15 Sustainable beds in the UK for the best green sleep

Sustainable wooden bed in bedroom with green walls

15 Sustainable beds in the UK for the best green sleep

The right bed can make a modern bedroom into a haven. Unfortunately though, beds from fast furniture brands often contain polluting materials including substances such as formaldehyde and carcinogenic chemicals. These beds are also often manufactured in unsustainable ways. However, sustainable beds from UK conscious companies provide a greener choice.

Eco friendly beds on offer to UK consumers made by sustainable furniture brands come in styles from the quirky to the elegant, with something to suit every personal taste. More than creating the perfect bedroom aesthetic, these beds make the perfect night’s sleep a sustainable one.

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What makes a bed sustainable?

Overall, the same principles apply to the bedroom furniture sector as any other when it comes to sustainability. Sustainable beds are made in a way that looks out for people, animals and the planet. Sustainable brands also create products with recycled, reclaimed or sustainable raw materials. 

Sustainable wood

For beds using wood as a base component, materials should be sourced from sustainably managed sources and come with certifications such as Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Toxin free

UK eco-friendly beds are made from high quality and renewable materials that don’t contain toxic chemicals. As well as being good for the environment, non-toxic furniture comes with advantages for human health too. For a completely toxin free bedroom check out our articles on non toxic mattresses and organic mattress toppers.

Sustainable beds are also made in managed, traced, and ethical supply chains. This is alongside implementing steps to ensure manufacturing processes use renewable energy and go the extra mile to reduce their carbon footprint when it comes to making new furniture. An organic pillow and organic cotton bedding can also help make your bed more sustainable!

Sustainable beds in the UK

So, from the perfect affordable sustainable bed to the opulence of eco-friendly luxury, where can you find the perfect planet-friendly bed? 

Want sustainability beyond the bedroom too? We have you covered with our roundups of sustainable sofas and other high-quality furniture from ethical furniture brands

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1. Simba Sleep

Based: UK        Ships to: Worldwide
Price: £829 – £1,799
Sustainability creds: B Corp certified, carbon neutral delivery, sustainable and organic materials, BCI cotton, GRS certified materials

B Corporation certified Simba Sleep has a range of stylish sustainable beds to suit all tastes from basic platform beds to ottoman storage beds.

Made from FSC certified sustainable wood and covered in OEKO-TEX certified fabrics, you can be sure that there are no nasties in your bedroom. What’s more, the majority of their products are made in the UK, and those made further afield are in SEDEX certified factories.

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2. Funky Chunky Furniture

Based: UK                           Ships to: UK 
Made in: UK
Price: £520 – £780
Sustainability creds: Timber from sustainable sources, carbon neutral delivery option, local production 

As the name may suggest, Funky Chunky Furniture are the chunky furniture specialists. Sustainable beds from this UK brand incorporate designs inspired from Scandinavian aesthetics and rustic farmhouse charm. 

Funky Chunky Furniture uses sustainably sourced wood, including FSC certified products. The label rejects a quick-buy-quick-throwaway mindset, making timeless pieces to be cherished for a lifetime. 

3. Silentnight

Based: UK                           Ships to: UK 
Price: £209 – £880
Sustainability creds: Carbon neutral, FSC certified materials, Climate Pledge signatory 

A well known name in British bedroom furniture, Silentnight has a wide range of contemporary bed styles. From simple divans to upholstered frames in jewel colours, Silentnight has something for everyone.

The organisation has made efforts to improve its overall sustainability. The bed frames in its collection incorporate responsibly sourced materials. The label has also achieved Carbon+ neutral status. 

4. Rockett St George

Based: UK                           Ships to: Worldwide 
Price: £550 – £2,650
Sustainability creds: Use of some sustainable materials, aspects of some packaging is sustainable, charitable ethos and practices 

While the Rockett St George bed range may be small, it does expertly blend a chic contemporary design with a classic style. From woven roll top styles to sleek four poster metal beds, the Rockett St George range is a great place to find modern elegance redefined. 

Rockett St George has made efforts to limit its overall impact. Throughout its furniture ranges the label uses some natural and sustainable materials. It also actively engages with programs to give back.

5. Raft

Based: UK                       Ships to: UK (contact the store for a possible international delivery)
Made in: Indonesia & UK 
Price: £1,560 – £2,212
Sustainability creds: Solar powered kilns, Tree planting programs, provided school desks through Project Child 

With both teak and upholstered styles, Raft’s range of beds are a sleek addition to any bedroom setting. The label champions a neutral colour palette and minimalistic designs that perfectly reflect a relaxed atmosphere.

Raft takes an innovative approach to sustainability. The label is the first company to use Indonesian solar powered kilns in the manufacturing process of its teak. The brand also supports tree planting and charitable initiatives.

6. OKA

Based: UK                       Ships to: UK (contact the store for a possible international delivery) 
Price: £2,100 – £3,295
Sustainability creds: Evidence of some improvement and commitment to sustainable practices 

OKA has a practical trundle style bed and a more detailed extravagant four poster king bed on offer. Beds from OKA are minimalistic and pared back while still having a certain modern charm.

OKA has made some steps to reduce its negative impact. The label reduced its plastic packaging in 2021 and has plans to audit the entire supply chain by 2025.

7. Graham & Green

Based: UK                       Ships to: UK
Price: £350- £2,950
Sustainability creds: Charity partners, eco-friendly collections, use of recycled materials in some products

Inspired by a French antique aesthetic, beds from Graham & Green include opulent velvets, luxury details carved in mango wood, and effortlessly elegant designs. The label believes that design and comfort don’t have to be mutually exclusive and creates beds that take centre stage. 

Graham & Green partners with charity initiatives to give back. One charity partner is Jamie’s Farm, an organisation that helps vulnerable young people to gain the skills needed to thrive in life. 

8. Nkuku

Based: UK                       Ships to: UK 
Made in: India 
Price: £495 – £2,250
Sustainability creds: B Corp certified, charity partnerships, sustainable and natural materials, transparent and ethical supply chains 

Blending traditional styles with contemporary undertones, Nkuku creates bedroom furniture with a timeless appeal. The label uses quality materials such as cane and mango wood to craft its enviable designs. 

Nkuku operates with a sustainable and ethical mindset. The label follows the ten principles of Fair Trade and has achieved the commendable B Corp certification.

9. Love Your Home

Based: UK                     Ships to: UK
Made in: UK
Price: £1,149 – £4,153
Sustainability creds: FSC-certified wood, fabrics from European mills, tree planting, carbon neutral, showroom powered by wind, lifetime guarantee on frames

Carbon neutral Love Your Home offer a range of gorgeous upholstered beds, including storage beds, and a selection of beautiful sofa beds too. Their designs range from classic and timeless to modern and funky, and all would make an elegant addition to your home.

These eco friendly beds are handmade in the UK from FSC certified sustainable bed frames which come with a lifetime guarantee, and trees are planted for every order. 

10. Made Trade

Based: USA.                        Ships to: Worldwide 
Made in: Nicaragua & Ghana
Price: £305 – £2,732
Sustainability creds: Vegan products, Fair Trade products, use of sustainable and organic materials, ethical production 

Embracing earthy vibes, the bed collection from Made Trade offers something unique. Complete your bedroom aesthetic with a headboard made from elephant grass and dyed with organic dyes. Or find the perfect teak bed frame, handcrafted in Nicaragua from sustainably sourced wood. 

Made Trade champions a sustainable mindset, promoting sustainable materials and ethical production methods. The brand has vegan and Fair Trade products and consistently works to make a lighter impact.

11. Smithers of Stamford

Based: UK                           Ships to: Worldwide (contact the store for international delivery) 
Made in: Europe, India and China 
Price: £1,065 – £3,200
Sustainability creds: Use of sustainable materials, handmade products 

The unique range of sustainable beds from UK brand Smithers of Stamford perfectly embraces retro and quirky while still having a modern feel. From South American inspired super kings made from reclaimed wood, to elegant French inspired doubles, this label makes stunning bedroom furniture.

The label creates handcrafted products, taking a slower approach to sustainable production. Conscious of reducing its environmental impact, it also uses recycled and reclaimed materials in some of its pieces. 

12. Cornish Bed Co

Based: UK                           Ships to: UK 
Made in: UK
Price: £1,500+
Sustainability creds: Handcrafted and locally manufactured, use of quality materials 

Bringing a classic elegance to any bedroom, Cornish Bed Co creates stunning cast iron and metal bed frames. Beds from this unique company have an almost enchanting vibe that never goes out of style. 

Created by master craftsmen, these beds are made with care to last a lifetime. Furniture pieces are made in Cornwall, supporting local manufacturing.

13. Barker & Stonehouse

Based: UK                           Ships to: Mainland UK 
Price: £449 – £15,954
Sustainability creds: Carbon Neutral +, founding partner of Trees4Trees, eco-friendly delivery options, reclaimed and recycled materials 

Eco friendly beds from UK label Barker & Stonehouse are designed to create an environment perfect for relaxation. The on-trend designs combine opulence with a minimalistic appeal to create beautiful quality pieces.  

The conscious collection from Barker & Stonehouse shows a growing commitment to sustainable practices. The label has also achieved Carbon Neutral + status.

14. Furniture Village

Based: UK                           Ships to: Mainland UK
Price: £99 – £27,799
Sustainability creds: Transition to electric vehicles, goals to reach net zero carbon emissions 

With over three hundred beds on offer, Furniture Village has a bed to suit any taste or style. The Furniture Village collection has everything from single to king size beds, including those with handy built-in storage features. 

There is definitely more that Furniture Village could be doing to increase its sustainability. However, it has made some positive steps. The brand’s transition to electric vehicles in its company fleet is great to see.

15. Naturalmat

Based: UK                           Ships to: Worldwide
Price: £980 – £2,175
Sustainability creds: all natural materials, organic where possible, handmade in Devon, local farmers

Devon-based Naturalmat does what it says on the tin. They use all natural materials including coconut fibre, organic lambswool and cotton, latex and even recycled denim to produce their range of beautifully hand-crafted beds, children’s beds and mattresses.

Their organic wool comes from farms within a 50 mile radius of their Devon factory and they have showrooms in London, Devon, Cornwall, Barcelona and Portugal where you can try out their luxurious sustainable beds.

A sustainable bedroom

These UK sustainable bed brands are changing the narrative around the bedroom furniture industry. They are reimagining furniture production and building organisations on the principles of ethical and eco-friendly production. 

From the sleek to the decadent, inspired by the styles of South America to France, these organisations prove that the perfect bed is a sustainable one.

For the perfect topping for your sustainable bed, check out our articles on non toxic mattresses and organic mattress toppers.  We also have an article about non toxic pillows for a simple and healthy way to update your sleeping experience.


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