14 brands making ethical & organic baby clothes UK

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14 brands making ethical & organic baby clothes UK

Ethical baby clothes are a must for any new parent. As well as supporting a sustainable future, these clothes often incorporate natural and organic materials that are gentle on young skin. Meanwhile, ethical brands support a mindset and production practice that is kind to people and the planet. 

organic, natural and OEKO-TEX certified materials

Baby clothing in particular must be kind to young and sensitive skin. Many brands opt for organic materials to reduce the risk of skin reactions due to exposure to harsh dyes and residue from other harmful chemicals. As such, our roundup includes labels making some of the best organic baby clothes in the UK too.

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What are ethical baby clothes?

Like any other facet of the sustainable fashion industry, ethical baby clothes are made with consumers, creators and the environment in mind. These clothes are made in ethical supply chains, ideally with certifications such as Fairtrade.

These supply chains enforce policies and practices that protect the rights and safety of workers. These include the payment of a living wage, and strictly prohibiting practices such as child labour and modern slavery.

Ethically made baby clothes utilise sustainable materials. These include innovative and recycled materials, as well as responsible and organically sourced natural fabrics.

As well as being kind to young skin, sustainable clothing is made by companies that have robust environmental policies in place. This goes further than just materials. It includes practices such as using renewable energy and plastic-free packaging.

Animal welfare practices

Looking out for our animal friends too, ethical baby clothes are often made in a way that doesn’t harm animals. The best assurance of animal welfare is to look for vegan brands, however those with robust animal welfare policies and accreditations are also doing well.

Ethical baby clothes for UK tiny tots

Whatever yours and your baby’s style, these ethical labels are a great place for finding the most adorable clothes produced to the highest ethical standards. Clothing that is gentle on the most sensitive skin and gentle on the planet as well.

To try and make the pricing comparable, as a guide we’ve given the price from which bodysuits start.

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1. Toby Tiger

Based: UK.        Ships to: Worldwide
Made in: India
Bodysuits starting at: £10.99
Sustainability creds: Organic and sustainable materials, GOTS, Fair Trade

Ethical baby clothes from UK brand Toby Tiger are bright and quirky while still being gorgeously cute. From colourful bodysuits to daisy printed dungarees, Toby Tiger makes clothes adorned with fun prints perfect for a colourful childhood.

Toby Tiger embraces organic and sustainable materials to create its vibrant styles. Looking out for people and the planet, it supports an ethical and safe supply chain.

2. Kite

Based: UK          Ships to: Worldwide
Bodysuits starting at: £12
Sustainability creds: Organic materials, recycled materials, GOTS, Oeko-Tex approved fabric

Sporting delightful prints and vibrant colours, inexpensive organic baby clothes from this UK brand are sure to brighten up any day. The label makes joyful and fun clothes that are sustainable and stylish while still being affordable.

Kite pays attention to the details when it comes to sustainability, incorporating materials like coconut buttons to create eco-friendly products. As well as creating organic clothing, the label also uses materials made from recycled plastic bottles.

3. Polarn O.Pyret (PO.P)

Based: Sweden         Ships to: Worldwide
Made in: Germany, India, Vietnam, China, South Korea & Bangladesh
Bodysuits starting at: £14
Sustainability creds: Organic materials, GOTS, charitable partnerships, member of Amfori-BSCI, SA8000 certified factories, re-sell scheme, recycled materials

Polarn O.Pyret makes kids clothes that are contemporary while still having a timeless charm. From babygrows adorned with rainbow ice creams to gorgeous ocean-inspired tees, Polarn O. Pyret makes ethical kid’s clothes for every childhood adventure.

PO.P has strong sustainability policies in place and has reached sustainable goals ahead of schedule. The brand also works to ensure fair and safe supply chains across product ranges.

4. Boody

Based: Australia/UK.        Ships to: Worldwide
Bodysuits starting at: £14
Sustainability creds: Sustainable materials, supports charitable initiatives, organic materials, B Corp certified, Oeko-Tex, PeTA approved Vegan

While the Boody baby range may be limited, it does offer a good sustainable option for UK ethical baby clothes. Styles are minimalistic in their designs and are made from the label’s signature soft bamboo fabric.

Boody has become well-known in the market for its use of sustainable materials. The label has also collaborated with charities including Breast Cancer UK and Something To Look Forward Too.

5. Baby Mori

Based: UK.        Ships to: Worldwide
Made in: Turkey
Bodysuits starting at: £14.80
Sustainability creds: Organic materials, recycled materials, sustainable packaging, charitable initiatives

Made from soft fabrics and with versatility in mind, babywear from Baby Mori offers a cute and sustainable clothing option that doesn’t break the bank. The brand designs clothes to be comfortable and versatile.

Baby Mori uses sustainable and organic materials in its products and engages with charitable initiatives. The label has partnered with Little Village to help families in need.

6. From Babies with Love

Based: UK         Ships to: Worldwide
Made in: Turkey & China
Bodysuits starting at: £14.90
Sustainability creds: Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audited factories, charitable initiative, GOTS, use of sustainable and organic materials

With profits going towards supporting abandoned children, From Babies with Love shows how a clothing company can be utilised to drive positive change. Adorned with rainbow hearts and handwritten depictions of the word love, these baby clothes are made from the softest organic cotton and are as cute as they are ethical.

As well as its ethical mission, the organisation uses GOTS certified organic cotton to limit its environmental impact. So far, From Babies with love has helped over 25,000 children around the world.

7. The Natural Store

Based: UK.        Ships to: Worldwide
Bodysuits starting at: £14.99
Sustainability creds: Sustainable marketplace, recycled and recyclable packaging

A marketplace for ethical products, The Natural Store hosts sustainable brands making the baby essentials every new parent needs. The platform has simple bodysuits, playful t-shirts and cute babygrows for every tiny tot.

The Natural Store provides a valuable marketplace to allow consumers to easily access sustainable and organic products. The company also uses sustainable packaging to help limit its overall impact.

8. Little Green Radicals

Based: UK         Ships to: Worldwide
Made in: India
Bodysuits starting at: £22
Sustainability creds: Fair Trade Cotton, Soil Association Certified, GOTS Certified organic materials

Little Green Radicals crafts quality kids’ clothing with delightful prints. With dungarees adorned with sweet sunflowers to rompers ready for summer and printed with wondrous whales, this brand has beautiful clothing for the littlest eco-warriors.

Little Green Radicals has an impressive list of certifications to back up its sustainability claims. The brand has been recognised for its eco-conscious take on children’s fashion and its playful designs, having won the Silver Award in the Junior Design Awards in 2020.

9. Lottie & Lysh

Based: UK         Ships to: Worldwide
Made in: UK
Bodysuits starting at: £23
Sustainability creds: Sustainable materials, Oeko-Tex certified materials, in-house production, recyclable packaging

With girls’, boys’ and unisex styles on offer, Lottie & Lysh are making sustainable baby clothes that are fresh, bright, and fun. The label has been voted Ethical Baby & Children’s Brand of the Year three years running.

The brand takes a comprehensive approach to sustainability. It ensures all fabric is used or donated to minimise waste. It also uses sustainable materials and operates with an ethos of making sustainable fashion accessible for all.

What’s more, you can get 10% off your entire order with the code JULIE10.

10. Matona

Based: Austria         Ships to: Worldwide
Made in: Portugal
Bodysuits starting at: €30
Sustainability creds: Organic materials, GOTS, sustainable packaging

With a pared-back colour palette, Matona makes sustainable children’s clothing that feels inspired from nature. The brand’s sustainable clothes include organic materials, making them soft against young skin. 

Matona embraces organic materials, including certified organic fabrics. It prioritises ethical manufacturing and offers sustainable packaging options. 

11. ergoPouch

Based: Australia.        Ships to: Worldwide
Sleep Pouches starting at: £31.95
Sustainability creds: Organic materials, timeless design ethos, buy back scheme

Made to create cosy sleeps, ergoPouch makes pyjamas and sleep pouches that are Tog rated and made from natural materials. Pouches are graded for different temperatures and come adorned with adorable printed designs. The brand has products for newborns right up to children five years of age.

ergoPouch uses materials that are gentle on young skin, prioritising non-toxic, organic and natural fibres. The label also helps to support its local community through engaging with charitable initiatives and organisations.

Editor’s note: I have loved these baby pouches for my newborn, they are soft and gorgeous and I loved putting her in it!

12. Organic Zoo

Based: UK.        Ships to: Worldwide
Made in: Europe
Bodysuits starting at: £32
Sustainability creds: Organic materials, timeless design ethos, buy back scheme

Organic Zoo baby clothes are sweet and simple. Taking inspiration from nature, designs feature prints inspired by apple orchards, night skies and olive groves. The brand has a wide range of gender neutral styles.

Organic Zoo uses organic materials and creates products that are gender neutral and high quality so they can be passed down between sibling groups. The brand needs to share more information to ensure safe and fair supply chains.

13. Smalls Merino

Based: UK/New Zealand.        Ships to: Worldwide
Made in: Portugal
Bodysuits starting at: £45
Sustainability creds: ZQ Merino Certified farms, EMAS certified mill, natural materials

Championing temperature-regulating merino wool, Smalls Merino is making baby clothes that are gentle on sensitive skin to keep every baby feeling comfortable. Baby clothes have a cute, almost rustic inspired charm with elements of vintage vibes.

The label creates its products in collaboration with a family run business in Portugal. It puts animal welfare at the forefront of production, ensuring farms are certified to make sure ethical practices are upheld.

14. Kids Around Green Around Collection

Based: UK Ships to: Worldwide
Bodysuits starting at: £55
Sustainability creds: Use of organic materials, use of recycled materials

The Green Around range by Kids Around is the home of sustainable clothing for stylish kids. The platform hosts luxury children’s clothing pieces created by top designers including Boss, Kenzo Kids, and Timberland.

While the overall label is not specifically a sustainable fashion platform, the Green Around range does include organic and sustainable materials. It would be great to see more ethical and sustainable policies and practices adopted across the wider organisation also.

If you’re looking to buy a gift for a friend or family member with a baby, we also have a baby gift guide (all under £50) for further inspiration!

Clothes for the littlest eco-warriors

When buying clothes for the youngest members of the family there are a lot of different aspects to consider. Buying ethical, quality, and organically based clothing is a good option to protect young baby’s skin. It also helps to create a greener and fairer fashion industry.

Buying baby clothing from ethical brands is a great option to help to reshape what the fashion industry can look like. It is helping to make a cleaner world for future generations and ensuring every little eco-warrior has a bright future ahead.

If you are also looking for ethical, sustainable, and organic children’s clothes for little ones past the baby stage, be sure to check out our article on sustainable children’s clothing brands.


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