21 Ethical Pyjamas in the UK for sweet dreams

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21 Ethical Pyjamas in the UK for sweet dreams

Sustainable labels bringing stylish ethical pyjamas to the UK is the stuff that sweet dreams are made of. Conscious consumers out there know the importance of creating an eco-friendly wardrobe, and when it comes to sleepwear, choosing sustainable products is just as important. 

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Sleepwear: a booming business

While it may not always get the most attention, the sleepwear market is big business. Valued at a staggering 10,490 million dollars, our love of comfortable sleepwear is evident. This already huge industry is predicted to keep growing, with estimates that the market will grow by 9.7% annually between 2020 and 2027.

Lockdowns and the rise of at home working caused by the pandemic further fuelled the popularity of soft and snuggly pyjamas. 2020 saw pyjama sales double from 2019 levels, and in the three months leading up to the Christmas of 2020, British retailer M&S reported pyjamas sales increased by 20%.

What is sustainable sleepwear made from?

Because of the wide range of pyjamas available and different styles made for different seasons and preferences, the materials that pyjamas are made from vary greatly. Linen and cotton are popular materials in the sleepwear industry, as are silk and synthetic blends. In the sustainable sector, the materials used can be just as varied, but there are some core fabrics to look out for when searching for sustainable fabrics, including:

  • Organic cottonGOTS cotton in particular is great to look out for as the GOTS certification requires supply chains to ensure the ethical treatment of workers and supply chain tracing, as well as environmental sustainability. 
  • Ethically sourced bamboo – check supply chains, certifications and the manufacturing process to ensure ethical sourcing
  • Peace silk – regular silk has some problematic animal welfare issues, peace silk or vegan silk, that doesn’t require silk worms to be killed, offers a kinder approach.
  • Ethically sourced wool blends – again it’s important to check certifications and supply chains to ensure animal welfare credentials.
  • TENCEL – a sustainable fabric innovation made from sustainably sourced tree pulp
  • Recycled synthetics – these fabrics still shed microplastics, but are a more sustainable alternative to virgin synthetics and if washed carefully can have shedding considerably reduced. See our article on microplastics for more info on this.

It’s also important when looking for sustainable sleepwear to consider the dyes used. Many of the dyes used in the fashion industry are highly toxic to both the environment and garment workers. Look for brands that use non-toxic dyes and have certifications from organisations such as Oeko-Tex or REACH.

Where to Buy Ethical Pyjamas in the UK

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These twenty brands are as sustainable as they are snuggly, as eco-friendly as they are elegant and are the must have pieces for a perfect night’s sleep.

Price Guide:
£: up to £50
££: £50 – £75
£££: over £75

Price guide is indicative of average pricing for an individual product from the brand – prices to purchase a full pyjama outfit (pyjama top, bottom and gown) may be higher. 

1. Pretty You

Based: UK  Ships to: Worldwide
Price: £
Sustainability creds: Use of some sustainable materials 

Made for lazy days and cosy nights, pyjamas from Pretty You are feminine and elegant while still embracing comfort. Styles such as the Pink Bamboo Pyjama Set are made from soft and sustainable bamboo fabric that is both breathable and thermoregulating. 

Pretty You is conscious about its material choices. It uses sustainably sourced bamboo fabric to limit its impact, however it would be great to see more information about its ethical and sustainable practices on its website.

2. BAM Bamboo

Based: UK                       Ships to: Internationally
Made in: Turkey, China, Portugal, UK
Price: £
Sustainability creds: Partnered with Sharewear, climate positive, sustainable materials, sustainable packaging, ethical certified factories, supply chain fully sourced to bamboo source

Made from organic cotton and sustainably sourced bamboo-based fabrics, BAM Bamboo is the creator of the uncomplicated sleepwear we all deserve. With hoodies, shorts, long pants and t-shirts on offer for men and women that are soft, comfortable and made from breathable fabrics, BAM Bamboo has the perfect pyjamas for any season.

BAM Bamboo has achieved the commendable milestone of becoming climate positive. For 15% off their collection, use code GOODMAKERTALES15

3. Thought

Based: UK                       Ships to: Internationally
Made in: Turkey, China and India
Price: £
Sustainability creds: Sustainable materials, supports Smart Works, worked with The Woodland Trust and Trees for Cities, member of Ethical Trading Initiative

Adorned with stylish prints in colourful hues and made from sustainable Ecovero, organic cotton, and bamboo, Thought’s range of pyjamas are chic in design and proof that sustainable sleepwear can be stylish.

The brand works with sustainable materials and supports charities, initiatives and organisations working to make a positive impact.

4. NoLoGo-Chic @ Wolf & Badger

Based: UK                       Ships to: Internationally
Price: £
Sustainability creds: Happy worker, non toxic dyes, hand made

For affordable pyjamas so beautiful you won’t want to go to bed in them, look no further than NoLoGo-Chic, available at Wolf & Badger. Hand printed using traditional techniques with wooden carved blocks, they come in a range of gorgeous colours and styles and include a pyjama shorts set. The ethically made pyjamas are made from cotton cambric and the bottoms have and elasticated back with drawstring front and two deep pockets. 

Although specific information on where the pyjamas are made is not available, Wolf & Badger are a marketplace of independent, ethical brands and vet companies’ standards carefully before allowing them onto their platform.

5. Nobody’s Child

Based: UK                       Ships to: Internationally
Made in: India
Price: ££
Sustainability creds: Sustainable fabric sourcing, supports supply chain traceability and transparency, BCI cotton, GOTS certified cotton

Nobody’s Child has sleepwear that is chic, trendy and comfortable. Featuring bold colours and fashionable prints, adorned with stylized hearts and delicate floral designs, this is sleepwear that is effortlessly on-trend.

The brand supports a commendable level of transparency, giving consumers an informed choice and allowing them to know exactly where their clothes were made.

6. Rapanui

Based: UK                       Ships to: Internationally
Made in: India
Price: £
Sustainability creds: Organic cotton, made in renewable energy factories, GM-free, no animal products, SA8000 Accredited factory

While Rapanui’s pyjama range isn’t huge, it is the place to find the perfect pyjamas for chilled-out evenings. With a laid-back vibe, sleepwear from Rapanui is produced in carbon-neutral facilities and made from soft, comfortable flannel.

Pair these casual pyjama pants with a Rapanui tee to complete the look.

7. Seasalt

Based: UK                   Ships to: Internationally
Made in: India
Price: £
Sustainability creds: Committed to using 100% GOTS certified cotton by end of 2024, sustainable packaging, clothing take-back scheme

Offering eco-friendly clothing and sustainable pyjamas to UK shoppers, Seasalt has created a brand that captures the unique spirit of its seaside home in Southwest England. With nature and nautical themed prints and showcasing the colours of the county of Cornwall, Seasalt brings a truly unique product to the UK ethical clothing market.

8. Frugi

Based: UK                       Ships to: Internationally
Made in: India, Turkey, Portugal, and China
Price: £
Sustainability creds: GOTS certified, Soil Association accredited, donates 1% of annual turnover to charity

The home of children’s wear that isn’t afraid to have some fun, ethical pyjamas from this UK brand will quickly become a favourite of every child.

Featuring everything from playful puffins to jumping sheep, these pyjamas are as delightful as they are sustainable. With a focus on organic materials, Frugi sleepwear is gentle on young skin.

9. Boody

Based: Australia/UK                    Ships to: Internationally- UK stockists
Price: £
Sustainability creds: ISO 4100 certified, ISO 9001 certified, EcoCert, WRAP certified, SGS tested, PeTA Approved Vegan

Boody pyjamas are the ultimate clothing for a good night’s sleep. Made from silky soft bamboo fibres, these pyjamas are come in gentle muted colours and feature relaxed fits.

Boody holds a long list of ethical and sustainable credentials and operates with an attitude of environmental responsibility. Perfect for any animal lovers, the Boody range is certified vegan.

10. Hanna Andersson

Based: USA                       Ships to: Internationally
Price: £
Sustainability creds: Oeko-Tex Certified, some GOTS certified items

If you are a lover of the matching family pyjama trend, then Hanna Andersson is the place for you. With stylish pyjamas featuring quirky prints, Hanna Andersson has something for the whole family.

The brand is still working on its sustainable journey, but has achieved Oeko-Tex certification and is in the process of implementing GOTS certification across its ranges. Although based in the USA, it does ship to the UK. 

11. Magic Linen

Based: Vilnius, Lithuania  Ships to: USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Europe
Made in: Lithuania
Price: ££
Sustainability creds: OEKO-TEX® certified, fabric sourced and produced in Lithuania & surrounding countries, biodegradable packaging

For luxurious men’s and women’s pyjamas and robes in soft and cool linen, look no further than sustainable clothing brand Magic Linen.

With styles in a range of soft colours and featuring shorts sets as well as trousers and long-sleeved, they have every season covered.

Linen is an incredibly eco-friendly crop, and to top it off, all of their products are OEKO-TEX® certified, meaning that while you’re sleeping or lounging, you don’t need to worry about nasty chemicals against your skin.

Check out their delectable bedding too to give you the sweetest of dreams!

And to make them even sweeter, MagicLinen have set up an exclusive discount code for Good Maker Tales readers to get 10% off everything: use code GOODMAKERLINEN10 at checkout!

For more on this great brand, check out our review: Clothes that keep you cool: MagicLinen review.

12. Baukjen

Based: UK                       Ships to: Internationally
Made in: Europe
Price: ££
Sustainability creds: Certified B Corp, vegan styles, Living Wage Employer, Sustainable Apparel Coalition

With casual designs and feminine prints crafted from sustainable materials, Baukjen styles offer a comfortable, sustainable, and elegant choice for nightwear. The brand has achieved the commendable B Corp certification and has vegan garments ethically made with natural and organic materials.

Baukjen was also a winner at the 2021 UN Global Climate Action Awards. To learn more about what being a B Corp certified company means and to find more similar companies, read our article B Corp clothing brands for the best ethical styles.

13. Komodo

Based: UK                    Ships to: Internationally
Made in: Kathmandu, Bali, India, China
Price: ££
Sustainability creds: Soil Association Organic, GOTS Certified, vegan friendly

Perfect for cosy nights and lazy days, pyjama styles from Komodo are made from GOTS certified cotton with a double brushed finish to keep you toasty in the winter months. With classic flannel styles available, these are uncomplicated pyjamas that are made with quality in mind.

Available in men’s and women’s styles, these snuggly pyjamas are vegan-friendly.


Based: UK       Ships to: UK and some Europe
Made in: China and Portugal
Price: £££
Sustainability creds: Use of natural materials including linen and BCI certified cotton, OEKO TEX Standard 100

Basing their collection around naturally grown soft and long wearing linen, Piglet in Bed specialises in bedding and sleepwear. Linen is perfect for keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter so is ideal to sleep in.

Piglet in Bed create gorgeous, colourful and comfortable pyjama and pyjama shorts sets for men and women. They source their linen in Europe. Available from Buy Me Once.

15. Dalit @ Ethical Superstore

Based: UK (Ethical Superstore)     Ships to: UK and ROI
Made in: India
Price: ££
Sustainability creds: Fair trade labour, organic cotton, vegan, supports a charity

These gorgeous organic cotton pyjamas are made by Dalit Goods whose aim is to raise awareness of the plight of the Dalit People. The Dalit People are known as the “untouchables” and have very limited opportunities in life. Their charity Life Association works in Uttar Pradesh to provide healthcare and build schools and children’s homes.

As well as creating beautiful candles, Dalit Goods produces these fair trade organic cotton pyjamas in two styles. There is the floral tiger short sleeve design and a red floral design with a long sleeve. Both come in sizes 6-8 up to 22-24 so are great for petite and plus size customers alike.

16. Stripe and Stare

Based: UK                    Ships to: Internationally
Made in: China and Portugal
Price: ££
Sustainability creds: Tree planting initiatives, sustainable materials, eco-friendly packaging, child and forced labour free factories where workers are paid a living wage

The home of pyjamas so good you will want to stay in them all day, Stripe and Stare’s sustainable offering is contemporary, stylish and chic. Wake up wrapped in cosy sleepwear featuring pastel stripes, watercolour strawberries or in a snuggly, vibrantly coloured sweatshirt.

Making this UK based ethical pyjama brand even better, Stripe and Stare plants a tree for every order!

What’s more, we have negotiated an exclusive 10% discount for Good Maker Tales readers with code GOODMAKERTALES10.

See our post for more sustainable fashion brand discounts.

17. Nightire

Based: UK                       Ships to: Internationally
Price: ££
Sustainability creds: Sustainable fabric, slow fashion approach

Printed with everything from quirky lobsters to winter wonderlands, Nightire pyjamas will have you sleeping in style every night. Made from organic bamboo, these trendy sleepwear pieces are lightweight, moisture wicking and temperature controlling, meaning not only will you be sleeping in style but in maximum comfort as well.

Using high quality materials, Nightire styles are designed to last for years to come.

18. Organication

Based: Germany                       Ships to: Internationally
Made in: Turkey
Price: ££
Sustainability creds: GOTS certified cotton, GOTS certified factory, vegan

Coming in three different colours, these comfy jersey pyjamas are made from GOTS certified organic cotton meaning absolutely no nasties against your precious skin while sleeping. They come with a cute star print on the top and the bottoms have pockets and an elasticated waist band.

Organication make all of their vegan products from sustainable materials such as Tencel and organic cotton. They even have their own GOTS certified factory in Turkey meaning that you can be 100% sure your pyjamas have been ethically made too. 

Available on Shop Like You Give a Damn.

19. This Is Unfolded

Based: UK                       Ships to: UK
Made in: India
Price: £
Sustainability creds: GOTS, OEKO-TEX, GRS and Sedex certified factories, Unfolded Worker Fund, biodegradable packaging, sustainable materials

The Rosie pyjama from This Is Unfolded comes in two gorgeous patterns and is made from sustainably sourced cotton. They feature a button down top, piping and elasticated trousers with handy pockets.

The sustainable fashion brand was founded to tackle the massive clothing waste problem caused by clothes that are never sold. They create affordable sustainable clothing that is made to order, meaning no unsold waste and reduced prices for their customers who are happy to wait for their orders. And they design each of their collections with their customers!

The brand work with SEDEX approved factories in India meaning safe and fair working conditions, with wages topped up by their Unfolded Worker Fund.

20. Mate The Label

Based: USA             Ships to: Worldwide
Price: ££
Sustainable creds: B Corp Certified, Climate Neutral, sustainable and organic materials, plastic free packaging, GOTS certified 

Made from Tencel, Lyocell and organic cotton, ethical pyjamas from Mate the Label are silky soft for a snuggly night in. The label uses a contemporary colour palette with monochromatic shades and earthy tones. Whether you love to get your zzzs in a sleep singlet, wide leg pant or cute short and t-shirt ensemble, Mate has you covered.

The label champions materials that are good for people and the planet and backs up its ethical claims with an impressive B Corp certification. Mate is also Climate Neutral certified and works to ensure workers are treated fairly across the supply chain.

21. Lavender Hill

Based: UK             Ships to: Worldwide
Made in: UK & Portugal 
Price: £££
Sustainable creds: Traced supply chain, sustainable materials 

The sweet designs of Lavender Hill’s sleepwear collection are made for peaceful nights. The label’s pyjama range features pared back designs complete with soothing colours and delicate design details. For the perfect night of restfulness, Lavender Hill also offers aromatherapy and essential oil products alongside its sleepwear collection.

Lavender Hill places an emphasis on supply chain traceability and works to ensure sustainable and ethical practices during production. The label compliments these supply chain policies with the use of natural fabrics to create its designs.

Dreaming of a Sustainable Future

From the luxurious to the laid back, the classic to the artistically patterned, there are some fantastic companies making some seriously stylish sleepwear for the UK market. Using organic, biodegradable and sustainable materials, these brands are showing what the future of the rapidly growing sleepwear market should look like.

So whether you are looking for pyjamas good enough to stay in all day or that offer the perfect night’s sleep, these brands offer sustainable sleepwear for dreaming of a bright tomorrow.

If you’re looking for some sustainable underwear too, see our articles about sustainable underwear brands, organic cotton knickers and even hemp underwear. And enjoy!


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