6 brands for the best men’s linen shirts in the UK  

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6 brands for the best men’s linen shirts in the UK  

As summer approaches, UK brands are offering some of the best men’s linen shirts. These stylish and sustainable shirts are great for keeping cool in the warmer months and are made from eco-friendly and natural fabric.

Properties and types of linen

Linen has a beautiful natural texture and is made from flax plants. It is a more environmentally friendly option than conventional cotton as we highlight in our article is linen more eco-friendly than cotton, it is highly absorbent, as well as being strong and durable.

These sustainable and comfort-inducing properties have made this breathable fabric a popular choice. Linen clothing is used for everything from casual wear to special events clothing and wedding shirts.

Types of Linen

Linen comes in different weights. It’s important to read care labels as linen of different weights has different requirements.

Lightweight linen is very fine and often has sheer or gauze-like property. While it isn’t often used for clothing, some lightweight shirts may incorporate linen of this weighting. 

Mid-weight linen is slightly studier. It still has a nice drape, making it common for linen clothing, including men’s linen shirts and linen trousers. Heavyweight linens are more likely to be used for homewares.

Brands creating the best men's linen shirts for UK buyers

So who are the brands making the best men’s linen shirts in the UK?

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1. Shop Like You Give a Damn

Based: UK         Ships to: UK, USA & Europe

Price: £33- £113

Sustainability creds: Cruelty free products, sustainable materials, sustainable clothing platform

Advocating for everyone to take a more conscious approach to how they spend, Shop Like You Give a Damn hosts linen shirts from sustainable labels. The platform has elegant and classic men’s shirts with a contemporary feel.

Shop Like You Give a Damn takes the hard work out of finding sustainable products. It supports cruelty-free production principles and only includes brands it deems ethical and sustainable in its collections.

2. Komodo

Based: UK         Ships to: Worldwide

Made in: Nepal & Indonesia

Price: £75

Sustainability creds: 1% for the Planet member, GOTS, Soil Association member, guaranteed fair wages in the supply chain

The men’s linen shirt and top range from Komodo is small, but is undeniably cool. The label features men’s linen shirt styles that incorporate fun colours and funky designs to make garments that stand out from the crowd.

Komodo uses a great range of sustainable materials, including organic linen. It has the certifications to back up its environmental claims. The organisation has also supported projects such as the Sumatran Orangutan Society.

3. MagicLinen

Based: Lithuania         Ships to: Worldwide

Made in: Lithuania

Price: £88 – £118

Sustainability creds: Oeko-Tex, sustainable packaging, supports community initiatives, made to order production

With button-downs designed with a relaxed look and crafted with high-quality materials, MagicLinen is making the ultimate warm weather styles. Linen shirts come in classic colours that bring a laid-back sophistication to any outfit.

As well as using natural materials, the label takes a slow production approach, with many products made to order. The company also has sustainable certifications and uses biodegradable packaging.

And what’s more, MagicLinen are offering Good Maker Tales readers an exclusive 10% off everything with code GOODMAKERLINEN10.

For more on this great brand, check out our review: Clothes that keep you cool: MagicLinen review.

4. Wolf & Badger

Based: UK         Ships to: Worldwide

Price: £72- £506

Sustainability creds: B Corp certified, ethical marketplace, cruelty-free products, use of natural and sustainable materials

Hosting a variety of quality designs from innovative sustainable designers, Wolf & Badger has a great selection of styles with long sleeves, as well as short sleeve men’s linen shirts for UK shoppers. The platform has some of the best men’s linen shirt options in bold, contemporary styles alongside more minimalistic and classic designs in its linen range.

As well as having achieved B Corp certification, the organisation provides a valuable link between independent ethical brands and conscious consumers.

5. Kuyichi

Based: Netherlands         Ships to: Worldwide

Price: €90 – €110

Made in: Tunisia, Turkey & Portugal

Sustainability creds: Fair Wear Foundation, GOTS certified products, recycled and organic materials

Linen shirts from Kuyichi embrace a vibe of relaxed elegance. The brand creates fine linen shirts that have an undertone of luxury. Designs incorporate simple colour palettes to let the quality of the materials and design do all the talking.

Kuyichi has made great steps on its sustainable journey. As well as organic linen, the label uses a variety of organic and recycled sustainable materials in its products to reduce its overall impact.

6. Pangaia

Based: UK.         Ships to: Worldwide

Price: £115 – £130

Sustainability creds: Net zero goals, recycled materials, emissions offsetting, Global Recycled Standard, give back initiatives

The home of colourful and cheerful clothing, Pangaia has a range of great linen shirt styles in vibrant shades, alongside more neutral tones. Linen shirts with short sleeves are unisex in design and sport an on-trend boxy cut. With a focus on comfort, many of the label’s men’s linen shirt styles are even treated with aloe vera to be extra soft against the skin.

Pangaia has achieved some great goals in regard to becoming net zero. It shows its social responsibility by engaging with give-back programs and has the vision to inspire and accelerate an Earth Positive Future.

The Perfect Summer Shirt

Linen shirts offer a great option for the UK summer heat. From a white linen shirt perfect for a formal affair to a casual men’s shirt featuring a relaxed fit. The good news is there is a linen piece for every taste.

Sustainable and stylish, ethical and eco-friendly, brands making the best men’s linen shirts in the UK prove that summer fashion can be comfortable, eco-friendly and always on trend.


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