7 best organic cotton bedding brands UK for a luxury sleep

Photo of organic cotton bedsheets on bed

7 best organic cotton bedding brands UK for a luxury sleep

Soft, silky sheets are the ultimate luxury for a cosy night sleep. For the sustainable consumer, finding sheets that are organic and made with people and the planet in mind is a must. So, to help you find sheets that inspire sweet dreams, we have created our handy roundup of the best organic cotton bedding UK. 

Conventional cotton is grown with a high reliance on chemical pesticides and insecticides. Organic cotton cuts out these chemicals and, taking a more natural approach organic cotton must also come from non-GMO seeds. 

We take a more in-depth look at the core elements of organic cotton and its positive impact in our article.

Why organic cotton is better environmentally

While conventional cotton is one of the most used fabrics in the world, it is not a great material when it comes to the environment. Conventional cotton production accounts for the use of close to 5% of annual global insecticide use.

Pesticides and insecticides pollute waterways, damage delicate soil ecosystems and have even been known to poison or seriously harm farmers and surrounding communities in cotton growing sectors.

Organic cotton, by its very nature, takes a more holistic approach, avoiding the use and subsequent environmental damage of harmful chemicals. 

Photo of bed with white sheets and cotton buds on top
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Health benefits of organic cotton 

Exposure to chemical residue that may be present in non-organic bed sheets can increase the risk of health issues. This is particularly the case for those that suffer from allergies and sensitive skin. 8,000 potentially toxic chemicals are used in conventional cotton production. Studies have found that residue traces of these harsh chemicals can still be present at the consumer level. 

By using organic cotton, these UK companies are offering a healthier option for consumers to enjoy a comfortable sleep.

Certifications to look out for 

There are some certifications that producers of UK organic bed linen may obtain to back up their sustainable and organic claims. Some key certifications to look out for include:

  • Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)
  • Oeko-Tex
  • Better Cotton Initiative 
  • Soil Association Organic 

Best organic cotton bedding UK 

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So, who are the brands bringing sustainable, soft and stylish organic bedding to the UK market? 

1. Ethical Bedding 

Ethical Bedding organic silky bedding
Ethical bedding silk bed sheets and pillowcase

Based: UK                Ships to: Worldwide 

Made in: Global supply chains 

Price Range: £35 – £139

Sustainability creds: Vegan, 1% for the Planet, B corp certified, PeTA approved, supports World Wildlife Fund, sustainable packaging, carbon neutral delivery, Oeko-Tex, tree planting programs 

Ethical Bedding is a UK company that is passionate about creating bed sheets that are kind to people and the planet, and conducive to restful nights. With organic bed linen in everything from classic monochromes to nature inspired colour palettes, this luxury organic bedding company has something for every style. 

While this company primarily uses organic eucalyptus rather than cotton, Ethical Bedding is still a worthy addition to our selection of the best organic bedding UK. The company has a string of certifications to back up its sustainability claims.

2. Nectar Sleep

Nectarsleep Cloverlane organic bedding
Organic cotton bedding from Nectar Sleep UK

Based: UK                Ships to: Worldwide 

Made in: Portugal 

Price Range: £34 – £179

Sustainability creds: Renewable energy used in supply chain, ClimatePartner member, key worker discount scheme, carbon neutral products 

With silky smooth sheets made from organic cotton, Nectar Sleep’s Cloverlane collection adds the finishing touch to any bedroom. These sustainable sheets are designed to only get softer over time, and offer a natural approach to a peaceful night. 

While Nectar Sleep, overall, has some impressive sustainable practices, the Cloverlane collection takes an even more environmentally-friendly approach. The range of organic cotton bed sheets are not only made with sustainable materials but are even sewn in factories run on solar power.

3. Rise & Fall

Rise and Fall organic cotton bedding pillowcases with navy piping
Rise and Fall organic cotton bedding on the bed

Based: UK                Ships to: UK, Europe, USA, Australia/NZ

Price Range: £30 – £155

Sustainability creds: GOTS standards certified , Good Cashmere Standard, Responsible Wool Standard, Oeko-Tex and Bluesign certified suppliers, B Corp certified 

Sustainable bedding from UK brand Rise & Fall is made with people and the planet in mind. The label uses a range of sustainable materials, including of course certified organic cotton to create bedding that is designed for  a better night’s sleep. 

Rise & Fall partners with luxury bedding manufacturers that have the certifications to back up their ethical manufacturing claims. By partnering directly with these suppliers, Rise & Fall offers luxury bedding that is price conscious and responsibly created. 

4. Soak & Sleep

Soak & Sleep organic cotton pillowcase
200 thread count organic cotton bedding from Soak & Sleep

Based: UK                Ships to: Worldwide 

Made in: Cotton grown in Egypt 

Price Range: £13 – £165

Sustainability creds: Made to last guarantee, supports charitable initiatives,

Soak & Sleep is the home of bedding that is crafted to bring luxury to any night’s sleep. The label sources its high-quality fabrics from Egypt with certifications from the Cotton Egypt Association. Smooth to the touch, these luxury UK organic bed sheets come with high thread count options and exemplify only the finest quality. 

Soak & Sleep takes care to work with ethical suppliers and is so confident in its products that it offers a 15 year made to last guarantee. With an attitude of giving back, Soak & Sleep has supported UK charities.

5. Mitre

Mitre organic cotton duvet cover and pillowcase
Mitre organic cotton bedding on bed

Based: UK                Ships to: Worldwide 

Made in: UK

Price Range: £7.24 – £47.67

Sustainability creds: Use of sustainable and organic materials, 0% waste-to-landfill policy

With a long standing history, Mitre have established themselves as a great option for those wanting sustainable luxury without breaking the bank. The label’s quality craftsmanship has even earned it a Royal Warrant. 

Mitre should be commended on its inclusion of organic and sustainable materials in its collections. They are also beginning to consider their energy consumption across their UK operations. Search organic to find their organic cotton range of bedding.

6. Wool Room 

Girl putting on organic cotton pillowcase from Wool Room
Organic cotton duvet cover on bed from Wool Room

Based: UK                Ships to: Worldwide 

Made in: Europe 

Price Range: £12.99 – £59.99

Sustainability creds: The Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2021, GOTS, hypoallergenic, ethically produced 

With a tagline like Better Sleep, Naturally, it’s no surprise to find Wool Room in our round-up of the best organic cotton bedding UK. The label’s range of bedding, available in earthy hues, are expertly created to be soft, sustainable and the perfect addition to any bedroom setting.

Hypoallergenic and GOTS certified, Wool Room offers a natural approach to luxury bed linen. The label is dedicated to creating organic UK bedding that is good for consumers and looks after the environment as well. 

7. Cornish Bed Co.

Cornish Bed Co organic cotton bedding on bed
Cornish Bed Co organic cotton bedding on bed

Based: UK                Ships to: Worldwide

Price Range: £40 – £90

Sustainability creds: GOTS certified cotton, Soil Association Organic products, hypoallergenic 

Cornish Bed Co. are the masters of making impressive hand cast Victorian beds. And, any luxury bed deserves luxury bedding to go with it. As such the Cornish Bed Co. range now also includes a select collection of sustainable, organic and natural bed linen. 

Certified organic cotton bedding from this UK brand is GOTS accredited so you can rest easy knowing that these sheets were made sustainably. The Cornish Bed Co. creates products with quality at the forefront and has even been included in publications such as Country Life.

Sweet dreams with organic bedding UK 

Organic cotton bed sheets are an important addition to any eco-conscious bedroom setting. From the bold to the classic, the monochromatic to the brightly coloured, our roundup of the best organic cotton bedding in the UK has a style for everyone that is good for the environment, producers, and is the stuff sweet dreams are made of. 

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