9 eco-friendly brands for organic wool mattresses

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9 eco-friendly brands for organic wool mattresses

The average person spends a significant amount of their life in bed, and yet the mattresses many of us sleep on may not be doing wonders for our health. From harmful chemicals to the use of unsustainable synthetic fabrics, conventional mattresses can be harmful for both people and the planet. 

Organic wool mattresses and organic cotton and wool mattresses offer a more natural approach. The production of organic mattresses incorporates greener materials and practices, and avoids the use of toxic chemicals. These mattresses are cleaner, greener and can help relieve everything from allergies to asthma.

What is an organic wool mattress?

As with any organic material, the key difference between organic wool and regular wool comes down to pesticide exposure. Simply put, organic wool comes from sheep that haven’t been exposed to potentially harmful pesticides. Furthermore, organic wool hasn’t been treated by toxic chemicals at any stage of its production from fibre to finished product. 

Other chemicals that can be found lurking in conventional mattresses include flame retardants, VOCs and phthalates. We explored these further in our article about non-toxic mattresses

A mattress, of course, isn’t normally made only of wool, so even in an organic wool mattress you will find other materials, such as cotton, springs, and various types of foam or latex. So when looking for an organic mattress for a restful night, it is a good idea to check that all components of the mattress are as natural and organic as possible. 

Benefits of organic wool mattresses 

Like many other organic fibres, organic wool is better for both people and the planet. From its hypoallergenic properties to its biodegradable advantages, an organic wool mattress is often the healthy choice.

Health and comfort 

Organic wool means no nasties such as pesticide and insecticide residue is lurking in your mattress. This makes these mattresses a great choice for allergy sufferers. 

These mattresses also have temperature regulating and moisture-wicking properties to help ensure a comfortable night. 

Environmentally Friendly 

The ecological impact of pesticides and other dangerous chemicals on the natural world is well documented. Everything from contaminating soil to killing aquatic life to irreversibly disrupting ecosystems can be impacts of pesticide use. Organic wool avoids the use of these chemicals and, as a result, mitigates these environmental missteps. 

These organic fibres are also biodegradable. This biodegradable advantage is something that non-organic fibres, contaminated with chemicals and often mixed with synthetic and polyester fibres, can’t always claim. 

Sheep that produce organic wool are fed with organic feed and graze on organic land, this means fewer chemicals and better animal welfare practices for these animals too. 

Certifications to look for

When searching for the best organic wool mattresses, it is always a good idea to keep a look out for certifications. Certifications can help to back up the environmental claims that brands make and provide a level of accountability in the marketplace. 

Some certifications to look for includes:

Finding the best organic wool mattresses 

So, let’s dive in and explore exactly who the innovative organisations are that are crafting natural wool mattress styles designed for only the sweetest nights. 

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1. Amore Beds

Based: USA
Ships to: USA & Canada
Made in: USA
Price: US $425 – $2,499
Sustainability creds: GOTS Certified materials, certified Carbon Neutralized products GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) certified materials 

Amore Beds are the perfect addition to a bedroom setting that prioritises a natural approach. The brand has a wide range of mattresses on offer, including their two-sided mattress that offers a unique two-sided design that doubles the mattress longevity. 

American-owned and operated, Amore places a strong focus on quality. It uses natural materials, including certified organic wool sourced from the hills of New Zealand. The company also uses sustainable natural latex and organic cotton, making these mattresses the stuff that dreams are made of.

2. Naturepedic

Based: USA
Ships to: Continental USA & Canada
Made in: USA
Price: US $269 – $6,499
Sustainability creds: GOTS Certified materials, GOLS certified materials, 1% for the Planet member, Made Safe recognition, EWG verified 

With everything from cot mattresses to California king-size styles on offer, Naturepedic has an organic sleeping option for the whole family. These organic mattresses incorporate materials such as organic cotton alongside organic wool.

The brand even has options with customisable design features, including swapping mattress layers to find the perfect combination, to ensure maximum comfort. 

Having been acknowledged by the likes of Vox, Forbes and New York Times and having won at the 2024 Good Housekeeping Best Bedding Awards, Naturepedic is an organic mattress brand with some serious credentials.

The label takes an ethical approach to production, not only using a myriad of sustainable and organic materials but also adopting an attitude of giving back.

3. White Lotus Home

Based: USA
Ships to: Worldwide (fees apply)
Made in: USA
Price: US $426 – $2,415
Sustainability creds: GOTS, Green America certified business, member of the Organic trade Association

With organic materials at the centre of its production ethos, White Lotus Home offers everything from toddler and crib mattresses to luxurious California kings.

The brand’s use of organic and environmentally friendly materials make these mattresses great for those that suffer from allergies and come in a variety of firmness levels to accommodate every personal preference.

White Lotus Home holds some impressive certifications to back up its sustainability claims. The company offers mattress samples to ensure every customer gets the right mattress for them, and even has custom hand-made options available.

4. Plush Beds

Based: USA
Ships to: USA
Made in: USA
Price: US $949 – $11,249
Sustainability creds: GOTS, GOLS, GreenGuard Gold certified, eco-INSTITUT certified, FSC certified, Control Union certified, give back schemes.

From plush pillow-top styles to supportive spring-based options, Plush Beds have mattresses designed to give only the most restful sleep. The brand has mattresses in a range of sizes, including those for the littlest eco-warriors in the family. 

Plush Beds is dedicated to making ‘better mattresses in a better way’. For this eco-friendly company, this means using materials such as organic wool and cotton. They also support sustainable local manufacturing and give back through supporting initiatives such as family centres and scholarship programs.

5. Birch Living

Based: USA
Ships to: USA
Made in: USA

Price: US $998 – $1,873
Sustainability creds: GOTS certified, Fair Trade USA, eco INSTITUT certified, Greenguard Gold

Crafted with organic materials and specially engineered ergonomic pressure relief technology, mattresses from Birch Living are made with comfort in mind. The company has both children’s and full size mattresses on offer to give every member of the family a healthy night sleep.

Birch Living takes an ethical approach to both materials and production with organic wool mattresses from this eco-conscious brand including sustainable GOTS Certified materials and Fair Trade certified components.

6. Spindle Mattress

Based: USA

Ships to: USA

Price: US $1,000 – $2,799

Sustainability creds: Use of natural and organic materials, give-back ethos 

Boasting affordable luxury, Spindle Mattress takes the natural approach to creating quality bedding. They are available in a range of firmness levels that you can adjust yourself and even a split firmness option.

Mattresses from this sustainably-minded company incorporate eco-conscious materials including organic latex as the main material alongside organic cotton and, of course, organic wool.

Inspiring consumers to live more naturally, Spindle crafts mattresses that are designed to be good for both people and the planet. Earning an impressive reputation for its amazing products, the company has appeared in publications such as The Good Trade and was awarded Best Mattress 2023 by Nap Lab.

7. The Futon Shop

Based: USA

Ships to: Worldwide (contact the company for orders outside continental USA)

Made in: USA

Price: US $1,019 – $2,499

Sustainability creds: GOTS, USDA Organic, GOLS, OEKO-TEX certified fibres 

With a range of expertly handcrafted organic wool mattresses, The Futon Shop has styles that are eco-friendly, toxin-free and made locally in the USA. The company has far more on offer than just futons, with everything from luxurious mattresses to comfortable couches available.

Believing that living naturally shouldn’t be cost prohibitive, the label works to create quality, sustainable, and healthy products at an affordable price. With close to five decades of experience, The Futon Shop creates products that give every consumer the effortless peace of mind they are searching for.

8. My Green Mattress

Based: USA
Ships to: USA
Made in: USA

Price: US $399 – $2,099
Sustainability creds: GOTS certified, GOLS, Made Safe certified, Greenguard Gold certified 

My Green Mattress is the home of luxury mattresses made with a natural approach. From their crib mattresses to their exquisite full-size mattress options, bedding from My Green Mattress has proved itself to be, as the name suggests, the greener choice. 

The label started from the owners’ own family journey to find a more natural way to sleep to help ease their little one’s allergies. My Green Mattress has evolved into a sustainable company that stands by its commitments to creating greener, cleaner products.

Mattresses from this innovative brand are free from flame-retardant chemicals, VOCs and other harmful toxins. The organisation also offers a generous 365-night free trial.

9. Winstons Beds

Based: UK
Ships to: Worldwide (Free UK shipping)
Made in: UK

Price: GBP £269 – £13,499
Sustainability creds: GOTS certified filling, local production, up to 30 year guarantee 

Using plush natural fibres and expertly designed springs, Winstons Beds offers quality mattresses that make every night a dream. The label has hypoallergenic styles and bespoke handcrafted mattresses championing sustainable materials. 

With a heritage tracing back nearly a century, Winstons Beds is a company that has earned its place as a legacy in British mattress production. The company started with a passion to ‘redefine the luxury bedding industry’ and has evolved to use only the finest materials in its incredible pieces. 

Organic wool mattresses for the comfiest of nights

Whether you want to escape into pillowtop softness or prefer a pressure-relieving extra-firm mattress style, there are some great organic wool mattresses out there. Located from the UK to the USA, these incredible companies are proving that there is a more natural approach to getting the ultimate night’s sleep.

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