7 top brands for a natural & organic mattress topper UK

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7 top brands for a natural & organic mattress topper UK

To get a peaceful night’s sleep, it’s crucial to transform our bedrooms into spaces that promote our well-being and are friendly to our environment. Given that the average person spends roughly a third of their life in bed, it is vital that this is free from harmful substances. So, to make every bedroom a healthy haven, we are showcasing incredible UK brands crafting organic mattress toppers. 

A good mattress topper can make a tremendous difference to a night’s sleep. This is particularly true for those that suffer from back and neck pain. These handy bed toppers can not only improve comfort and provide pressure relief, but can also help to prolong the life of your mattress. 

Why is it important to choose an organic and non-toxic mattress topper?

You might naturally presume that mattress toppers wouldn’t be exposed to toxic chemicals. Regrettably, this isn’t always the case. While it’s unlikely that the level of exposure to harmful chemicals from mattress toppers would result in severe health issues, a good rule for both health and the environment is that opting for natural and toxin free products is the best option. 

Chemicals used in mattress and mattress topper manufacturing

Chemicals that are used in the production of mattresses and mattress toppers can be a cause for concern. Toluene Diisocyanate, a compound used in the conventional production of memory foam toppers, can contribute to skin, nerve and respiratory complications. 

The compound methyl chloroform, also used in production, is recognised by the US Centre for Disease Control as a carcinogenic substance. Methylene chloride, also commonly used in conventional mattress topper production, can contribute to dizziness and numbness. From fragrances to bleaches to artificial foams, conventional toppers are exposed to and made from a whole host of potentially toxic substances.

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What are the advantages of choosing a non-toxic mattress topper? 

Choosing a non-toxic and organic topper from a UK brand comes with numerous advantages for both people and the planet.

Better for health

By their very nature, organic mattress toppers haven’t been exposed to the same cocktail of harmful chemicals as many conventional bedding options. This means a reduced risk of experiencing adverse health effects from exposure to harmful chemicals that may be present in your bedding while you sleep. 

Better for the environment

Toxins used in bedding production aren’t just harmful to humans, they are harmful to animals as well. Toluene diisocyanate, for example, can cause acute toxicity to birds and aquatic life. 

Even just polyester based fabrics pose an environmental risk when it comes to microplastic shedding and lack of biodegradability. Choosing natural and organic products reduces or eliminates these hazards. 

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Better for workers

When toxic chemicals are used in the creation of a product, it increases the risk to workers along the supply chain who are exposed to these chemicals during manufacture. Organic and non-toxic products help to create safer supply chains for workers. 

Which organic and non-toxic materials should I look out for? 

While there is a range of organic, non-toxic and eco-friendly materials used in the ethical bedding and furniture sector, there are some key materials to look for. These materials are generally natural fibres instead of synthetic materials and include:

  • Organic certified cotton
  • Eucalyptus derived materials 
  • Ethical organic wool fibres
  • Bamboo 
  • Natural latex 

As always, even when looking for these materials, those with ethical, sustainable and organic certifications are always a good option. This includes certifications such as:

  • Responsible Wool Standard 
  • Global Organic Textile Standard
  • Forest Stewardship Council 
  • Global Organic Latex Standard 
  • Soil Association 
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Organic and non-toxic mattress topper brands UK 

So, who are the brands making some of the best organic mattress toppers for UK shoppers? 

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1. Ethical Bedding 

Based: UK                 Ships to: Worldwide
Price: £65.83
Sustainability/ethical creds: Use of natural materials, no toxic chemicals, FSC certified materials, B Corp Best For the World winner, 1% for the Planet, B Corp certified, vegan, ethical supply chains, Oeko-Tex, carbon neutral delivery, sustainable materials 

Utilising innovative materials made from the base product of eucalyptus, organic mattress toppers from UK brand Ethical Bedding are made with people, the planet and a perfect night’s sleep in mind. They’ve even been featured on the hit show Dragon’s Den and pay workers across the supply chain above a living wage. 

With a string of ethical credentials to back up its claims, Ethical Bedding is a great example of a modern, ethical and sustainable organisation. The company also donates one percent of revenue to sustainable initiatives and plants a tree for every customer. 

Until 31 December, you can get an additional 15% off every order over £200 with code: AFFETHICAL15.

2. Panda London

Based: UK                 Ships to: Worldwide 
Price: £99.95 – £199.95
Sustainability/ethical creds: Use of natural materials, Oeko-Tex, REACH certification, SMETA, vegan friendly, eco-conscious packaging, recycling programs

Sustainable and vegan friendly, Panda London incorporates the incredible material of bamboo in its eco-friendly mattress toppers. The toppers are specially made with orthopedically approved Hydro Foam, which can make them an ideal choice for those that struggle with neck, back and hip pain. 

Panda London sources its bamboo from approved forests and makes efforts to ensure a fair supply chain. The label also promotes an eco-friendly mindset, with programs in place to make recycling their products when they can no longer be used an easy process. 

3. OTTY Sleep

Based: UK                 Ships to: UK
Price: £149.99
Sustainability/ethical creds: Use of natural materials, hypoallergenic materials 

With hypoallergenic and moisture wicking properties, the OTTY Sleep mattress topper combines memory foam and charcoal. Staying away from synthetic latex, the toppers from this UK brand incorporate natural materials and the company even offers a handy fourteen night free trial.

It is great that OTTY Sleep incorporates natural materials, such as bamboo and charcoal into its bedroom furniture ranges. Incorporating further sustainability policies across its operations would help to make this brand even better. 

4. Hypnos Wool Mattress Topper @ Mattress Online 

Based: UK                 Ships to: UK
Price: £234.95
Sustainability/ethical creds: Use of natural materials, Modern Retail sustainable practices recognition, chemical free

With sustainably sourced wool filling, the Hypnos wool mattress topper from Mattress Online is made for cosy nights. The wool filling assists in regulating body temperature, while the topper’s cotton cover is also derived from natural materials. The topper is hypoallergenic which makes it a great choice for allergy sufferers.

Hypnos has been impressively recognised with a Royal Warrant. The natural filling is also a refreshing change in the often synthetic dominated bedding industry. As well as Hypnos’ accreditations, Mattress Online was recognised for its sustainability practices by Modern Retail. 

5. Snoozel Green

Based: UK                 Ships to: UK
Made in: Sri Lanka
Price: £249 – £349
Sustainability/ethical creds: GOTS, GOLS, Trees for the Future, hypoallergenic products, handmade production, use of natural materials, certified organic wool 

Started by old school friends, Snoozel Green has adopted the approach that the best night’s sleep is a natural one. The label champions natural and organic products, putting an emphasis on materials that are good for both human and environmental health. 

The organisation has an impressive list of certifications to back up its eco-conscious claims. This includes certifications from both the Global Organic Textile Standards and the Global Organic Latex Standards. The label stays away from both chemical based fire retardants and petroleum derived foams. 

6. The Cornish Bed Co.

Based: UK                 Ships to: UK
Price: £300 – £530
Sustainability/ethical creds: Products made with natural and organic materials, hosts a collection of sustainable toppers from eco-conscious bedding brands 

Organic, hypoallergenic, and locally sourced, mattress toppers available from the Cornish Bed Co. are designed to add a luxurious layer of extra comfort. Mattress toppers incorporate natural materials including the likes of organic lambswool and cotton treated with Oeko-Tex certified products. 

The Cornish Bed Company puts a strong emphasis on quality materials and craftsmanship. Specialising in cast iron beds that are true works of art, the organisation’s collections of mattress toppers and other bedding accessories and furniture creates the perfect addition to its quality bedroom ranges. 

7. Naturalmat

Based: UK                 Ships to: UK
Made in: UK
Price: £300 – £530
Sustainability/ethical creds: Queen’s Award winners, organic and natural materials, handmade products, B corp certified, living wage employer

Having been featured in the likes of Elle, House & Garden, and Homes & Gardens, Naturalmat is a UK organic mattress topper and mattress organisation with some serious credentials. Handmade in Devon, Naturalmat mattress toppers are crafted with natural and organic materials to create a sound and sustainable sleep. 

Non-toxic mattress toppers from this UK brand are created in ethical supply chains that champion the payment of a living wage. The company uses materials that are hypoallergenic and breathable, such as recycled cotton, denim, bamboo, and natural latex. 

An eco-friendly extra layer of luxury

Creating a bedroom environment that benefits both our well-being and the environment is essential because it promotes a holistic sense of well-being and ensures sustainability. It can lead to improved sleep quality, reduced exposure to harmful substances, and a positive impact on the planet, contributing to a healthier and more sustainable future.

Plus, a high quality mattress topper can help to provide an extra layer of comfort and even prolong the life of a mattress. The good news is that a host of ethical brands are making organic mattress toppers for UK consumers which are non-toxic and can help us all achieve a healthier night’s sleep!

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