Clothes on Order: 10 Clothes Subscription Services in the UK

Clothes on Order: 10 Clothes Subscription Services in the UK

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From Netflix to food boxes, subscription packages have become a core part of how we shop in the modern world. The fashion market is not immune to the growing trend of subscription box shopping. Clothes subscriptions in the UK have been steadily increasing in recent years with packages to suit any budget or style.

Clothing subscription services work on the same subscription model used in other industries. Consumers sign up for the service and companies prepare clothing packages and send them out on a pre-approved basis. Depending on the service, this can be anything from a monthly subscription to a few times a year.

The clothing subscription industry is undoubtedly growing. In 2020 fashion boxes made up nearly a quarter of all subscription box services in the UK.

Why are clothes subscriptions so Popular?

There are a few reasons that they are catching on so well.

Try Before You Buy

Many UK fashion subscription boxes allow you to try the clothes in the box, keep or buy the ones you want and send the rest back. This try before you buy concept means that you can have all the advantages of online shopping without the risk.

Always on Trend

Clothing subscription services listen to what you want and create clothing packages that are on trend while still being your style. This means that your clothes always fit with the latest trends while still having that touch of individuality.

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A Time Saver

Browsing the stores on our local high street or clicking through our favourite brands’ endless pages can take time we don’t have.

Clothing subscription boxes do all the hard work for the customer. They deliver quality clothing right to our doorstep, saving us the endless hours that conventional shopping would have taken.

Is it Ethical and Sustainable?

The ethical and sustainable credentials of subscription boxes really depend on the company used.

Third Party Designers

Not all fashion subscription services design their own clothing. This means that the ethical and sustainable policies of the company rely heavily on the clothing companies that supply them.

However, overall the system promotes a more considered fashion sector. It allows consumers to move away from an attitude of unsustainable impulse buying through a regular subscription model. And it allows clothes to be used many more times than they would be if you bought them, wore them once and stashed them at the back of your wardrobe.

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Do your Research

As with any fashion organisation, it pays to do your research. Look at the clothing brands that a UK clothes subscription company uses, its policies on sustainable packaging and fair work to make an informed choice that fits with your morals.

Is It Expensive?

The simple answer is that some services can be costly. Boxes with luxury brands are more likely to come with an increased price tag. However, there are some affordable options out there.

It is also important to consider that the price tag on subscription boxes is for multiple products over an increased time frame.  A recent study recommended that consumers spend 5% of their salary on clothing. While one six month clothing subscription may cost £500, over a year this works out at less than 5% of the median British salary (£31,000).

10 of the best

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Here are 10 of our favourite services available at the moment:


Belles and Babes

Based: UK 

Range: Maternity clothing and organic children’s clothes

Price: £20 – £45 per box

Sustainability creds: Hire service, organic fabrics, reusable packaging

Belles and Babes is the solution to kids growing out of clothes too quickly and maternity wear that can only be worn for a few months. The company offers subscription boxes of baby clothes and maternity wear that grow with you. When you’ve finished with your trendy styles, simply send them back and get the next set of perfectly fitting looks.

Belles and Babes offers soft organic clothing and tailors the boxes for the season. Swaps are available if there is a style in the box you just aren’t feeling, and sustainable packaging is used.


Mos Clothing Subscription

Based: Italy 

Range: Men’s and women’s socks

Price: €89 per Shipment

Sustainability creds: Vegan, use of deadstock fabric, plastic free packaging

With clothing made in Italy, Mos Clothing is considered in its approach to the fashion sector. The organisation is a champion of slow fashion and works to make sustainable clothing accessible. Mos Clothing’s curated boxes host elegant styles and classic designs.

The company’s clothing is vegan, and deadstock and vintage fabrics are used to reduce waste. Believing in a sustainable future, the brand’s packaging is eco-friendly and even the office lights are LED. For more vegan clothing see our article of the best brands in the UK here.


The Devout

Based: UK 

Range: Men’s and Women’s Clothing Boxes

Price: £79 per month

Sustainability creds: Rental service

Working slightly differently from many other subscription services, The Devout gives the choice back to the consumer. With each box, customers can choose five stylish, contemporary items to be delivered to their door. With top fashion brands available, these £79 boxes can have styles worth close to £500.

The champions of circular fashion, when the month is up items are returned to The Devout and a new box is sent. By this very model, The Devout is keeping clothing out of landfill and rejecting a fast fashion mindset. As if that wasn’t good enough, subscribing to The Devout also means you get trendy wardrobe updates every month!

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Stitch Fix

Based: UK and USA

Range: Men’s and Women’s Styles

Price: £40 – £160

Sustainability creds: Requires vendors to operate within local ethical and legal regulations

Stitch Fix is one of the most well-known clothing subscription services. The company operates in the UK and US markets and offers boxes for both men and women. Stitch Fix offers a tailored service so you can be sure that all clothing will match your style profile and budget. Stitch Fix’s styling profile feature is like having your own personal stylist creating your clothing boxes! 

The brand still has some work to do on the sustainability front and regarding some of the brands it works with. However, the tailored subscription model it works on does move away from the environmentally disastrous fast fashion mindset of buying low quality clothing on impulse.


The Tights Club

Based: UK

Range: Tights and Stockings

Price: £7 per pair + shipping

Sustainability creds: Recycled materials, environmentally friendly packaging

A good pair of tights can make or break an outfit. A subscription from The Tights Club will make sure you are never victim to sub-par tights again. Fashionable, high-quality, and comfortable tights are available in sizes 8-34 and are designed to make you feel and look good.

Tights Club tights are made from sustainable post and pre-consumer nylon waste. This means not only are they fashionable, but they are also helping to reduce fashion waste. Adding to this environmental ethos, all packaging is environmentally friendly.


A Curated Thrift

Based: USA (available internationally)

Range: Women’s clothing subscription

Price: $49.95 – 849.95 USD per month

Sustainability creds: Pre-loved styles, eco-friendly shipping

A Curated Thrift is the ultimate pre-loved shopping destination. This clothing subscription service scours all the greatest thrift store styles to bring unique looks to subscribers every month. With box titles including, ‘Hollywood Regency’, ‘Grunge’ and ‘Classic Chic’, A Curated Thrift has something for everyone!

A Curated Thrift gives a new life to pre-loved fashion. It provides a way for consumers to easily access the second hand market and curates these styles to always look on trend.

Baby clothes subscription box
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Based: UK 

Range: Baby and Children’s Clothing

Price: £24- £39 per month

Sustainability creds: Rental service, OEKO-TEX, GOTS Certified, Climate-KIC

Bundlee holds the proud title of the first rental clothing boxes in the UK made specifically for babies. Bundlee works with quality baby clothing companies, and even creates its own sustainable designs.

Whether you are looking to dress your little one in a chic minimalistic style, explore arty prints, or are a fan of modern classic design, Bundlee has something for you.

The Bundlee branded clothing items in the boxes are produced in a mill that runs on 70% renewable energy. These sustainable styles are also OEKO-TEX and GOTS certified. To top it all off, when your little one has grown out of their fashionable clothes, you can send them back and get some new ones!



Based: UK

Range: Women’s subscription boxes

Price: £69 – £99

Sustainability creds: Rental service, environmentally friendly packaging, Sustainable suppliers

Onloan offers clothing subscription boxes that have a flair for statement fashion. Offering monthly subscriptions of two or four clothing pieces, the styles in an Onloan box of clothes can total over £500. Unafraid of bright colours and bold silhouettes, Onloan subscription boxes are for fashionistas that aren’t afraid to turn heads.

Onloan works with sustainable fashion companies to supply its boxes. It uses reusable and recyclable packaging and through its rental service encourages a sustainable, circular fashion mindset.



Based: UK 

Range: Luxury Bags   

Price: £79-£99 per month

Sustainability creds: Rental Programs

For anyone that knows that a quality bag is the ultimate style accessory, Cocoon is for you. Cocoon creates stylish subscription boxes for UK buyers made up of only the best bags. The service has everything from crossbody bags to totes, and even belt bags available. Styles are all from luxury houses, fulfilling all your bag desires.

Although not all the brands that Cocoon works with have the best sustainability practices, the rental subscription service it offers helps to mitigate these impacts. It allows consumers to engage with the luxury market in a way that promotes considered consumption, circular fashion, and a more balanced outlook on the styles we choose to wear.

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Socks in a Box

Based: UK

Range: Men’s and women’s socks

Price: £40 for Six Month Subscription

Sustainability creds: Eco-friendly fabrics, sock donation programs

Socks in a Box are the ultimate UK clothes subscription box for keeping your sock drawer looking fresh. Socks come in cheerful colours and are soft and breathable for added comfort. The brand offers a range of subscription models, including a rolling subscription option.

A pair of socks from this fun company are made from bamboo, a crop that requires less water and space than conventional cotton. Socks in a Box also use eco-friendly packaging wherever possible. Embracing an attitude of giving, when a pair of trendy socks are bought, the company donates a pair to someone in need.

A New Fashion Model

The subscription model is becoming a core part of modern shopping. These boxes move away from a fast fashion mindset and allow clothes to be used more. They allow consumers to experiment with clothing styles, and rental boxes provide a practical and sustainable way to update a stylish wardrobe.

Whether it’s that we are all wanting to save some time, are undecided about our fashion style, or just don’t want to trudge down the high street, it seems that UK clothes subscription services are here to stay.


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