UK’s 17 best ethical jumpsuits to take you from office to weekend

Girl on table in ethical jumpsuit

UK’s 17 best ethical jumpsuits to take you from office to weekend

There are few items as versatile as the trusty jumpsuit. Luckily for those of us looking to make a sustainable impact, eco-friendly clothing brands are joining the jumpsuit trend and creating some of the best ethical jumpsuit styles around.

These practical clothing items come in styles ready to wow at a formal event, or in designs that embrace all the relaxed vibes of a seaside brunch date.

Versatile and Popular

Our love of the humble jumpsuit has only grown in recent years. A popular wardrobe staple, advertised on flashy billboards and spurred on by its adoption in media content, jumpsuits are here to stay. 

In 2019 after a character on the hit TV show Fleabag donned a jumpsuit, fashion search platform Lyst reported a 61% increase in jumpsuit searches in just the UK.

Jumpsuits are easy to style, effortlessly practical, and versatile. They can be worn to the office or on a night out, come in styles suitable for a lazy afternoon, or to be the most stylish guest at a wedding.

So, the next time you’re looking for one of these chic clothing items, why not make it a sustainable one?

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17 of The Best Ethical Jumpsuits in the UK

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The jumpsuit, an eternally popular wardrobe staple. Perfect for any season and any occasion, it´s a great way to ooze effortless style. And the good news is that more and more sustainable clothing brands are jumping on the jumpsuit wagon. So look no further, these seventeen trendy and sustainable brands are the place to go for an ethical jumpsuit in the UK.


nobody´s child

Based: UK        Ships to: International 

Made in: Bangladesh, China, Morocco, Ukraine

Range: Women’s and children´s clothing

Price range: £45 – £75

Sustainability creds: Uses certified organic cotton, pays a living wage, GRS-certified recycled synthetics, and Bluesign certified chemicals.

Specialising in pretty dresses, Nobody´s Child also does a great range of cool jumpsuits. From summer short playsuit styles to denim, linen and floral print designs, you should be able to find an ethical jumpsuit you love.

The UK brand also offers children´s styles, plus size and maternity. As well as using sustainable materials, Nobody´s Child carries out yearly audits of all of its factories to ensure safe and healthy working conditions.  



Based: UK        Ships to: International 

Made in: Turkey, China, India, Bulgaria, Romania

Range: Women’s smart-casual clothing

Price range: £55 – £75

Sustainability creds: FSC Certified, OEKO-TEX Certified, REACH Standards (eliminating hazardous chemicals), fabric mills audited through Sustainable Apparel Coalition 

Jumpsuits from ethical UK brand Omnes are the perfect versatile pieces. With classic designs and chic patterns, the smart-casual style of these jumpsuits can effortlessly transition from office wear to a swanky city restaurant.

The brand takes an active approach to sustainable fashion. It works with sustainable, natural, and recycled materials wherever possible. It also creates 100% one fibre garments for recyclability where it can. To further reduce its environmental impact, it uses recycled packaging.



Based: Sweden       Ships to: International 

Made in: Turkey, Portugal

Range: Women’s styles 

Price range: £60 – £85 (on sale for £18)

Sustainability creds: PeTA Approved Vegan

Nu-In has created jumpsuits that are effortlessly on trend without losing their individuality. With oversized styles in neutral colours, jumpsuits have a modern, almost utilitarian feel to them. 

With a focus on social and environmental sustainability, Nu-In has made commitments in areas such as water use, waste reduction, and the promotion of circular fashion. The brand uses recycled, sustainable, and organic materials and eco-friendly packaging.

It is also a PeTA certified vegan brand giving you peace of mind that no aminals were involved in any way in the creation of their clothes. For more vegan clothing brands see here.

Girl with bandana in multicoloured ethical jumpsuit
Photo by EVG Culture from Pexels



Based: UK        Ships to: International 

Made in: Works with international artisans

Range: Women’s clothing ranges

Price range: £60 – £100

Sustainability/Ethical creds: PeTA Approved Vegan, Mayamiko Trust

With stunning textiles from Asia, Africa, and Italy, Mayamiko sustainable jumpsuits are of high-quality, undeniably fashionable, and are unafraid of sporting a bright colour or bold print. The brand uses non-toxic dyes, has limited production runs, and uses green energy in its supply chain to tread lightly on the Earth.

Mayamiko’s supply chains are free from child labour, animal cruelty, unfair and unsafe conditions, proving that gorgeous clothes can still be ethical and eco-friendly.


girlfriend collective

Based: USA        Ships to: USA, Canada, UK, Australia & worldwide via

Made in: Taiwan, Vietnam

Range: Women’s and men´s athleisure, swim and underwear

Price range: $78 – $118 (around £65 – £100)

Sustainability/Ethical creds: SA8000 certified factory, use of recycled materials and clothing designed to be recycled, eco-friendly dyes

Ethical jumpsuits from Girlfriend Collective are made to be comfy. From their bike unitard to their rompers and jumpsuits, you can hit the gym, the sofa or the bar.

Girlfriend Collective make their collection from old water bottles and ECONYL from recycled ocean waste. Their water bottles are sourced from Taiwan which used to be called “garbage island”.

What´s more their factory is SA8000 certified meaning that workers are treated well. They are super vigilant about how their wastewater from dyeing is treated.

Based in the US with free shipping on orders over $100. 



Based: UK             Ships to: UK

Made in: Vietnam, Greece, India, China

Range: Women’s clothing ranges

Price range: £60 – £130

Sustainability/Ethical creds: Recycled materials, organic materials

Focusing on thoughtful fashion pieces, Albaray creates clothing that can be used every day. These comfortable wardrobe staples have a laid-back, minimalistic vibe, coming with simplified patterns that let the elegant designs shine through.

Ethical jumpsuits from UK-based Alabaray range from super casual, to summer cool to office and party, meaning you can easily find the right jumpsuit style for you.

The brand uses eco-friendly materials, including recycled polyester and organic cotton. Alabaray doesn’t source from areas with a high risk of forced labour and uses sustainable packaging for its products.

Girl by lake in jumpsuit
Photo by Krishh on Unsplash


love and confuse

Based: Lithuania            Ships to: International

Range: Women’s linen clothing

Price range: £65 – £75

Sustainability/Ethical creds: Natural materials, sustainable packaging

Jumpsuits from Love and Confuse have a timeless elegance and a classic charm. Loose fitting styles made from natural linens are common in the Love and Confuse jumpsuit range.

Made to a high quality and with a timeless appeal, these jumpsuits are designed to be wardrobe favourites for years to come. The brand also uses natural materials to reduce its environmental impact.


tamga designs

Based: Canada            Ships to: International

Made in: Indonesia

Range: Women’s clothing

Price range: CA$130 – 150 (£75-85)

Sustainability/Ethical creds: Member of 1% for the Planet, pending B-Corporation, works with GOTS and OEKO-TEX certified suppliers

Sustainable jumpsuits by TAMGA Designs are vibrant, colourful, and a whole lot of fun. With energetic prints and chic designs, TAMGA has jumpsuits for everything from a day at the beach to a formal event.

The brand uses water saving dyes, plastic free packaging and is pending B-Corporation certification. It works with sustainable suppliers and has strict codes of conduct to ensure fair labour conditions throughout its supply chain.

As the brand is based in Canada, if you are ordering from Europe or the UK, make sure you allow time for shipping.



Based: Germany            Ships to: International

Made in: Turkey, Portugal

Range: Women’s and men’s clothing

Price range: £75 – £135 (£46 on sale)

Sustainability/Ethical creds: GOTS certified materials, Fair Wear certified

ArmedAngels have an unwavering commitment to sustainability. The brand uses recycled, regenerated, and organic materials and has been involved in environmental social change initiatives.

As well as being sustainable, jumpsuits from ArmedAngels have a trendy, casual style. Perfect for a laid-back afternoon or casual brunch, these jumpsuits are as fashionable as they are ethical.

Girl in white ethical jumpsuit with white boots on road
Photo by Rulo Davila from Pexels


people tree

Based: UK           Ships to: International

Made in: Turkey, Portugal, Italy, Nepal, Kenya, India, Bangladesh

Range: Women’s and men’s ethical clothing

Price range: £85 – £149 (£31 on sale)

Sustainability/Ethical creds: GOTS, Soil Association Organic, Fairtrade Cotton, Guaranteed Fair Trade, PeTA Approved Vegan

Slow fashion brand People Tree is one of the original masters of the ethical clothing sector. The brand has been producing quality, sustainable, honestly produced clothing since the 90s.

An ethical jumpsuit from this UK brand is beautifully crafted to embrace quality, versatility, and classic style.

The brand has a string of ethical and environmental credentials. It supports conscientious production, pays a living wage, and works with communities around the world to create sustainable, ethical clothing.



Based: UK           Ships to: International

Made in: China, Indonesia, India, Nepal  

Range: Women’s and men’s clothing

Price range: £85 – £150 (£50 on sale)

Sustainability/Ethical creds: GOTS certified cotton, recycled materials, SA8000 factories

Another veteran of the ethical fashion scene, Komodo has been producing some of the best ethical jumpsuits in the UK since 1988. The label works with mainly SA8000 and GOTS certified factories meaning good working conditions for its workers. Its material list includes sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton, TENCEL, and bamboo.

With trendy jumpsuits coming in styles such as burnt orange corduroy, Komodo designs embody classic design while still embracing quirky, retro vibes.



Based: Australia           Ships to: International

Made in: China

Range: Women’s, men’s, and unisex styles

Price range: £85 – £140

Sustainability/Ethical creds: Renewable energy, OCS (Organic Cotton Standard) Certified materials, sustainable fabrics

Afends are the masters of making ethical jumpsuits that are both durable and fashionable. The brand champions sustainable fabric, focusing on hemp, to create clothes with a low environmental impact.

It should be noted that although the company does have quick shipping options and affordable styles, its shipping rates are quite high. However, being able to transition from day to night or from office to weekend wear, Afends jumpsuits are the perfect wardrobe staple.

Girl in ethical denim jumpsuit UK
Photo by Mike Von on Unsplash


two thirds

Based: Spain          Ships to: International

Range: Women’s and men’s clothing and accessories

Made in: France, Italy, Portugal

Price range: €136 – 162 (£105-140)

Sustainability/Ethical creds: Climate neutral

With the proud title of climate neutral, you can be sure that a stylish jumpsuit from Two Thirds is sustainable. The European label produces stunningly made clothing that has a playfully casual vibe, perfect for a relaxed weekend afternoon.

Two Thirds reduces waste by reusing fabric from unsold items in production, reducing any deadstock it creates. It also uses a pre-order system to reduce the risk of overstocking, uses sustainable fabrics and has many vegan pieces.



Based: Turkey           Ships to: International

Range: Women’s clothing

Price range: £113 – £147

Sustainability/Ethical creds: Works with GOTS, GRS, and OCS Certified factories

OhSevenDays primarily use reclaimed and deadstock fabric. This innovative label is actively contributing to a sustainable fashion sector by keeping quality materials out of landfill. The company sources fabrics straight from mills and furthers its sustainable practices by using reclaimed materials only from mills that are GOTS, GRS (Global Recycled Standard) or OCS certified.

OhSevenDays have contemporary jumpsuit styles. Nothing is too bright or over the top, and these simplified designs create an atmosphere of easy, uncomplicated elegance.



Based: UK          Ships to: International

Range: Women’s clothing

Made in: Portugal, Romania, Bulgaria

Price range: £100 – £170

Sustainability/Ethical creds: Certified B Corp, vegan styles, Living Wage Employer, sustainable packaging, living wage employer, member of The Fashion Pact, United Nations Fashion Charter, and The Sustainable Apparel Coalition, uses sustainable viscose, recycled fabrics, and organic cotton

Offering linen, denim, dungaree and overall styles, Baukjen´s ethical jumpsuits offer the UK market conscience-free chic in abundance. 

Baukjen has an array of sustainable and ethical credentials including the coveted B Corp certification, are carbon neutral and use sustainable and ethically sourced materials. 

glen-jackson-girl on beach in ethical jumpsuit
Photo by Glen Jackson on Unsplash



Based: US           Ships to: International

Range: Women’s clothing

Made in: China, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Pakistan, Turkey, USA

Price range: £248 – 300

Sustainability/Ethical creds: Climate-neutral certified, aim to be climate positive by 2025, use of sustainable fabrics and deadstock materials

Although based in the US, Reformation has several stores in London and offers free shipping to the UK. One of the priciest on our list of the best ethical jumpsuits in the UK, but well worth the investment. Chic, elegant and versatile Reformation´s jumpsuits are the perfect one-piece to throw on for instant class.

Reformation qualifies for a hard to achieve “Good” on Good On You´s sustainability checker due to their eco friendly materials and monitoring of its factories to ensure ethical production.



Based: LA, USA           Ships to: International

Range: Women’s clothing

Price range: £285

Sustainability/Ethical creds: BCI and OCS-certified cotton, GRS-certified recycled fabrics, part of the Jeans Redesign project.

Based in LA but offering worldwide shipping, sustainable fashion brand Boyish caters for women with a boyish sense of style. They offer a 100% organic denim collection that is free of harmful chemicals such as synthetic dyes and bleach.

Their stylish jumpsuits are made from recycled or organic cotton and Tencel Lycocell meaning they use less water in production.

Rated “Great” by Good On You and given a Rockstar 40 by Remake, Boyish offers ethical jumpsuits to the UK market that you can feel really good about wearing.

Ethical Clothing is Always on Trend

Whether you are looking for a cute comfortable outfit for a relaxed Sunday afternoon or a sophisticated style to carry you from the office to a night out, jumpsuits offer a unique level of versatility.

As the sustainable fashion market expands, jumpsuits are becoming a core staple of an environmentally friendly wardrobe.  

Fashionable, easy to style, and coming in a variety of designs to reflect your personal style, the best ethical jumpsuits are quickly becoming the most fashionable jumpsuits around!

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