainable materials, recycled and recyclable materials,

Champions of bamboo, BAM create underwear, basics, casual and athletics wear that is soft and silky against the skin. With both earthy colours and bright hues, these clothes are kind to wearers and the environment.

Not all of BAM’s range is vegan, however, it does take care when choosing materials. It primarily uses bamboo to offer a more eco-friendly impact than many fashion brands. The label takes action to continually improve when it comes to environmental sustainability.

BAM are offering an exclusive 15% off to Good Maker Tales readers. Use the code GOODMAKERTALES15 to bag your discount.

9. Rains

Fashionable raincoat for men from Rains UK

Based: Denmark         Ships to: Worldwide
Price: £££
Range: Jackets, coats and shoes
100% Vegan: Yes
Sustainability creds: Use of some recycled materials, transparent approach

Specialising in trendy rainwear, Rains brings some added style to gloomy, rainy days. The label is minimalistic and futuristic in its designs, utilising block colours and demonstrating an expert use of mixing textures to create memorable garments.

Rejecting practices that promote overconsumption, Rains creates durable high-quality products to limit the need for rebuying. It is transparent when it comes to its use of materials and policies, however it does still use synthetics in its garments.

10. Kuyichi

Vegan knit wear from fashion brand Kuyichi UK

Based: Netherlands          Ships to: Worldwide
Price: £££
Made in: Tunisia, Turkey & Portugal
Range: Jackets, coats and shoes
100% Vegan: No
Sustainability creds: Fair Wear Foundation, GOTS certified products, recycled and organic materials

Encompassing a relaxed charm, Kuyichi’s range of clothing is sophisticated and classic while still having a casual element. The brand focuses on quality materials, including soft organic cotton, versatile colours and timeless design.

While not everything in the Kuyichi range is vegan, it does have a number of vegan products. The sustainable fashion brand’s use of certified organic materials also demonstrates a commitment to transparent and sustainable practices, making it a good addition to our roundup of men’s vegan clothing for UK consumers.

11. Save The Duck

Man wearing vegan trench coat from Save The Duck UK

Based: Italy         Ships to: Worldwide
Price: £££
Range: Jackets, coats and shoes
100% Vegan: Yes
Sustainability creds: Donates 1% of profits to planet saving companies, certified B Corporation, use of some recycled materials, use of some innovative materials

Making sleek jackets that encompass a modern vibe, Save the Duck bases itself on the foundation of creating cool clothes that don’t make our animal friends suffer. The brand uses a simple colour palette and quality materials to craft versatile and on-trend clothing.

Save the Duck has supported organisations including Save the Children and PeTA. The label incorporates some environmental materials, including fibres made from recycled plastic bottles in its collections.

12. Will's Vegan Store

Will's Vegan sustainable men's clothing

Based: UK                      Ships to: Worldwide
Made in: Europe
Price: ££
Sustainability creds: PeTA Cruelty Free, use of some eco-friendly materials, local manufacturing, Carbon Neutral supply chains

Looking out for our furry friends, products from Will’s Vegan Store are all proudly animal free. The label has everything from bomber jackets to faux leather boots, embracing versatile styles that can be worn and loved for years to come. 

As well as its vegan commitments, Will’s Vegan Store  has also implemented plastic free packaging and has been certified carbon neutral since 2016. 

13. Wawwa

UK man wearing vegan shirt from Wawwa

Based: UK                      Ships to: Worldwide
Made in: UK
Price: ££
Sustainability creds: Use of renewable energy, sustainable and organic materials 

Making multi-functional and durable products that are undeniably cool, Wawwa has reimagined what a modern fashion company can be. The label’s designs have an industrial, grunge appeal while still keeping with a transeasonal vibe. 

Wawwa use organic materials to help limit the company’s overall impact. It operates with the ethos of creating clothes that have a positive effect on the planet’s future. It would be good to see further certifications to back up the organisation’s commitments. 

A kinder approach

Proving that style can be kind to people and animals, there are great sustainable vegan brands out there. These are brands that are supporting an ethical production model and a more animal-friendly approach.

Buying from vegan clothing brands (when buying new clothes is absolutely needed) is a good way to engage with a more ethical fashion market. From edgy rain jackets to vegan shoes to a timeless organic cotton t-shirt, vegan clothing labels support a future for the fashion sector that is clean, green and kind.


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